Friday, October 4, 2019

Cdn. Election Update: Did you hear the one about the two Americans and the Blackface Minstrel Singer?

Five of Six of the Leaders in the
 2019 Canadian Federal Election
Guess which one the greencrow is voting for.
  Hint:  He's not in the photos

Yes, it's turning into a farce.  Two of the Leaders are American [dual] citizens.  One of them is even registered for the American military draft.  If that leader [Andrew Scheer] becomes Prime Minister, imagine if he were ever called up to serve in one of the perpetual American wars.  Both leaders, Green Party Elizabeth May and Conservative Leader Andrew [banned from Russia] Scheer have had years to renounce their American citizenship but dragged their feet until the revelations hit them in the backside at the height of what is turning into a disgraceful election.  All the candidates [except for the one that has my support so far] are promising the moon.  Millions for this, billions for that, trillions for something else.  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge...we know from sad experience that election promises are like an ice cream cone left out on a tropical beach.  They quickly melt away in the heat of budgetary reality.

So, as I've said in earlier posts...I'm giving serious thought to voting for Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier.  He's the guy who had the Conservative Party leadership stolen from him by Scheer a few years ago.  Perhaps the Machiavellian plotters behind that canard are having rueful second thoughts as I type.  Hey, at least "Mad Max" is a bona fide Canadian!

As the Conservatives under Scheer continue to sink beneath the electoral waves, watch for more stunts being played against Bernier and his party.  Stunts like the effort last weekend to prevent the octogenarian retired social worker pictured below  from attending a PPC campaign event in Toronto.

Retired Social Worker Dorothy Marston

Here are the details from the CBC of the "dirty trick" played on the PPC.  No doubt the Antifa were in reality a Sorosian-style "rent-a-mob" bussed in to disrupt the event.  Evidence of that is how quickly the "demonstrators" evaporated into the mists [as if on cue] once the police came on the scene.  They didn't want their shenanigans traced back to its funders now did they?

Woman with walker, called 'Nazi scum' by protesters at Bernier event, speaks out

.....Marston's husband, Brian, said he went and got the police after one of the people blocking the couple's way intentionally walked into him as he was trying to free the wheel of his wife's walker.

Once police showed up, the protesters disappeared and they were able to make it inside.

The couple say they wanted to attend the panel discussion hosted by American YouTuber and political commentator Dave Rubin because while they've been able to learn about the other major party leaders through the media they felt Bernier was "being ignored."

But by the time they made it inside, they could only find seats at the very back, so Marston, who has trouble hearing, wasn't able to catch much of the discussion...."

Luckily for Dorothy Marston, even though she could not hear what was said during the PPC town hall meeting, it was all caught on video.  Hopefully somebody back in TO will loan her a laptop so she can listen to it verbatim.  Here it is below.  H/T to Northerntruthseeker for the video:

PPC Campaign Event held in
 Toronto [the Good] Last Weekend

Gee, I don't know what else will be revealed about this sorry and tawdry group of leaders.  Somehow, alas, I feel that the worst is yet to come.  Stay tuned.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks for this.... I too have been trying to get that video out to everyone here in central Canada so that they can see the PPC platform and how they are indeed trying to reach Canadians in spite of the Jew spew media "lack" of coverage...

And what saddens me, Crow, is how when I open the local newspaper here in central Canada and they show coverage for the "main 4" idiots in the so called "parties" running for office, while there is ZERO coverage at all for the PPC! It would therefore not be a stretch to assume that the criminals in power are purposely trying to avoid Maxime Bernier and his party because ONLY the PPC is actually standing up against the criminals in charge and would make real changes in Canada...

Anonymous said...

I used to vote Conservative, but never again. It's going to take at least 2 generations to forget the absolute embarrassing failures that were Mulroney and Harper. I can't vote Liberal because my local Candidate is such a joke.

What I do really enjoy is seeing Albertans think that a Conservative leader will somehow solve their self inflicted pipeline woes. News flash, Albertan's had member from Calgary southwest as the PM for over a decade, and he did less than nothing on the pipeline file.

Keep up the good work Greencrow.

greencrow said...


Good to hear from your latest post that some of your neighbours are thinking of voting PPC. I'm talking it up out here in BC every chance I get.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Look at voting PPC as a protest vote. That's what I'm telling people out here. Maxime Bernier is the only politician who FINALLY threw up his hands and said "The whole kit and kaboodle is rotten to the core! We need to start over.

Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

So, since this article was published, the CBC came out with an article stating "Fearing violence, the RCMP are closely watching hateful online election chatter" (Translation: RCMP watching for online discussion that does not follow the "Pro-left Agenda" and treating it as dangerous).

The claim of the article is that RCMP compiling only outright threats targeting political leaders (which I guess means the average Canadian does not count), but I wonder what else is being compiled in the process...? They cite several examples that they believe is hate speech:
- Drawing swastikas on Conservative member Mariam Ishak's signs.
- The "Shoot every 3rd Liberal" sign which I disagree with a bit. I think it's very bad taste and they should have seen this coming, but unlike those the other random acts, the sign owner is not afraid to have their opinion made known.
- The harassment/assaults against people outside a Bernier rally (which I think was a bit too coordinated to be random).
- Someone going after Mr. Singh over his turban.

My questions regarding all of this are are:
- For the actual hate-promoting stuff: Demonstrations like the one organized in front of the PPC gathering (Which they were aware of inside the building, but were likely unaware of the violence outside) usually are not spontaneous or out of the blue, especially if they are start scattering as the police are only just arrived (which tells me they were tipped off). What this a paid protest equivalent to a 'rent-a-mob' concept and was it organized?
- While some of this stuff is bad taste and/or totally uncalled for, how much is this really hate and how much of is it anger? Anger because those who not support Trudeau suffered under his vile excuse for leadership and those who did were betrayed by his broken/empty promises, betrayed by the absurd and record-setting level of corruption that if you or I or anyone else here committed even half of, we would be rotting in a jail cell, right now, betrayed by his double-face, double-standards, hypocrisy that knows no bounds... The list goes on and on. Someone asking Freeland if is a warmonger is not hate; that is anger, for instance.

What is curious is what is not said:
- They completely dropped the ball by not citing the 'blackface' being sprayed on liberal candidate signs' faces. I find that to be quite an omission on CBC's part, given their whole agenda-pushing nonsense they are a part of (I refer to the example made by the Cambridge PPC representative that he presented during the video link in the main article).
- Back in Aug. '18 or so there was a demonstration (and counter-demonstration) CUPW HQ in Toronto and at that time a video had gone semi-viral with a pair of ladies calling for the assassination of our party leaders at the time (while making jokes and singing songs about it; it was rather disgusting). How is that not considered part of this article?

I would be worried about the idea that there is a LOT of anger out there and with all these means to vent it being restricted/controlled, the lashing out is going to happen. The ones obsessed with controlling the free speech in Canada are unable to see the consequences of their actions and this is one of them, sadly.

(Continued in Part 2)

Karmellis said...

(Part 2)

As for Scheer, I remember saying months ago (not on here, obviously) that his policies were a cut and paste of US policies (you know the ones that have been failing time and time again, especially in relations with other nations?), and now we find out that he a dual-citizen as well? That should be raising HUGE red flags and questions about his priorities. We are already a laughing stock of world, courtesy of Mr. Fancy Socks and have serious relation issues with China (courtesy of an incident WE caused), but now Scheer wants to adapt US policies that will make us both mocked and well-hated? Does he not realize how much he is playing with fire on this one? We already a serious crisis/damage control issue and he wants to double-down on this? Like, what is he thinking?!

As for the video link, it is totally worth watching, not necessarily for the fact that Bernier was there, but for what was said between everybody during that entire event. The biggest thing I took home from that was the mention on how when debate is cancelled (for lack of better term) citing the endless excuses for why, the ideas become lazy, stagnant and narrow. It's a bit like walking into a large room and being able to see everything, then there is a pair of fixed binoculars mounted on a stand and when you look through them, you only see a tiny part of it. That is what happens when you silence the debating of ideas; you become incapable of seeing the downside or problems to your idea, cannot comprehend a "Plan B", and often the idea itself becomes quite limited. Again, it's a heck of a presentation and it did not feel like there was much of political spin to it, if at all.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

What the hey!? Such good comments deserve another dedicated Post.

You da Wo/MAN!