Thursday, October 3, 2019

Meng Wanzhou Update - "An Air of Reality"

Meng Wanzhou - Victim/Pawn in USrael Trade
War with China

There's a very interesting hearing going on at the Courthouse in downtown Vancouver this week.  Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou's defense team is attempting to get access to a series of e-mails and perhaps telephone communications that went on between various "security agencies" [sic] the night she was arrested at the Vancouver airport in December 2018.

Coverage of the court hearing is spotty.  We haven't had any updates in the MZM since October 1st [two days ago] when the Prosecutors mounted their argument in rebuttal to the Defense's claim that Meng's Charter Rights were ignored and the RCMP and the Canadian Border Security Agency conspired with the FBI to break Canadian Laws surrounding arrest and detention of a suspect in a criminal process.

"Crown says no evidence FBI, RCMP directed border guards’ examination of Meng Wanzhou"

What the Prosecutors DID say was quite a scofflaw melange of weak excuses for the so-called "security agencies'" [sic] illegal behaviour on the night in question.  Please read this snippet from the Globe and Mail and I will have more comments to follow:
[Meng Wanzhou's] lawyers allege that border officers, the RCMP and the Federal Bureau of Investigation conspired to conduct a “covert criminal investigation” at the airport and violate her charter rights.

It’s unclear when exactly the border agency informed police that it had mistakenly provided the passcodes.

The RCMP responded that it had not used the codes but it could not return them because they had already formed part of the evidence before a judge, Mr. Majzub said.

Justice Heather Holmes questioned whether the fact that the border agency made a misstep and later tried to repair its error lent an “air of reality” to the defence’s arguments.

“If we scrutinize any process … there might be errors,” Mr. Majzub insisted. “It was not a deliberate action but an error.”


Greencrow comments:  LOL.  Wouldn't you and I love to have such a defense if [Gawd forbid] we were ever placed before a judge. "We made an error" your Honour.  It was not a "deliberate action".  lolololol.

No wonder there aren't any more updates on this issue.  Somebody played "wack a mole" right away with it.  It's now gone underground.  When it surfaces, it will be "sheep dipped"--as some conspiracy theorists like to term the process--when the Deep State takes a person or a circumstance and strips it of any validity or reality and presents it as a "fait accompli" in support of an Official Story as a "done deal".

This civilization-destroying criminal process has been raised to the level of a high art over the past half century or so..  Some examples are the magic bullet in the JFK assassination and the plane hijacker's passport that was miraculously discovered at the base of the collapsed WTC.  No judge who wanted to remain on the bench would ever openly question the "air of reality" of those circumstances.

So, dear readers, when this story re-surfaces, the mainZtream media will all be singing from the same hymnal. They will all be bleating in unison about the unfortunate "error" that the Border Security made when it gave the passcodes to the RCMP [who gave them to the FBI].

It was all a tragic [for Meng Wanzhou] error...Move along, nothing to see here.

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