Friday, October 25, 2019

Nuckin' Futz Newz Blockbuster: "We Want To Keep The Oil"

Trump Tells it Like It is
"We've Got The Oil"

I first saw the amazing video above on Jody Paulson's excellent blog "What They Don't Tell You".  Then Caitlin Johnston picked it up and used it for a tome on truthtelling and why it's never allowed in the upper echelons of USrael power.  According to Johnstone, the real beef the USraelis have with Trump [and the reason they're now focussed on impeaching him] is that he tells the truth in a childlike your kid who blurts something embarrassing out on a crowded, but quiet, bus.  Everyone hears about your "fight with daddy" the previous night.  Trump's like that.

Trump has no adult filter between what's going on in that orange bird's nest head...and what comes out of that droopy-lipped mouth of his.  So, a few days ago he blurted out that the US was staying behind in Syria to control the oil and will decide later "what to do with it."  While this is precisely the should have been spun in the usual code words of "freedom", "democracy" ad nauseum.

Remember when he said he wanted to buy Greenland from the Danes?  Well, at least in that case the inference was that he was going to PAY for it.  It wasn't just going to be brutally stolen from them.  But, Ahhhhh, the Danes are White.  The Syrians are the usual Darkies--historically targeted for resource theft.

Here is the latest backtracking and flimflamming as described by Stephen Lendman...and I will have more comments to follow:


"US Reoccupation of Northern Syria? Turkish Aggression Halted?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Time and again, things aren’t as they seem, Trump’s ordered withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria the latest example — saying one thing, then going another way, going along with his geopolitical team’s permanent war agenda.

Commenting on the situation in Syria’s north, Trump said “a small number of US troops will remain in the area where they have the oil. And we’re going to be protecting it (sic), and we’ll be deciding what we’re going to do with it in the future (sic).”

He ignored illegal US occupation of sovereign Syrian territory, stealing its resources, committing Nuremberg-level high crimes against the state and its people.

On Thursday, a Pentagon statement said additional (heavily armed) US forces will be sent to northern Syria to “reinforce” control of its oil fields — on the phony pretext of preventing them from “falling back into the hands of ISIS or other destabilizing actors,” controlled by the US not explained.

According to the WSJ, “about 500 US troops,” along with “dozens of battle tanks and other equipment” apparently will be deployed in northern Syria — “a reversal from” Trump’s withdrawal order.

What’s going on? Withdrawal of US forces from Syria appears more illusion than reality. Unknown numbers of Pentagon troops continue to occupy southern Syrian territory near Iraq and Jordan.

Trump’s withdrawal order from the country’s north excluded unclear numbers remaining, including at an illegal Pentagon airbase, one of its platforms for terror-bombing Syrian infrastructure and populated civilian areas.

US forces invaded Syria illegally to stay. Bipartisan dark forces in Washington want endless war on the country continued.

Restoration of peace and stability to US war theaters defeats its imperial aims, served by forever wars, instability and chaos.

The myth persists about combatting the scourge of ISIS created, supported and controlled by the Pentagon and CIA, used as proxy troops in US war theaters.

The October 17 US/Turkish deal in Ankara makes no mention of halting Pentagon/IDF terror-bombing of Syrian targets — to continue at their discretion.

US warplanes, attack helicopters and armed drones continue controlling portions of Syrian airspace, including areas bordering Turkey, Iraq and Jordan — facilitating Israeli strikes on Syrian targets.

Separately on Wednesday, Erdogan told Trump his military offensive in northern Syria ended while his forces continue attacking Kurdish fighters, Syrian troops in the area struck as well.

On Thursday, Syrian media reported attacks by Turkey and its terrorist proxies on government forces, killing some soldiers, wounding others near Tal Tamr, a clear ceasefire breach.

Kurdish YPG fighters reported the same thing, saying a large-scale Turkish offensive on Thursday attacked three northern Syrian villages where their troops are located, adding Ankara is responsible for the “deterioration of the ceasefire process.”

It’s shaky at best because of Erdogan’s revanchist aims and continued illegal US occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory, including its airspace.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Thursday, government troops “confronted…an attack by forces affiliated to the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries of terrorists on Kowzaliyah and Tal Laban in Tal Tamer region in Hasaka north-western countryside,” adding:

“Turkish occupation troops continued their aggression on Syrian territories and occupied al-Manajir village in Tal Tamer region after shelling the area with artillery and heavy weapons.”

The situation in occupied Syria remains fluid. Sporadic clashes between Turkish forces and its jihadist proxies against Kurdish fighters and government troops continue.

Restoration of peace and stability to the country remains unattainable because consensus in Washington rejects the idea — endless wars in multiple theaters supported by the NYT and other establishment media.

Majority Republicans and undemocratic Dems are committed to regime change in Syria, wanting Assad replaced by US-controlled puppet rule.

They want Iran isolated regionally, economic terrorism on the country continuing, aiming to topple its legitimate government.

Time and again, geopolitical know-nothing Trump is manipulated to go along with what dark forces surrounding him want pursued.

It’s not a pretty picture nor encouraging for what may lie ahead."


Greencrow says: This is Blockbuster Newz--it's the first time a US President has baldly told the truth about what they're really doing in one of the half dozen darkie nations the ziofascist, globalist, warmongering perps have ransacked since the 9/11 False Flag Atrocity. He acknowledged that they're in it to steal and plunder. That's it. Then they intend to guard the fruits of their theft until they can spirit it out of the country.

As Caitlin Johnstone says, it's not so much that they get their bloody, greasy hands on the Syrian's more that they can prevent the Syrians from using their own resources to rebuild the destruction that the West has wreaked on it. The Western perps don't want Syrian babies to survive and grow with new hospitals and schools. THAT's what it's all about...slow genocide perpetrated on the darkie populations of the Middle East--on behalf of Israel.

The fly in the my mother used to what effect will this bald truthtelling have on the rank and file US foot soldiers who are tasked with seizing and holding the oil? Will they have qualms about risking their lives to protect some old, decrepit oil wells in a far off land? Perchance some of them were brought up not to steal. That's always a possibility. Perhaps being separated from their home and family to steal and plunder in a far off land was not their idea of "serving their country". Will this lead to a further uptick in the already epidemic US military suicide rate?

Then, there's always the possibility that the Syrian Army will attack the oil wells to get them back. This is what I've been advocating for years...the Landlord MUST kick out the squatter. If there's a bloody war and some of these these "oil minders" get sent back in body bags...what will that say to Americans? Will it finally wake them up? And what about the maimed and injured? How will they justify losing a limb or worse for guarding stolen loot?

Will these grossly mis-used US soldiers return home, angry and the scores of thousands who have already returned, are now suffering from PTSD and joining the ranks of the drug-addicted homeless who are clogging and destroying US cities? What IS the TRUE price of Plunder? What IS the TRUE price of blurting out the Truth?

Blow-back is a bitch.

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