Tuesday, October 1, 2019

UPDATED: Bear Uprising

UPDATED:  October 3, 2019  The Vancouver Sun has a shocking photo on its front page of a very emaciated grizzly bear.  As I say in the post below...this is a crisis for the bears of North America. Here is a story from yesterday about a bear pursuing some bikers in North Vancouver.

Two Grizzly Bears Fighting on 
Northern BC Highway
'Takin' it to the Streets'

A couple of nights ago I was awoken at 4:30 a.m. by the unmistakable sound of a plastic garbage can being toppled over.  My husband and I went to the window and saw a sight we haven't seen in the 30+ years we've been living in our home.  Two bears, a mother and a youngster were calmly walking across the street to the neighbours house having already toppled over our garbage can and found nothing other than lawn clippings.  The bears were big black bears.  It always shocks me how big they are in "real life".  They toppled the neighbour's garbage and rummaged through it, then strolled together in single file...mom in front...child following silently down the street into the darkness.

This was the second time this year a bear was seen on our property.  The first time was in early spring.  The next door neighbour saw a huge black bear on our driveway...going through the garbage.  It was noon on a week day.  People were walking the streets going about their business.  I missed the bear by about three minutes, or so my neighbour told me when I opened my garage door.  I was getting into my car and did drive past the bear a few minutes later about seven houses up the street going through that homeowner's garbage.

Every day in the local news there are stories about bear sightings in lower mainland neighbourhoods.  Tragically, many of the incidences end up with the bear(s) being shot.  This was one of the reasons nobody in our neighbourhood reported on the two bears that showed up in the middle of the night.  Nobody likes to hear about a bear being shot by animal control.  That's a sign that something is very wrong and that we are on our way to wiping out the bears.

Something is very wrong with the bears in North America.  Ever since last spring there has been an unprecedented number of bear sightings in British Columbia.  The lower mainland Vancouver has hundreds of bears sighted roaming the streets of suburbia, toppling over garbage cans and spreading the contents around in a search for food.  It is not their fault.  It appears that they cannot get enough to eat in the wilderness for some reason.  Dozens of bears have been shot in the Vancouver lower mainland this past spring and summer.

HERE is a story from this mornings news about some people who decided to bring 500 salmon to feed some starving grizzly bears on Vancouver Island.  That is NOT the way it is supposed to be.  Providing man-killed food to bears will just worsen their dependency on humans and the garbage rooting bear problem will explode.

The bears in the video above both look malnourished to me.  Perhaps they were fighting over territory and/or an ever diminishing food source.

I am not one of those persons who is in denial over the degradation that has been going on regarding our environment.  Non-stop human expansion and development will obviously have a negative impact on the wilderness.  Humanity is going to have to make some hard choices and very soon.  There needs to be some serious talk and hitherto hidden cards need to be laid on the table by all "stake holders".

This needs to happen world wide.  But, of course, it's very hard to have a serious global discussion about anything when one of the main stake holders [USrael] has its head permanently stuck up its ass focused on its own internal political dysphoria.  Before it was Russiagate and now its Impeachment gate.  Maybe all these crises are on purpose.  While the entire population is distracted...the continent is being destroyed.

Doobie Brothers 'Takin It To The Streets"
Song Written by Mike McDonald

"You don't know me but I'm your brother
I was raised here in this living hell
You don't know my kind in your world
Fairly soon, the time will tell

You, telling me the things
You're gonna do for me
I ain't blind and I don't like
What I think I see..."


tsisageya said...

"Climate change" is nonsense. Governments/humans not caring about the earth or any other of her living creatures is not.

Anonymous said...

De-forestation is a major problem. We can't keep slicing down huge swaths of temperate rain forests w/o blowback.
To cut down trees to make paper, especially TP, is beyond stupid.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Agreed. There's enough unrecycled paper lying around to keep us in TP in perpetuity.