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Comments Contributor Karmellis Analyses Phony Canadian (S)election

Full Video of PPC Forum in Toronto

Below, copied in full, is a comment on my last post about the Canadian Federal Election wherein Karmellis looks more deeply at the issues including what is deliberately NOT being talked about.  I was going to do my next post on the Canadian (s)election focusing on the deliberate ignoring of what is, IMO, the most critical issue facing Canadians, i.e., how our sovereign right to have our own Canadian foreign policy has been surreptitiously stolen from us.  Conservative Andrew Scheer's sudden "coming out" as an American citizen is just the cherry on the icing on the cake.  Here are Karmellis' excellent comments and I will have a brief summing up to follow:


"Karmellis said...Hi Greencrow!

So, since this article was published, the CBC came out with an article stating "Fearing violence, the RCMP are closely watching hateful online election chatter" (Translation: RCMP watching for online discussion that does not follow the "Pro-left Agenda" and treating it as dangerous).

The claim of the article is that RCMP compiling only outright threats targeting political leaders (which I guess means the average Canadian does not count), but I wonder what else is being compiled in the process...? They cite several examples that they believe is hate speech:
- Drawing swastikas on Conservative member Mariam Ishak's signs.
- The "Shoot every 3rd Liberal" sign which I disagree with a bit. I think it's very bad taste and they should have seen this coming, but unlike those the other random acts, the sign owner is not afraid to have their opinion made known.
- The harassment/assaults against people outside a Bernier rally (which I think was a bit too coordinated to be random).
- Someone going after Mr. Singh over his turban.

My questions regarding all of this are are:
- For the actual hate-promoting stuff: Demonstrations like the one organized in front of the PPC gathering (Which they were aware of inside the building, but were likely unaware of the violence outside) usually are not spontaneous or out of the blue, especially if they are start scattering as the police are only just arrived (which tells me they were tipped off). What this a paid protest equivalent to a 'rent-a-mob' concept and was it organized?
- While some of this stuff is bad taste and/or totally uncalled for, how much is this really hate and how much of is it anger? Anger because those who not support Trudeau suffered under his vile excuse for leadership and those who did were betrayed by his broken/empty promises, betrayed by the absurd and record-setting level of corruption that if you or I or anyone else here committed even half of, we would be rotting in a jail cell, right now, betrayed by his double-face, double-standards, hypocrisy that knows no bounds... The list goes on and on. Someone asking Freeland if is a warmonger is not hate; that is anger, for instance.

What is curious is what is not said:
- They completely dropped the ball by not citing the 'blackface' being sprayed on liberal candidate signs' faces. I find that to be quite an omission on CBC's part, given their whole agenda-pushing nonsense they are a part of (I refer to the example made by the Cambridge PPC representative that he presented during the video link in the main article).
- Back in Aug. '18 or so there was a demonstration (and counter-demonstration) CUPW HQ in Toronto and at that time a video had gone semi-viral with a pair of ladies calling for the assassination of our party leaders at the time (while making jokes and singing songs about it; it was rather disgusting). How is that not considered part of this article?

I would be worried about the idea that there is a LOT of anger out there and with all these means to vent it being restricted/controlled, the lashing out is going to happen. The ones obsessed with controlling the free speech in Canada are unable to see the consequences of their actions and this is one of them, sadly.

As for Scheer, I remember saying months ago (not on here, obviously) that his policies were a cut and paste of US policies (you know the ones that have been failing time and time again, especially in relations with other nations?), and now we find out that he a dual-citizen as well? That should be raising HUGE red flags and questions about his priorities. We are already a laughing stock of world, courtesy of Mr. Fancy Socks and have serious relation issues with China (courtesy of an incident WE caused), but now Scheer wants to adapt US policies that will make us both mocked and well-hated? Does he not realize how much he is playing with fire on this one? We already a serious crisis/damage control issue and he wants to double-down on this? Like, what is he thinking?!

As for the video link, it is totally worth watching, not necessarily for the fact that Bernier was there, but for what was said between everybody during that entire event. The biggest thing I took home from that was the mention on how when debate is cancelled (for lack of better term) citing the endless excuses for why, the ideas become lazy, stagnant and narrow. It's a bit like walking into a large room and being able to see everything, then there is a pair of fixed binoculars mounted on a stand and when you look through them, you only see a tiny part of it. That is what happens when you silence the debating of ideas; you become incapable of seeing the downside or problems to your idea, cannot comprehend a "Plan B", and often the idea itself becomes quite limited. Again, it's a heck of a presentation and it did not feel like there was much of political spin to it, if at all.


Greencrow says:  Karmellis is right.  Canadians are entitled to watch and listen to many more debates between all the leaders. English voters are really only going to get one opportunity. This election is more like a Kabuki Theatre production, where every interaction between the candidates is intensely tomorrow's debate will no doubt be as well.

My intention to support PPC leader Maxime Bernier in the upcoming election is partly but not entirely a protest vote.  It is a protest against the scripted, teased, bullied and pre-determined (s)election we are being subjected to.  The perps obviously want the outcome to be a minority government with the Libs again in "power".  The NDP/Green [which can be switched one for the other] will be the controlled controlling minority support to keep Trudeau in the PM seat. More importantly, neo Nazi, Sorosian, globalist, USraeli stooge Chrystia Freeland will remain in "control" of foreign [sic] policy.  Andrew Scheer was always going to play the weak, unelectable leader.

IMO, therefore, the only real candidates in this (s)election ARE the PPC.  They are the only outliers on the Kabuki Theatre stage. This is why the PPC have been cast in the shadows by the mainZtream media.  My only question to Karmellis is...are you going to consider casting a "protest vote" for Bernier as well?


Northerntruthseeker said...

Bravo, Crow for this fabulous article...

Two nights ago when I sat there with a few friends having a few beers and watching NHL hockey, the topic did switch to politics in our small talk.... And several of them at that get together were also very disgusted with the same criminal politicians that we are always accustomed to and asked me my opinion on the PPC after I told them I was voting for them ....

After a brief discussion and during the first intermission in that hockey game, I had at least two other people at that party wanting to find out more about the PPC and its policies... I told them to look it up, in which several pulled out their smartphones and googled the PPC website and their platform....

After several minutes of reading intensely, they said "this is good... so why are they not even being seen in the Canadian media?"..... I answered that was so obvious that the media is in on the fix as usual and will do everything to avoid the PPC every chance they get and to vilify them as "neo nazi" or "racists"...... That convinced several of them that they too must vote for the PPC to send the message to Ottawa that the people have had enough of the criminals in charge!

We are slowly reaching the masses.... Sadly, even today, I was out and about and when I saw a friend and asked him who he was going to vote for this coming election, he said "Andrew Scheer"..... When I asked him then if he had even bothered to look at the PPC platform, he gave me a wild eyed look and said "who are they?"..... And yes, I have been getting a lot of that these days as the media here in central Canada has been purposely trying to create the impression that the PPC does NOT even exist!

The grassroots movement is on.... Sadly we are up against the Jew spew media that will continue to call the PPC a "fringe" and "racist" party!

Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

Once again I find myself surprised you posted a commentary I made on your front page. While the intention of my post was only as a comment, I still appreciate it.

To answer your question, I find while it is a difficult to decide if I should vote at all, I figure I could either vote for Bernier or what now passes for our uniparty (Bunch of different faces, but the same old tired, anti-Canadian policies). Given I flat-out disapprove of and disagree with their policies, that leaves me with Bernier as my 'only' option.

Keeping in mind back when it was Turner vs Mulroney, CBC's internal polling showed Mulroney was going to wipe the floor, yet they were still under orders to promote Turner as the next PM of Canada... So, what has changed since then? Nothing, except that the deception is even more overt with push polling and poll manipulations to get the results your handlers tell you push out? Polls completely blew it with three provincial elections in the last while and they are trying to tell me PPC support is 1.5-2%? Nah. I think it's bigger than that.

Hopefully Bernier can not only turn things around for himself in a public venue, present himself as the one candidate who is not a bought-and-paid-for schill, but can help expose the media duplicity that is the system, including now (from what I understand) 2 of the moderators that are now in the pockets of the Liberal party. On that note: I can only imagine how much screaming there would be if the Conservatives pulled such a stunt. It's wrong no matter who does it, but when it's the Liberals getting away with it, we are not supposed to notice...

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Interesting that an opinion poll published in the National Post today regarding how much trust Canadians have in the parties' ability to handle the immigration file showed the PPC at 9% and above both the Greens and the NDP. IMO that is probably how the PPC are polling across the board..or probable even slightly higher. If Maxime Bernier stands out during the debate a couple of hours from now...the PPC could form the official opposition in a minority government.

greencrow said...

Correction: The PPC is NOT above the NDP but is above the Green and the Bloc. Here is the poll: