Monday, October 21, 2019

Greencrow Update #3 - Canadian Election Finale

Photos of all Leaders from Leaders Debate
Note the only one with his mouth open

The above photo taken from a story in local News1130 is a good example of the subliminal and not so subliminal brain washing that has been going on during the Canadian Federal Election that is now going to the polls today.  Note how the only leader with his mouth open to speak is Trudeau.  Ridiculous but very emblematic of the nonsensical, farcical, choreographed, dogs' breakfast of a campaign that Canadians have been forced to endure.

National Post columnist Andrew Coyne sums it up nicely in his recent op-ed titled:  "Can't the Liberals and the Conservatives Both Lose?  Here is a snippet from what he said:


It has been, I think we can all agree, a disgraceful election. Most elections are, but this one — this farrago of insults, gotchas, lies and giveaways; this all-party panderfest, in the face of looming recession, anemic growth, and an aging population; this collective shrug of indifference at racist provincial laws, rising national divisions, and a collapsing international order; this six-week symphony of cant — this is by common consent the most disgraceful in living memory.

Certainly neither of the two historic governing parties has begun to make the case for why they should be entrusted with power, as their sliding poll numbers reveal: if current trends hold, both will come in with less than a third of the vote, for the first time in our history. That is as much a tribute to their leaders as it is to their platforms: if the worst that can be said of Justin Trudeau is that he could not defeat a morally and intellectually vacuous marshmallow like Andrew Scheer, the worst that can be said of Scheer is that he could not defeat a preening fraud like Trudeau.

Ideally both would resign on election night. Alas, neither will — not if the result is as close as now seems likely. And yet that is the choice to which we are condemned: as incompetent, unethical and ruinous as the governments each would lead may be, the alternatives are worse. The NDP and Green platforms differ only in the scale of their fiscal and economic fantasies. The People’s Party, which might have been a voice for fiscal rigour and economic freedom, has instead become a haven for immigration hysterics, climate science deniers and conspiracy theorists, together with the occasional neo-Nazi. The Bloc is, well, the Bloc...."


That last comment about the PPC party really hit home with me.  Finally, a few words referencing that 33% of the population...the sentient ones...the so-called "conspiracy theorists".  The ones who don't swallow Official Stories hook, line and sinker.  When I read that, I whooped:  "That's My Man!"  Yes, any leader like Maxime Bernier...who allows a place in his party for "conspiracy theorists" is gonna get my vote!

Penny of Pennyforyourthoughts blog today made the astute observation that Canada's democracy has been destroyed by Identity Politics.  The Machiavellian fracturing the society into tiny and tinier slivers, based on some superficial attribute like race, creed, sexual preference, thus creating an impotent, malleable populace that will lie down, roll over and place all four paws up in the air for the usual suspects.  It has always been so.

So, this (s)election has come down to a desperate effort to get rid of the most slimy of all the slimy candidates.  Trudeau.  If we get rid of him as leader that will be a plus in my books, as much as I despise Andrew [can't travel to Russia] Scheer.  Some pundits have said that Jagmeet Singh is going to surprise with his support accrued by his performance in the debates.  We shall see.  All I can say is, if he does form the Minority Government, can he at least trim his scraggly beard?

As much as anything, I think this election is a referendum on the imposition of the "climate change" dogma on the population.  We shall see how the High Priestess of Climate Catastrophe, Elizabeth May, will perform in the actual polls.  Chicken Little is waiting for the results.

Montreal - the Bagel Capital of the World

The Bloc has again reared its ugly head in La Belle Province de Quebec.  As most of us who lived through the Quebec Independence Movement from the 1960's through to the early 1990's knows, the power behind the Bloc comes from the deep pockets in the Jewish Montreal/New York City communities.  They use it like they use the Kurds in Northern Syria, as a wedge to control the nation for their own purposes.  If the Bloc becomes the balance of power in a minority government...that could spell the end of Canada.  We've been perched on this cliff so many times.  As only a handful of sentients in Canada's not at all about the French minority [which is a majority in Quebec], folks, it's about who funds their "independence" dreams...a direct financial pipeline to NYC...and ultimately an NAU.

So, in conclusion, My preferred outcome to this dogs' breakfast of an election...would be a minority Conservative government with a mishmash of independents [like Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott + Maxime Bernier] forming a very loose coalition.  Trudeau would be gone, hallelujah!, and so would the fraud Greens.  We're not going to have the TMX...whatever the result of the election...because the Canadian Supreme Court will see to that.

Get out and vote.  If you're a "Conspiracy Theorist" like little moi, that means voting for the only party that allows space for your beliefs--the PPC.

I hope to follow the election results "Live" on this blog this evening. So check in and dine on the "dogs' breakfast"...Poo-tine, anyone?


Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow! Glad to see you are back, safe and sound! :)

What a nasty couple weeks this has been. I don't think I have ever seen anything resembling an election campaign that was so low, so disappointing, so disgusting, so... American. I think this is why I have zero use for television and why I stopped watching it countless years ago (It's called "Programming" for a reason). So many more revelations, scandals, blatant corruption with zero accountability, denials and lack of confirmations, lawsuit threats (that were quietly buried). Are we literally seeing a series of marionettes claiming to be leaders? Where is the thinking? Where are their own speeches? Where is the "Canadian" in all this? I dunno, the whole thing is sounding like such a farce. As you say, the only one who is worth voting for is always at the tail end of every media spin when it comes to him. Anytime there is an article about Maxine Bernier, most of it is spent delivering the notification that he is the usual sort of 'anti-this' and 'pro-that' to manipulate voters into avoiding him like the plague (Oh, and don't forget those photos that help bloat the size of the article even more). I have to sigh at this... This blatant abuse of our media establishes it's just another propaganda piece on par with the worst examples in our recorded history.

Everything about this excuse of an election has been 'tight race' this and 'tight race' that... Well...
- Coming from a poll system that was flat-out wrong in (at least) three provincial elections within the last 18 months. I don't see how I am supposed to have any faith in them.
- Is this the 'fix' in order to help guarantee the Trudeau victory that both the Liberals and media want (Media wants it for the free tax dollars, obviously). If you can sell it as a tight race, small miracles are easy to accept. If they sell it as a blatant Conservative (or anyone else) majority and it becomes an instant Liberal majority, questions will no doubt be asked and all the attempts at social media control won't be able to stop that, despite what they think.

My prediction is: Liberal win. I would love to be proven wrong. I want to be proven wrong, but I am not sure I will be. Too many vested interests want to keep this corruption scheme going, given the amount of Canadian dollars that are available to pump out of the system (Coming from a government that claims that fiscal responsibility is a non-issue... Yeah, sure...). And to make things worse, the alternatives that have any chance of 'winning' are just as bad. We really don't have any choice in this election at all. It's at an all-time high point of disgusting.

Penny said...

Yah, I'm voting for PPC as well. Its either that or don't vote at all.
The provincial elections I just go and decline my ballot as a personal protest, but this has all been too much of a shit show. Bad!

greencrow said...


I completely agree with your assessment. Particularly the interesting fact that the "Polls" are consistently wrong. Any resemblance between a political poll and a statistical analysis is purely coincidental! Political polls are more like one of those battery-operated hand-held massagers.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

"Yah, I'm voting for PPC as well..."

That makes three of, me and NTS. We'll have to watch for our three votes to pop up on the TV screen tonight : ).

Northerntruthseeker said...

Hey.... I am indeed voting PPC, and actually heading out very shortly to vote at local polling station!

I actually had the "Conservative" candidate for this riding come to my door yesterday (I was hoping that he would have come by on Friday so that I could have coughed on him and make him sick the way I was!!!) and when I told him that I was voting PPC, he had the nerve to say that I was "wasting my vote".... That apparently is the trouble here as most people are now being directed like sheep to believe that they must vote either "Conservative" or "NDP" to STOP Justin Trudeau.....

I find that disgusting and I am not alone as two of my neighbors also found it unnerving that they are being led to believe that they must vote for one of the "big four".....I told them to look at the PPC platform, and late last night one of them told me that after looking at the PPC platform, they were also going to vote PPC!

greencrow said...


Canadians could be in for a real we "Conspiracy Theorists" finally get a voice in the PPC.

Anonymous said...

There are no good choices for me in this election. I live in BC and the riding I vote in, North Island, will either go NDP or Conservative. I stopped voting after Harper's first term, I carry a life long embarrassment for having voted for Stephen Harper.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Anonymous.... Vote for the PPC for a real alternative! Even if that party does not get your riding, you will have peace of mind knowing that you voted with conscience and a real alternative..

And Crow... Did you see this:

Apparently the criminals are at it with their dirty tricks in still vilifying the PPC and Maxime Bernier..

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Why not vote for the PPC. When else will you be able to see your own vote show up...all by itself...on the TV news ticker? ; )

Anonymous said...

Greencrow, the only thing preventing me from voting PPC, is that Bernier could somehow be lured into supporting a Conservative minority Government. Am I wrong in assuming this is a possibility?

The PPC does closely align with my personal political views and they have almost no chance of being elected in the North Island, so you may have a point.

greencrow said...


Yes, I was aware of the Kinsella caper. This is SOP in politics..."seek and destroy".

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

With a "dogs' breakfast" election...there are inevitably going to be some rancid options. Frankly, however, I can't see Bernier EVER working with Scheer.