Monday, October 7, 2019

Canadian Federal Election Debate Analysis - And a Notice to Readers

Canadian Federal Political Party Leaders

I watched the entire two-hour debate this evening and, honestly, instead of analysing the interaction between the leaders...I think I should go into psychoanalysis as a Canadian just to have submitted myself to that.  It was depressing in the extreme to think that one of the two front runners, either Trudeau or Scheer, is going to be the next Prime Minister.  Both of them are woefully unfit for office.  Most importantly, I do not trust either of them as far as I could throw them.

Elizabeth May did better this time out than she did in the first debate I watched.  She was not such a harridan.  She does come up with the most statistics and details about hers (and her oppositions) platforms.  She is very comfortable with policies and, if her belief in the "climate crisis" weren't so "off the wall" I would find her quite compelling.  But, as I have said over and over regarding the so-called "climate crisis".  Most sentient beings know that the ba$tards have been fucking around with our weather for decades now.  The fact that no politician has the gonads to even mention the Chemtrails, the HAARP, the EMP the 5G and all the other weather warfare and bioengineering that is going on makes me despair for humanity.  But, now the Green party and May want us all get on our horses and go galloping off in all directions about the "science" of CO2.  Put some cards on the table for Gawd's sake!  Tell us what's going on with the chemtrails at least.  Are they full of carbon in the form of coal dust like we've been told?  Wouldn't stop spraying chemtrails reduce CO2? We can SEE those...we can't SEE CO2.  And CO2 is food for plants.  And don't give me this "science" crap.  Truthers waited for scientists to tell the truth about the science and physics of 9/11 until we learned to our shock and amazement that science can be twisted into abominable lies.  So don't give us that CRAP!

After every debate, all the pundits rave about how well Jagmeet Singh did.  I don't know what they expect.  How hard can it be to keep repeating the same mantra over and over?  "Rich bad, poor good, social programs good, tax breaks for rich bad".  His platform reads like a colouring book.  He is VERY short on details and specifics.

I was particularly interested to see how Maxime Bernier would do.  Well, he didn't slip on a banana peel on his way out so that was good.  He could have smiled a bit more.  He was quite tense, particularly at the beginning.  It didn't help that the moderators arranged so that he was in the debate spotlight right at the beginning...when everyone was tense.  But he held his own right up until the end when Andrew Scheer slid the verbal knife in between his ribs.  That metaphorical knife was Sheer's reminder that Bernier "used to be a Sovereigntist".  Bernier was caught off guard by this and did not have a rejoinder or explanation.  Perhaps he gave one later after the show, when all the debaters went one by one for a mop-up press conference.  But I didn't see it.  Being called a "sovereigntist" is about as bad as being called an "American".

Speaking of Americans, I have to say in summary that IMO, Andrew Scheer won the debate.  He tore strips off all the contenders and dealt deadly verbal blows to both Trudeau [who he called a fake and a fraud] and of course his old conservative colleague, Maxime Bernier.

Trudeau should have mailed in his lines.  He kind of floated through the debate as if he was "above it all".  He allowed himself to be Scheer's punching bag...never really responding to the non stop insults and name calling.  Trudeau's command of his own policy details seemed disturbingly vague.  Scheer caught him up on more than one occasion.

One interesting aspect was the camaraderie between Elizabeth May and Trudeau.  At one point she basically anointed him the winner of the upcoming election in either a majority or minority government.  I think she was hoping that she could get the job of minority government ally...but I think that Jagmeet Singh has taken away a lot of that early promise for the Greens.  He's a slick customer to be sure.

One general comment - it is very depressing how ignorant and brain-washed all the politicians are on foreign policy. During the pathetically few moments devoted to this all-important issue, they were  all doggedly backing the wrong horse(s).  Canada will pay an enormous price for this, IMO.

So, in conclusion, in order of how well they did in this debate are the following:

Andrew Scheer
Jagmeet Singh
Elizabeth May
Justin Trudeau
Maxime Bernier
the Bloc Quebecois leader

I'd like to watch the French Debate next Thursday to see if some of the debaters do better.  Particularly Maxime Bernier.  He could do a lot better in his native French.  I hope so.


Beginning tomorrow, I will be away from my computer for a short while.  This vacation has been planned for over a year and it's just an unfortunate coincidence it coincides with the Canadian Federal Election.  I will be returning before October 21st, the day of the vote.  While I'll bring along my laptop, I don't know what Internet connectivity will be like.

While I am away, I encourage my readers to check the Favourites Blogroll to the right of this web page.  My Canadian blogging colleagues, Northerntruthseeker and Pennyforyourthoughts will, I am sure, keep you up-to-date on the Canadian Federal Election as it winds down to the final days.

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Karmellis said...

Hi Greencrow!

You definitely deserve your due credit for sitting through the entire debate. You have performed something I could not have done without losing my dinner (And given it was a nice and well-made homemade dinner, I would be doing a disservice to the food that sustains me if I lost it).

The bits and pieces I caught of the debate though would lead me to go along with what you said. The whole thing felt like little more than light-hearted jabs and lack of accountability and more about shouting slogans, but maybe my view on this is incorrect. Bernier could have done better, but to be fair, it was probably a very awkward position for him, not having participated in an actual debate with the others before (to the best of my knowledge), plus dealing with five members of the uniparty... I know I would have trouble in his shoes, to say the least. This could very well have been a warmup / learning experience for him and we'll have to see how well he does in the French version, soon enough.

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest of your capability and hopefully we will hear from you again, soon enough! :)