Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Finally, it All Comes Down To This

The Foundational Myth of Honesty in the US

I've been writing over the last week or so about the latest blatant lie told by the American government to its citizens.  This lie purports to support the right of USrael to steal the property of the sovereign nation of Syria.  The US is a nation based on and built on lies...beginning with the myth depicted in the drawing above...that its first leader, George Washington, was an honest man.  This simplistic myth was the first of a never-ending and ever more fantasmagorical series of lies...culminating with the one eloquently described by truth blogger, Stephen Lendman, below.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

Endless US Rape, Occupation and Plunder of Syria

Like his predecessors, Trump operates as a frontman for the military, industrial, security complex, Wall Street, and other monied interests.

As commander-in-chief, he continues endless US wars of aggression in multiple theaters, along with economic terrorism on Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, and other nations on the US target list for regime change — including China and Russia.

His vow to bring all US troops home from Syria was a mirage. In March 2011, the US pre-emptively attacked the country for regime change, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing its sovereign independence.

Illegal Pentagon/CIA occupation of northern and southern parts of the country continues with no near-term prospect for conflict resolution because dominant bipartisan hardliners in Washington reject restoration of peace and stability to all US war theaters.

Longstanding US policy aims for dominion over planet earth, its resources and populations.

Nations not controlled by the US are vulnerable to pre-emptive attacks or war by other means — what the scourge of imperialism is all about, humanity’s greatest curse.

On Monday, US war secretary Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Mark Milley held a joint press conference.

Esper repeated Trump’s dubious claim about eliminating alleged ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Like DJT, he provided no evidence of Baghdadi’s death. The remains of whoever US forces reportedly killed were buried at sea so no independent DNA testing or other identity checks could be conducted, clear evidence of deception and coverup.

According to forensic pathologists, positive IDing of human remains can take days or weeks to complete. Trump claimed Baghdadi was killed overnight Saturday — in a remote Syrian location nowhere near a forensic lab.

Yet on Monday, US war secretary Mark Esper dubiously claimed DNA testing showed remains tested were Baghdadi’s — suggesting most likely whoever was killed was someone else.

Baghdadi alive or dead matters little. ISIS remains a US creation, its activities orchestrated and controlled by its Pentagon and CIA handlers.

US officials and establishment media pretend Pentagon forces combatted and destroyed the “caliphate.” Washington actively supports it, along with likeminded terrorist groups, in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere.

Esper’s remarks were an exercise in mass deception, falsely claiming US operations in Syria “enable(d) the enduring defeat of ISIS,” adding:

“(R)epositioning (US) forces within the country is intended to posture us to continue this mission and give the president options, (including) execut(ion) (of) counterterrorism operations.”

Reality on the ground is polar opposite his above deception. Part of the US mission includes controlling and looting Syrian oil — on the phony pretext of protecting it from ISIS, enabling private interests and the CIA to profit from plundering Syrian resources, along with denying them to Damascus to benefit the nation and its people.

Esper: “(W)e will respond with overwhelming military force against” any threat to US occupation of Syrian territory and control of its resources.

Milley made similar remarks, stressing “counterterrorism operations” in Syria and other US war theaters that don’t exist.

During a Q & A session, reporters failed to challenge US war of aggression and occupation of sovereign Syria threatening no one.

No one questioned Trump’s dubious account of Baghdadi’s alleged elimination or that the remains of whoever was killed were buried at sea to prevent independent DNA checking.

Nothing was asked about the looting of Syrian oil belonging to the nation, not an illegal foreign occupier.

Asked whether Pentagon troops might confront Russian or Syrian forces militarily, Esper curtly responded: “Yes.”

Last week, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov called US plunder of Syrian oil “state-sponsored banditry,” along with denouncing US protection of smugglers involved in looting Syrian resources.

Syria remains an active war theater, its people terrorized by the presence of US forces and jihadist foot soldiers.

As long as total US control of Syria remains unattained, dark forces in Washington rule out restoration of peace and stability to the nation and its long-suffering people."


Greencrow says:  I use the word "culminating" ominously and deliberately.  There will be no more lies after this one.  This is the penultimate lie for the doomed nation of USrael.  Why?  Because with this lie, USrael finally and in desperation throws down the globalist gauntlet in front of the world's nation-states.

The era of the nation-state began around the Napoleonic era.  The "nation" became the official unit of measurement for organizing the human species into its social, cultural, economic and political root components.  Democracy and the Rule of [International] Law were the fruits of this tree.

Then, around the time of the 9/11 False Flag atrocity, the Ziofascist American Empire began to use its foundational strategy of lies to maneuver itself into the uni-polar position in a globalist tyrannical world.  As we have seen in recent history, all went well as USrael ransacked nation after nation in the resource-rich Middle East...until it attempted its ISIS proxy war on Syria.  That's when the nation state of Russia finally put its foot down and said "no more".

Russia pulled back the curtain from the Oz-ian military forces run by USrael...to reveal a toothless, cowardly paper tiger.  The ISIS proxy army evaporated like a mirage into the Syrian deserts...or were helicoptered away to US bases in Iraq.

Now the entire USrael effort to begin a new "unipolar" era for humanity...to replace the centuries-old "nation-state" era...has boiled down to a few sparse military bases around the northern oil fields of Syria. 500 or so American soldiers to protect the stolen plunder of what was to be the Great Yinon/American Empire over the world.

Just like Custer's men, the 500 soldiers are surrounded by indigenous people and their allies.

All the lies, cover-ups and assassination/lies: Remember the Maine, Pearl Harbour, JFK, RFK, MLK, Gulf of Tonkin, Liberty, all the Hollywood Hoaxes like the "Apollo Landings", the 9/11 False Flag Atrocity, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Assad Gasses His Own People...they have all led up to and culminate in this last lie:  "We killed Oh BIG Daddy so we can keep the Stolen Syrian Oil".

Trouble is...if the rest of the world allows this lie to become reality...it will mark the end of all the nation-states in the world. USrael will be able to use it as a precedent to run roughshod over and steal the resources of vulnerable states all over the planet.  There will be even more never-ending chaos.  More importantly, USrael will be able to win this high stakes poker game based on a "busted flush".  It has been proven in battle to be a cowardly second-rate demoralized/suicidal military with sub-standard equipment/weaponry.  Russia, with its S-400's and hypersonic air craft and missiles can beat it with one hand tied behind Putin's back.

All USrael has is its lies, it's mirages and its False Flag deceptions.  So, the nation built on Washington's "myth of honesty" is now down to its last lie.  All that remains to be told is who is the "General Custer" leading the 500 surrounded soldiers in the Syrian desert?

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