Tuesday, October 22, 2019

UPDATED: Liberal Minority Government - PPC is Blanked

UPDATED:  October 22, 2019 - Readers are encouraged to visit the comments page to this post. Regular commentator Karmellis has added his/her views on the (s)election.  I also make a comment about the Mysterious disappearance from the newz [adjournment?] of the hearing into the Meng Wanzhou extradition that was going on in Vancouver a month or more ago.  Very convenient for the Libs that the embarrassing RCMP affidavits demanding the details of Meng's Arrest on December 1, 2018 and ordered by the Judge to be presented in court within DAYS never hit the news prior to the (s)election.

Justin Trudeau Will Form Liberal Minority Government

I was planning on doing a "live" post following of the election results last night but, due to some residual effects of my trip to Costa Rica, [tiredness and stomach upset] I watched the early results on TV and then went to bed.

Northerntruthseeker has given his excellent summation of the election results here.

Like NTS, I am also disappointed that the PPC didn't do better.  The PPC candidate in our riding got 687 votes, which is actually more than I thought he would get.  There is a real need for an alternative to the traditional parties that includes a voice for the sentients in society...the ones who haven't fit in ever since the 9/11 False Flag atrocity and all the subsequent government-supported lies and crimes.

What do the results of the election mean for Canada in the short and longer term?  Our country will be even more divided than before.  No representatives in the government from the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan is a bad thing.  Over representation in Parliament by the separatist Bloc which is actually the political equivalent to the Kurds in Northern Syria.  A wedge created and paid for by the "usual suspects" specifically to divide and conquer [destroy] Canada in preparation for the NAU.

At least two more years of Trudeau and his antics.  What can we expect from him?  Hopefully he has learned the hard way that there is absolutely no patience from Canadians for "Mr. Fancy Socks".

From what I saw on TV in the conversations between the TV talking heads and pundits I realized that Canadians in the ROC [Rest of Canada] still do not get it.  They still believe that putting a gridlock of huge oil tankers [carrying the uncleanupable "Bitumen"] in tiny ecologically vulnerable Burrard Inlet is going to happen.  Not so.  This will not happen.  It will destroy the entire lower mainland of Vancouver, even before the inevitable catastrophic spill. Luckily, British Columbians have two aces up our sleeve: The Canadian Supreme Court, which is very cognizant of Indigenous Rights as protected in our Constitution; and a smart negotiator in our Premier John Horgan He doesn't blather and threaten or bully...but when he speaks...people listen.  And he knows that the TMX cannot happen if British Columbia is to survive, much less prosper!

At least, the Liberals and the NDP are supposedly not as blind to the needs of/and realities in British Columbia...and are supposedly not as wedded to Big Oil as are the Conservatives.  Burrard Inlet needs to be declared a Marine Park and protected from industrial development in perpetuity.  But you never know.  Right now, listening to the CBC TV pundits last night, BC might yet be offered up as a sacrificial lamb/political sop to Alberta/Big Foreign Oil.

Like NTS, I'm weary of national politics and probably will lay off of it for the next while.  I have no regrets voting PPC.  Spoiling my vote was my only "choice", given the options in this dogs' breakfast of an election.  The good thing about politics in this day and age...you can always switch the channel on the TV.

BTW, the Vancouver Canucks are off to a great start this hockey season ; )


Northerntruthseeker said...

Great article, crow... And reflects my thoughts exactly..

And BTW... What happened to your quip about the Vancouver Canucks getting off to a great start this NHL season???????

Karmellis said...

Greetings, once again.

Well, it looks like my prediction was spot-on, as much as I did not want it to be. I could tell from the start the fix was in due to various events:
- The soft-lock of the other party leaders, almost like they were in on the fix to make sure Trudeau stayed in power.
- Manipulation of Elections Canada to put out pro-Liberal propaganda around June (or so? Not 100% sure if that's the right month), which not only puts them in a conflict-of-interest position, but it also makes me wonder if they had any direct involvement in re-electing Trudeau...
- Being caught grooming the CBC and Huffington Post moderators for the debate and the almost-total free pass given to that incident (which should have condemned, but was ignored) but also to Trudeau during that entire event. Where was his 4 years of disaster policy after disaster policy after disaster policy?! Were they ever brought up?!
- The free legal pass given to the Liberals during all this (Suspension of criminal investigation, interfering in the campaigns of other parties like what happened in Quebec).

The list really does go on... It should have been obvious. Above all else, when the opposition is geared and groomed to look pathetic, that pretty much guarantees the current party stays in power (Chretien in the 90's, for instance). The only one who was a true Pro-Canadian alternative to this progressive garbage was marginalized, demonized and treated in a very insulting, anti-democratic, anti-Canadian way while these bought-and-paid-for stooges continue to wreck every semblance of unity and community we have so their handlers can go in and steal us blind (which is part of their usual playbook). The Cambridge PPC guy was right: They literally 'are' the uniparty. I am not really saying if we would be better off if any of the other uniparty factions won, but having the Liberals back in will mean things will be even worse than before.

Also, it looks like the "I'm the most important feminist in the world" truck went for a ride and slammed into oncoming traffic...


For those who don't want to read the whole thing, here's the important excerpt:

"While Conservative candidate Andrew Scheer was giving a speech thanking his supporters, Trudeau walked on stage, breaking into Scheer’s speech, forcing news networks to switch all attention to him. Some anchors said they and their studio guests were "shocked" and "mystified" with Trudeau’s move. Global News’ anchor called this "unprecedented" and explained the choice of switching to his speech solely by the fact he got more votes in the election."

Technically, Scheer got more votes in the election. Still, that is... wow. The arrogance and hubris of this excuse of a leader seems to give him the impression that it's ok to be unprecedently rude to his party member counterparts? If you thought he was bad before, this should tell you, right now, he's going to be a LOT worse.

This is disgusting and not a good time to be Canadian...

greencrow said...


The quip about the Canucks is still in the post. At least on my blog page. They're playing the Red Wings at 4:30 which will be the highlight of my day!

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Excellent comments as usual. One curious side note is the fact that the Meng Wanzhou trial has been mysteriously delayed. Last I heard a month or so ago [before I went to Costa Rica] the judge ordered the government lawyers to provide some RCMP affidavits--by Wednesday of that week. Then...nothing. That's obstruction of justice in my books.

But, hey, when all we have are puppet governments...the skies the limit in terms of criminal interference with justice--and democracy.


Penny said...

Hey GC:

I checked the vote totals for PPC in my riding and it was over 700, I was surprised.

I guess there aren't that many 'climate deniers' /'racist'/'neo nazi'/"conspiracy theorists: in Canada, (never know that by the media coverage) but still not enough questioning the status quo.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

One of the biggest cover-ups/suppressions of our times is the government/media effort to pretend that we "conspiracy theorists"/aka truthtellers don't exist...and if we do exist, then we're all fringe nutbars. 700 voters who vote for the PPC in spite of all the social pressure not to really does say something.

I'm proud of our efforts to speak out in our own way about the "handbasket to hell" that we're all on. When the goons check the stats of the elections more closely and see us all buried under the mounds of sheeple...they might just get the uneasy feeling that there are those few of us "out there" who know quite well what they're up to.