Saturday, October 5, 2019

Another Western "Colour Revolution" Regime Change Coup has begun in Iraq?

Photo of Demonstrators at Iraqi Uprising
 (Courtesy of the BBC)

Same old, same old.  The "disgruntled citizens" (TM) take to the street to demonstrate against an oppressive government.  How do you know the Sorosian Western warmongering globalists are involved?  Please read the following report [aka blatant propaganda] from the BBC [Biggest and Best Calumny] and I will have further comments to follow:


"Iraq protests: Death toll nears 100 as unrest enters fifth day
The death toll from ongoing anti-government protests in Iraq has risen to almost 100, according to the country's parliamentary human rights commission.
The unrest entered its fifth day on Saturday, with five people killed in the latest clashes in Baghdad.
The security forces are again reported to have used live rounds.
Demonstrators say they are taking a stand against unemployment, poor public services and corruption.
The protests are seen as the first major challenge to Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi's fragile government, nearly a year since he came to power.
The authorities have been trying to control the protests through curfews and a near-total internet blackout.
An emergency session of parliament failed to go ahead on Saturday afternoon.

What's the latest?

The daytime curfew in Baghdad was lifted on Saturday, and smaller groups of protesters began to renew their action.
The city's Tahrir Square has been the focal point of protests, but it was blocked on Saturday, according to local news agencies.
The violence has also affected majority Shia Muslim areas in the south, including Amara, Diwaniya and Hilla. A number of deaths were reported on Friday in the southern city of Nasiriya, about 320km (200 miles) away.
A total of 540 protesters have been arrested, of whom nearly 200 remain in custody, the human rights commission said.
It also said more than 3,000 people had been injured.

What's been the reaction?

On Friday, Prime Minister Mahdi vowed to respond to protesters' concerns but warned there was no "magic solution" to Iraq's problems.
He said he had given his full backing to security forces, insisting they were abiding by "international standards" in dealing with protesters.
Iraq's most senior Shia cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, urged the government to respond to the demands for reform, saying it had "not answered the demands of the people to fight corruption or achieved anything on the ground".
The UN and US have expressed concern over the violence, and urged the Iraqi authorities to exercise restraint.

Why is this happening now?

Corruption, unemployment and poor public services are at the heart of the discontent faced by young Iraqis today. The unrest began spontaneously with no formal leadership in mostly Shia areas in the south, and quickly spread.
Iraq has the world's fourth-largest reserves of oil, but 22.5% of its population of 40 million were living on less than $1.90 (£1.53) a day in 2014, according to the World Bank. One in six households has experienced some form of food insecurity.
The unemployment rate was 7.9% last year, but among young people it was double that. And almost 17% of the economically active population is underemployed.....
The country is also struggling to recover after a brutal war against the Islamic State group, which seized control of large swathes of the north and west in 2014.
Living conditions remain dire in many conflict-affected areas, with insufficient services."


Greencrow says:  Read the above report carefully. It's as if the brutal US/UK/NATO war against Iraq in the early 2000's had never happened. It's never mentioned as a possible cause or contributing factor of the poverty [in an "oil rich" country] unemployment and lack of leadership in the country.  No.  The Iraqis brought this all on themselves.  Or, more specifically, the Shia Iraqis.

Americans, British and their NATO vassals bombed the country to smithereens with radioactive [depleted uranium] bombs...thus polluting the air, soil and water for millennia.  Targeted assassinations of Iraqi leaders, scientists and intellectuals by Mossad thugs took place under the cover of the wartime chaos.

A huge embassy [the biggest foreign embassy ever built in the history of the world] was set up by the Americans in central Baghdad ["The Green Zone"]  This "embassy" is actually a military base, staffed with stay-behind American soldiers to rule the country under cover of a pliable Iraqi puppet leader/government.  But something happened on the way to the usual circus "destroyed vassal state".

The Cheney/Bush US government that carried out the heinous attack and destruction of Iraq under the massive lie "Weapons of Mass Destruction" made a number of ethnocentric/racist errors.  First, they thought that all Iraqis were the same.  They never took into account the Sunni/Shia religious divide within the country that had been a fact of life for centuries.  Helloowww!?

Prior to the American/NATO invasion, Saddam Hussein [a Sunni] was the American puppet-du-jour.  Once the Americans killed him and replaced him with a leader from the far more numerous Shia...[tactical error #1] then their problems controlling Iraq really began.

The Shia are a muslim religious sect that spans the Middle East from Iran [where it is the national religion] across Iraq and beyond.  The Shia, particularly in Iran, have been offering their considerable military, political power and support to their fellow Shia in Iraq.  That's what the above colour revolution is meant to rectify.  The new Iraqi leader was not "toting that barge and lifting that bale" enough for American/UK/NATO liking.  He was, in particular, refusing to sanction USrael attacks on Syria from Iraqi soil.

So, now the USraelis are back to Square One in Iraq.  They need to oust a recalcitrant Iraqi leader, even if it means reducing the slowly recovering country to ruins again.  The only problem with that strategy is...the Iraqis and indeed all the indigenous peoples of the Middle East are so much wiser now than they were in the early 2000's.  They know that proxies and phony "Colour Revolution" uprisings are the name of the game for the West.  They have formed strategic military alliances with the Russians and others. The Iranians, in particular, know that if they don't support the neighbouring Iraqi co-religionists in their efforts to kick out the squatters...they will be they're eager to provide support. 

For, as George W. Bush once astutely [sarc] said:  "Fool me once, shame on....?  You Can't Get Fooled Again!

George W. Bush Speaking on Behalf
of the Long-Suffering Iraqi Nation


Penny said...

definitely another colour revolution in action
Noted that in Thursday's post

Iraq's Colour Revolution 3.0

"Syria Sitrep: Constitutional Talks,Turkey, Russia, Iran & Iraq Colour Revolution 3.0? "

This latest has been coming for a while.

Men mostly in their 20's
Using social media to spread the word

Most probably the men in their 20's started with the violence
And not all Shiites are enemies of the west either- Sadr is very US friendly and has been for decades now- Since Saddam was taken out- His militia men have been partnered with USrael Kurds in Syria and Iraq

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Now when I look back on Sadr with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I can see clearly that he was one of the first Western "proxies". Now we know the template so well.

The "young men" are no doubt the brainwashed post-war generation and are on the payroll of the usual entities.

I will post this comment on your blog post as well which I have read. Your post provides some crucial details to this next upcoming "crisis".

Reading between the lines said...

Iraq invasion 2 by other means.The poor people of Iraq being used as cannon fodder once more by the USIsrael "destroyer" machine that it is.

greencrow said...


And do you think all this Impeachment BS is merely a distraction from USrael gutting Iraq once again...on some lousy lying premise like before???

Reading between the lines said...

It could be both ways .The mossad machinations along with CIA are open to any possible covert operation.Either way the Dems efforts to impeach Trum is a non starter and I am surprised that it has come this far already .Have you seen this article by the former General Prosecutor in Ukraine re: Joe and Hunter Biden ? Says it all.
Here it is :