Sunday, October 20, 2019

Greencrow Update#1 - Morris108 passed away on October 1, 2019

Morris108 RIP

Good morning dear Readers.  Greencrow is back from a 10 day vacay to Costa Rica.  This the first of several "catch up" posts I hope to do within the next several hours...sandwiched in between getting unpacked and settled, getting my three small pooches settled back in at home after spending the last 10 days at the animal shelter, affectionately called "the Klink". And preparing a dinner for my handicapped brother who I have not seen for some time.  I will pick him up from his residence and bring him back here for a pot roast feast.  So please forgive me if it takes a few days to get completely back on track.

The first item on my agenda is the recent passing of one of the great truthtellers of our time since the arrival of the Internet in the post 9/11 era.  Morris108 had a YouTube channel and for many years was a staple amongst truthers.  I got to know him professionally and personally.  We e-mailed back and forth for a few years.  I contributed to his support and watched his channel regularly.  When it came to telling the truth about what was going on geopolitically, I never disagreed with any of his viewpoints.  We were completely Sympatico.  Please read a brief obituary that I found on the Fourwinds blog and I will have more comments to follow:


"With indescribable sadness and pain in my heart I was informed that my dear friend Maurice Herman (Morris) passed away on the 2nd of October 3 AM Cambodian Time. Shortly after our last talk we did on the 19th of last month September, Morris became sick and his condition was deteriorating rapidly to the point that he passed away on the 1st of October.

Although I did not yet receive detailed information confirmed directly, Morris died as a result of severe dengue fever. His condition had rapidly declined over the past few days. Blood was coming out of his right eye and mouth. His liver was failing. His heart had stopped beating for a while, and the doctors spent 30 minutes resuscitating him. He recovered, but died a couple of hours after that.

I met Morris for the first time when I was traveling in Cambodia in 2014 and we became close friends. We did do numerous talks on his YouTube channel after that. His Morris108 Youtube channel with over 60 thousand subscribers and more than 10 million views was taken down this recent summer during the Orwellian censorship cleansing operation which took down more than 18000 channels including my own. Morris and his family were depending on the donations on his channel so the impact of this was huge."


Greencrow says:  Morris108 was his own man.  Yes, he was of Jewish ancestry, but he held no bars when it came to calling out "the tribe".  When news broke he was invariably the first to make an assessment and shout out the truth.  He held very high standards in making his videos so I don't begrudge that he was constantly asking for money for them.  He never swore and he never allowed swearing in his comments section.  In that way he was quite a prude.  But he was unwavering in his search for the truth.  When he perceived it...he would ensure that all his subscribers were well aware of what was really going on.

Morris108 must have been in his mid to late 50's but he had boundless energy for life.  A citizen of the UK, he sold the rights to his meagre flat in London, UK back ten years or so and used the proceeds to spend a few years roaming around India.  I vicariously followed him in his travels via his YouTube videos...and enjoyed all his stories about the people he met on his travels, his broken down motorcycles and his close brushes with disasters on the roads and in the villages of remote India.

One video he shot in India had him staying with an attractive much younger woman who was making his meals for him.  He carefully recorded her cooking on her tiny stove in one pot but never gave her name.  I wrote to Morris castigating him for making a video of her and not sharing at least her first name.  He wrote back that she was just a "one night stand" and a meal and he didn't think she was important enough to identify by name.  That was when I first became aware of the "darker side" of Morris 108.

But afterwards, I laughed at his travails when he got into trouble in one remote village because in cinema verite fashion, he followed the "milkman" around a tiny village and videotaped the "milkman" as he delivered his milk.  The milkman was a farmer who milked his cow every morning into a pitcher and then walked around the village door-to-door, pouring the milk from his pitcher into the housewives' containers.  It wasn't the most sanitary method of delivering fresh milk. I think the milkman and the other villagers were somewhat annoyed at this foreign intrusion! Shortly after that YouTube episode, Morris was unable to get his visa to India renewed and had to leave the country.

He travelled to Cambodia and settled there.  Thereafter, we witnessed Morris racing around the Cambodian cities and rural dirt roads on his motorcycle without a helmet dodging erratic traffic and going further and further into the "wilderness" until he finally settled in a shack on stilts along a dirty river.  Videos he took of his lifestyle were shocking.  The potential for disease was enormous as the river was being used for all bodily functions.  He stayed up one night to videotape the critters [iguanas] who lived within the wooden studs of his shack, making loud chirping noises and keeping him up all night.

He met a young Cambodian woman and set up housekeeping with her.  They had at least one child together for a total of two.  She already had a little girl when he met her.  I vividly remember Morris taking the little girl on his motorcycle and racing around the dirt roads of Cambodia, neither of them wore helmets.  The little girl was riding in front of him on the handlebars.

That is when I became weary of watching Morris108's videos.  I wrote him about not taking the little girl on wild motorcycle rides.  That and a few other issues caused us to have a permanent falling out.  I wasn't the only one who had a falling out with Morris.  Blogger Joaquin Flores of Syncretic Studies also apparently had a falling out with Morris shortly afterwards.  They had been very close at one point.  Morris108 made some excellent videos interviewing Flores--who is an expert on Middle East affairs.  Flores saved Morris108's life at one point, via the Internet, all the way from where Flores was living in Serbia.  Morris108 got very sick from his unhealthy lifestyle living on the river and it was Flores who miraculously arranged medical care in a Cambodian hospital for Morris108.  Flores also raised funds for Morris108 to help in his recovery.  I also contributed to that effort.

That incident was an amazing achievement for the community of Truth Bloggers.

So, after that, I began to taper off my association with Morris until I finally became completely out of touch.  A few months ago I became aware of Morris108's YouTube channel being purged from the Internet by YouTube.  Along with others, I believe this to be an absolute disgrace!  Morris108's videos are an important archive of the times and should be enshrined in the "Library of Congress" not evaporated into the ethosphere!  I demand that YouTube restore ALL of Morris108's YouTube Channel videos--just like we have access to Kenny's Sideshow material.

When I heard of Morris108's passing while in Costa Rica, I was shocked but not surprised.  My first thought was that he must have been in a motorcycle accident.  But then I heard he died of the Dengue Fever.  This tropical disease was a result of his wild lifestyle. Taking endless risks with his already precarious health.

Morris108 lived his life to the fullest.  He lived it his way.  And whatever the cretins at YouTube believe, he left humanity a treasure trove of truth-telling material that encapsulates the geopolitical traumas of our times.  I encourage those of us who knew of Morris108 to contribute to the support of his family, via the Fourwinds link, as I intend to do.

Rip dear Morris.


FreakedOut said...

Welcome home GC and thank you for this report on the passing of Morris108. Interesting comments on his lifestyle. I was subscribed to his YouTube channel and watched his videos off and on. He seemed well aware of what is going on geopolitically. I also sent some cash his way. RIP Morris. I'll send some cash to help his family. I've worked with many Cambodians here in the States too. Hard workers and nice folks.

Anonymous said...

The obituary is originally from Willem Felderhof, posted 4 Oct 2019

greencrow said...

Hi Freaked Out and Anonymous:

A reader alerted me to Morris108's passing. I could not find anything to support the news other than the link I provided, not knowing whether it was original or not. Thanks for the clarification and links.

Whatever Morris108's lifestyle, his nose for the truth was impeccable IMO and his children have been cheated from whatever pecuniary value his YouTube channel had.