Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Hallowe'en! - With Choice Selections from the Family Costume Album

Neighbourhood Hallowe'en Display

Good Morning Readers.  I've been taking a short break from my usual geopolitical ramblings to present some material that's a bit closer to home.  Yesterday I posted an album of photos and writings regarding our recent trip [I won't call it a vacation, as it was very strenuous] to Costa Rica.

Today I'm celebrating one of the biggest occasions in the West--Hallowe'en This is the day when we remember the dead....and consider our own mortality.  We feast on the sights and sounds of "the dark side" of life.  Skeletons and ghosts...screeching and howling.

Kids roam the streets [usually with an adult guide] after dark.  They go door to door "Trick or Treating".  Neighbours hand out candy at the door.  The universal sign of a celebrant willing to hand out having a lit pumpkin at the door or in the front window.

The above video shows the display put together by two adjoining neighbours.  I went there after dark last night with my small dog Maki and videotaped the elaborate display.  Below is a photo I took of our own front door with its 30-year-old decorations still being put out after all these years.

Hallowe'en Decorated Front Door

My husband will be handing out the candy.  I got fired from that job years ago for being too "subjective".  I was giving out extra candy for "great" costumes...and interviewing the wearers about their the extent that, in the view of my partner, it dragged the process out and we ran out of candy early.  Running out of candy early is the biggest No No of Hallowe'en.  Then you have to turn off all your lights and pretend you're not home.  Not good.  So I was fired, and now my husband plops one handful of candy in each child's bag with very little fanfare.

When my boys were small, I made all their costumes.  Below is a selection of some of them from our special Hallowe'en Costume Album.

Younger Son's first Hallowe'en
he's dressed as "Peter Pan"
Older brother is "Captain Hook"



Grim Reaper and Sylvester Stallone

Older Son as Genghis Khan

Yes, I sewed/put together all the boy's Hallowe'en costumes until they were about 11 to 14--when they gradually insisted on making their own.  My last costume for my older son was actually part of a school presentation he and I made together for his history assignment on Genghis Khan.  I made the costume and he made a dioramic scene of a desert with a Yurt and Genghis Khan's horse "Busphalus" as well as the written Essay.  He got an "A" on that assignment...which was one of the academic highlights of his grade school career.

Now that older son is making costumes for his own two girls--and "grandma" can hardly wait to see them in this year's choices--which will provide their future memories of Hallowe'en.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Costa Rican "Eco-Tour" Photo Album

Webmaster greencrow having a tropical drink
in Costa Rica

As promised, here is my Costa Rican Album of photos, videos and posts about our recent 10 day "eco-tour" of Costa Rica.  A week or two ago I wrote a couple of posts re Costa Rica and have added that material to the end of the album.

Eventually, I' like to do a "Spirit of Costa Rica Special Page".  Some may wonder why I was able to do a Costa Rican album but not a China or a Vietnam Album about my trips there during the last few years.  Well, I'm wondering the same thing.  Google has been most un-cooperative when I tried to upload my photos of previous trips...particularly the Chinese trip.

I finally gave up in frustration.  But it was oh so easy to upload these Costa Rican photos.  Perhaps it has something to do with the geopolitics of technology.  Or it could be just software upgrades.  Who knows.  In any case, enjoy these photos and videos...all taken with my iPhone.

Greencrow's Partner "the Captain" in front of
a Community School building in Tortuguero

Tortuguero "Turtle Park" Beach on the
Caribbean side of Costa Rica

Craft Idea!  Planter Made Out of Old Tire
in Tortuguero

Yellow Bird Common to Costa Rica

Blue Birds Common To Costa Rica

Bougainvillias and Hibiscus
Typical Tropical Flowers

Look closer and you'll see a Tarantula!

Large Snail Found by Guide

Jungle Canopy Seen from River

Mountain Garden in Central Costa Rica

Tropical Tree Roots along Riverside

Jungle River Tour with Monkey Sightings #2

Jungle River Tour with Monkey Sightings #1

Tourist Souvenir Item in Shop

"Tipical Food" Restaurant in Central Costa Rican Town

Tropical Flower in Costa Rican Town Square

Guide at Mountain Side Coffee, Coca and Sugar Farm

Worker Making Brown Cane Sugar

Brown Cane Sugar just made

Oxen Team are the traditional method of travel
and Farming in Costa Rica

The Ox Team Obeys The Master Explicitly
Costa Rican Ox Cart Driver
The Ox Want him in Their Sight
at all times. He's standing in front of them

A Typical Costa Rican Painted Ox Cart

Wild Sugar Cane - Delicious to Suck On 
Right out of the field

Flora along a Costa Rican forest path

Travel out of the Jungle by boat

Can you see The Sloth hanging from the tree?

Tiny Bats Lined Up beneath the Roof of
a Shed by the Jungle River

Two More Tiny Bats

Bananas in a "Soda" we stopped at
for lunch

Soda Lunch Stop

Arenal Volcano in Central Costa Rica

Artwork at Tourist Souvenir Shop
Artwork depicting traditional Costa Rican Farm

Final Stop Before Returning to San Jose

The Night Before Flying Out
We had some celebratory Drinks with
our fellow travellers - I had a 
"Blood Injection" - Cranberry Juice
Injected into vodka on ice

From my post "In The Land of the Howler Monkey"

"Hi Readers: Just a short check-in. I've been kept very busy lately with no time to blog. I'm on an "eco tour" in Costa Rica. We've been hiking in the jungle just about every second day when we're not bussing from one location to another. Our first big stop was Tortuguero, which is a peninsula on the Caribbean side. We stayed in very rustic cabins with only tin roofs above (to capture the sound of the tropical rain forest nightly deluges) and screens instead of windows so we could hear the sounds of the forests.

It was while attempting to sleep in our cabin in the jungle in Tortuguero that I became acquainted with the Howler Monkey. I never saw the local male howler...but I became intimately acquainted with him through his "vocalizations" If you look up Howler Monkey on Google you will find out all you need to know about him including an opportunity to listen to his vocalizations. The noise you will hear was what we were subjected to ALL night. There was no more than a few moments of silence from this creature. First, I felt he was located somewhere deep in the jungle, then closer by, then right outside our cabin. Then inside my head. Yes, he got into my head. I started trying to decipher his sounds: "Rip ROP RIP Rop RIP! RIP RIP RIP rop rop ropRIP!!! This went on all night, I MAY have slept an hour, I don't know. But certainly not more.

I passed some local Costa Ricans the next day. I heard them talking about a monkey who got into trouble for keeping up the tourists. I asked them about him. They politely switched from their native Spanish to English and informed me that he was a Howler Monkey and well known to the locals...who had nicknamed him "Congo". They said he was only about 2 and 1/2 feet high. Mon Dieu! I thought he must be about 6 feet tall according to his vocalizations!. After looking up the Howler Monkey on Google I learned that he was letting his fellows know where they were supposed to gather for the night. In his case, it was serious over-kill. According to Google, the Howler Monkey is the loudest mammal on the planet.

The next night "Congo" was much quieter. Perhaps he had been trapped and moved FAR away. But around 4:30 a.m, sure enough we could hear him again...much more subdued. But his vocalizations were no longer threatening. I had learned to love my local Howler Monkey!

Then I found out a travesty. The Howler Monkey is NOT the national animal of Costa Rica. That honour belongs to the "white tailed deer". How ridiculous! Having a creature like the Howler Monkey in your country and ignoring him for a white tailed deer...which is plentiful all over the western hemisphere!? For greencrow, Cost Rica will always be "The Land of the Howler Monkey!"

From my Post Update #2 - Costa Rica....

"...Regarding my recently completed "eco-tour" of Costa Rica I will say that the Costa Ricans are very conscious of humanities' overly large footprint on our planet. Unlike some other countries I've visited like Panama and Viet Nam, they do clean up their litter and street garbage. They have made their agri-industries like banana growing and coffee plantations as environmentally sustainable as possible. No more blue plastic bags clogging the rivers around the Banana plantations. All the remnants/husks of the coffee beans are re-cycled.

Costa Rican laws protect all animal species and highlight their work with the example of the endangered Green Sea Turtle. We went on a night-time excursion to the Caribbean beach where the female sea turtle lays her eggs. The guides were very careful not to shine bright white flashlights on the nighttime beach [using infrared instead] nor to get too close [closer than five feet] to the huge sea turtle as she laid her several dozens of turtle eggs in the hole she had dug in the sand. It was a spectacular sight and left us in awe of nature. But I found the over fifty tourists crowding around the Sea Turtle as she laid her eggs somewhat oppressive and, as a mother, I was concerned for the turtle's "mental state".

In my post on the Howler Monkey, I discussed my encounter with that incredible little beast that kept us up all night with his sonic boom vocalizations. In subsequent trips down the lazy jungle river on the north east coast of Costa Rica we also encountered the other varieties of monkey, White Face, Spider and Squirrel monkeys. We motored slowly down the river beneath the tree canopies while they lept from branch to branch above us, putting on a display that would shame Circe du Soleil.

While walking in the dark back from the beach where we viewed the Sea Turtle, our flashlights revealed a parade of tiny black ants crossing our path, each carrying a disproportionately large piece of a green leaf. Our guides warned us not to disturb these "leaf-cutter ants" which are also protected by the government. The Costa Ricans amusingly refer to them as "The Costa Rican Army". The real Costa Rican Army was disbanded many decades ago after a popular socialist uprising.

While in the Cosa Rican mountains we also saw some birds--such as the Toucan, the Turkey Vulture and many smaller birds like parakeets. Cruising along the jungle rivers we up in the tree canopies saw some three-toed sloths, which are considered almost the official mascot of Costa Rica. Along the banks of the rivers we saw small crocodiles, iguanas and caimans.

Travelling by bus from the jungles of the Caribbean North Coast to the Mountains of Central Costa Rica. We saw banana, plantain, coconut and coffee plantations. We went on farm tours and eco-hikes into the mountain forests. We returned to our home base in the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. Wherever we went we saw the people, humble and hard working. Unfailingly polite. They are proud of their tiny country and extol its political freedom. I filtered their pride through my understanding of the pervasive influence in Central America of the CIA and the infamous "School of the Americas". I saw their lack of an army a distinct advantage to the globalists. But, as my husband pointed least the military could not rise up and overthrow the elected government. True.

No matter what the current accomplishments of the Costa Rican government, it is still very much a Third World Country. The roads are very poor and full of pot holes. There are dangerously deep and exposed drainage ditches right in the middle of San Jose, which present a risk to even sure-footed pedestrians...of which I am not a member. The most serious indication that Costa Rica has a long way to go are the sewage systems. Everywhere, the sewage pipes are so narrow that they cannot handle toilet paper being thrown into the toilets. Everywhere, even in Five Star Hotels, the tourist has to adjust to placing the "used" toilet paper into small plastic-lined waste baskets placed close to the toilet. I didn't have the heart to ask our guide what happened to all the plastic bags that the used toilet paper was placed in.

I found this [health hazard] inconvenience strange, particularly when juxtaposed with the advanced state of the telecommunication system in Costa Rica. Huge Cell Phone Towers were ubiquitous throughout the land. Even in the heart of the jungle...there was a cell phone tower...not 50 feet from our cabin...which delivered at least 3G service to all our devices. I was subjected to the radiation from that cell phone tower while at the same time listening to the howler monkey. Are the Costa Ricans and their wildlife being treated as guinea pigs for the coming 5G?"

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Finally, it All Comes Down To This

The Foundational Myth of Honesty in the US

I've been writing over the last week or so about the latest blatant lie told by the American government to its citizens.  This lie purports to support the right of USrael to steal the property of the sovereign nation of Syria.  The US is a nation based on and built on lies...beginning with the myth depicted in the drawing above...that its first leader, George Washington, was an honest man.  This simplistic myth was the first of a never-ending and ever more fantasmagorical series of lies...culminating with the one eloquently described by truth blogger, Stephen Lendman, below.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

Endless US Rape, Occupation and Plunder of Syria

Like his predecessors, Trump operates as a frontman for the military, industrial, security complex, Wall Street, and other monied interests.

As commander-in-chief, he continues endless US wars of aggression in multiple theaters, along with economic terrorism on Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, and other nations on the US target list for regime change — including China and Russia.

His vow to bring all US troops home from Syria was a mirage. In March 2011, the US pre-emptively attacked the country for regime change, wanting pro-Western puppet rule replacing its sovereign independence.

Illegal Pentagon/CIA occupation of northern and southern parts of the country continues with no near-term prospect for conflict resolution because dominant bipartisan hardliners in Washington reject restoration of peace and stability to all US war theaters.

Longstanding US policy aims for dominion over planet earth, its resources and populations.

Nations not controlled by the US are vulnerable to pre-emptive attacks or war by other means — what the scourge of imperialism is all about, humanity’s greatest curse.

On Monday, US war secretary Mark Esper and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman General Mark Milley held a joint press conference.

Esper repeated Trump’s dubious claim about eliminating alleged ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Like DJT, he provided no evidence of Baghdadi’s death. The remains of whoever US forces reportedly killed were buried at sea so no independent DNA testing or other identity checks could be conducted, clear evidence of deception and coverup.

According to forensic pathologists, positive IDing of human remains can take days or weeks to complete. Trump claimed Baghdadi was killed overnight Saturday — in a remote Syrian location nowhere near a forensic lab.

Yet on Monday, US war secretary Mark Esper dubiously claimed DNA testing showed remains tested were Baghdadi’s — suggesting most likely whoever was killed was someone else.

Baghdadi alive or dead matters little. ISIS remains a US creation, its activities orchestrated and controlled by its Pentagon and CIA handlers.

US officials and establishment media pretend Pentagon forces combatted and destroyed the “caliphate.” Washington actively supports it, along with likeminded terrorist groups, in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere.

Esper’s remarks were an exercise in mass deception, falsely claiming US operations in Syria “enable(d) the enduring defeat of ISIS,” adding:

“(R)epositioning (US) forces within the country is intended to posture us to continue this mission and give the president options, (including) execut(ion) (of) counterterrorism operations.”

Reality on the ground is polar opposite his above deception. Part of the US mission includes controlling and looting Syrian oil — on the phony pretext of protecting it from ISIS, enabling private interests and the CIA to profit from plundering Syrian resources, along with denying them to Damascus to benefit the nation and its people.

Esper: “(W)e will respond with overwhelming military force against” any threat to US occupation of Syrian territory and control of its resources.

Milley made similar remarks, stressing “counterterrorism operations” in Syria and other US war theaters that don’t exist.

During a Q & A session, reporters failed to challenge US war of aggression and occupation of sovereign Syria threatening no one.

No one questioned Trump’s dubious account of Baghdadi’s alleged elimination or that the remains of whoever was killed were buried at sea to prevent independent DNA checking.

Nothing was asked about the looting of Syrian oil belonging to the nation, not an illegal foreign occupier.

Asked whether Pentagon troops might confront Russian or Syrian forces militarily, Esper curtly responded: “Yes.”

Last week, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov called US plunder of Syrian oil “state-sponsored banditry,” along with denouncing US protection of smugglers involved in looting Syrian resources.

Syria remains an active war theater, its people terrorized by the presence of US forces and jihadist foot soldiers.

As long as total US control of Syria remains unattained, dark forces in Washington rule out restoration of peace and stability to the nation and its long-suffering people."


Greencrow says:  I use the word "culminating" ominously and deliberately.  There will be no more lies after this one.  This is the penultimate lie for the doomed nation of USrael.  Why?  Because with this lie, USrael finally and in desperation throws down the globalist gauntlet in front of the world's nation-states.

The era of the nation-state began around the Napoleonic era.  The "nation" became the official unit of measurement for organizing the human species into its social, cultural, economic and political root components.  Democracy and the Rule of [International] Law were the fruits of this tree.

Then, around the time of the 9/11 False Flag atrocity, the Ziofascist American Empire began to use its foundational strategy of lies to maneuver itself into the uni-polar position in a globalist tyrannical world.  As we have seen in recent history, all went well as USrael ransacked nation after nation in the resource-rich Middle East...until it attempted its ISIS proxy war on Syria.  That's when the nation state of Russia finally put its foot down and said "no more".

Russia pulled back the curtain from the Oz-ian military forces run by reveal a toothless, cowardly paper tiger.  The ISIS proxy army evaporated like a mirage into the Syrian deserts...or were helicoptered away to US bases in Iraq.

Now the entire USrael effort to begin a new "unipolar" era for replace the centuries-old "nation-state" era...has boiled down to a few sparse military bases around the northern oil fields of Syria. 500 or so American soldiers to protect the stolen plunder of what was to be the Great Yinon/American Empire over the world.

Just like Custer's men, the 500 soldiers are surrounded by indigenous people and their allies.

All the lies, cover-ups and assassination/lies: Remember the Maine, Pearl Harbour, JFK, RFK, MLK, Gulf of Tonkin, Liberty, all the Hollywood Hoaxes like the "Apollo Landings", the 9/11 False Flag Atrocity, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Assad Gasses His Own People...they have all led up to and culminate in this last lie:  "We killed Oh BIG Daddy so we can keep the Stolen Syrian Oil".

Trouble is...if the rest of the world allows this lie to become will mark the end of all the nation-states in the world. USrael will be able to use it as a precedent to run roughshod over and steal the resources of vulnerable states all over the planet.  There will be even more never-ending chaos.  More importantly, USrael will be able to win this high stakes poker game based on a "busted flush".  It has been proven in battle to be a cowardly second-rate demoralized/suicidal military with sub-standard equipment/weaponry.  Russia, with its S-400's and hypersonic air craft and missiles can beat it with one hand tied behind Putin's back.

All USrael has is its lies, it's mirages and its False Flag deceptions.  So, the nation built on Washington's "myth of honesty" is now down to its last lie.  All that remains to be told is who is the "General Custer" leading the 500 surrounded soldiers in the Syrian desert?

Sunday, October 27, 2019

USraelis "Kill" yet another "Oh! BIG Daddy" In the Middle East

Just in Time For Hallowe'en, USrael

CTV is reporting yet another load of CIA Bullshit this Morning.  Yet another yarn made out of whole cloth.  Think Hollywood Production. The lying, perp press is saying that a special US military team recently took out the leader of ISIS.  Hey, those CIA assets tasked with creating the American "reality" have to do something to warrant their 6 figure salaries.  Imagine a room load of the pencil necks outdoing one another making up flourishes of embellishments to their fictional Oh! BIG Daddy.  Here's the headline:

"Baghdadi 'The Ghost': jihadist chief who oversaw ISIS rise and fall"

The invariably Darkie Middle Eastern Villain du Jour always has to have a name which, when it penetrates the fluoride-soaked, sub-cortex of the borderline-mentally-retarded average American, can be interpreted as a cartoon villain like "Big Daddy".  How many "Big Daddies" has the US killed so far in the perpetual resource wars fought since the 9/11 False Flag atrocity?

To set this one apart from the parade of other "Big Daddies" you need to have to have some humanizing details like "he loves football".  Read the details of his "life" in the CTV article and have yourself a good chortle...just like the chortles and guffaws that the CIA armchair warriors must have had when they made it all up.

It had to be specially good because they were preparing it for none other than the President of the United States of Israel to read in front of the campfire in his Oval Office.  It had to be good because it had to distract the moronic football-loving population from the fact that Trump had, just a day or so earlier, told them he was using American soldiers to guard loot stolen from the Syrian Darkies.  Need to have an All time Syrian Darkie Bad Big Daddy to justify that, don'tcha know.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

USrael Theft of Syrian Oil Caught on Russian Satellite TV

Russian Satellite Imagery Showing Location
of Stolen Syrian Oil

PressTV is fleshing out the shocking information I reported on yesterday in my latest 'Nuckin Futz Newz series on US President Donald Trump.  According to the report copied in full below, USrael has been stealing Syrian Oil for some time now...and having its Big Oil Corporations smuggle it out of the country...guarded by "grossly mis-used" American troops.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

Satellite images prove US smuggling of Syrian oil: Russia

Russia, citing satellite imagery, says the United States has been smuggling Syrian oil to other countries under the protection of its troops before and after the defeat of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group in the region.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday that “the space intelligence images showed that oil was actively extracted and massively exported for processing outside Syria, under the reliable protection of US troops, before and after the defeat of the Daesh terrorists.”

Konashenkov stressed that the convoys were guarded by US private military companies and special operations forces.
Tank trucks guarded by US military servicemen and private military companies smuggle oil from fields in eastern Syria to other countries and in the event of any attack on such a convoy, US special operations forces and combat aviation are immediately used to protect it," Konashenkov said. 

The Russian defense ministry spokesman added that the Syrian oil was extracted with the use of the equipment supplied by leading Western corporations bypassing all US sanctions.

Given that the cost of one barrel of oil smuggled from Syria is $38, the monthly revenue of that "private business" exceeds $30 million, Russia’s TASS news agency quoted Konashenkov as saying.
"Revenues from smuggling Syrian oil arrive at numbered bank accounts of US private military companies and intelligence services through brokerage firms that interact with it," Konashenkov said. "To secure such a continuous financial flow free from control and taxes, the top officials at the Pentagon and Langley will be willing to guard and protect oil wells in Syria from the imaginary ‘hidden cells’ of Daesh indefinitely. 

In a major U-turn in US military policy, the White House announced on October 6 that the US would be withdrawing its forces from northeastern Syria, clearing the path for an expected Turkish incursion into the region.

Three days later, Turkey launched the offensive with the aim of purging the northern Syrian regions near its border of US-backed Kurdish militants, whom it views as terrorists linked to local autonomy-seeking militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump approved of a new plan to keep 500 American troops in northeastern Syria to allegedly protect oil fields and keep them from falling into the hands of the Daesh terrorist group.

Pentagon chief Mark Esper confirmed on Friday that the United States plans to strengthen its military positions in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr province in the near future to allegedly prevent terrorists from accessing oil fields.

The United States is studying how to move forces in the region "to ensure the safety of oil fields," Esper added.


Greencrow says:  "We can steal from the goyim Middle Eastern Darkies all we want".  That's the stark official foreign policy of USrael.  Forget all the flim-flam.  It is and always has been about stealing the oil. 

I say that the Syrian Arab Army under the direct command of President Bashar Assad MUST attack the compound of American soldiers that is being grossly mis-used to guard stolen property.  A few of them going home in body bags MIGHT wake the somnolent Americans up to what the Ziofascist occupiers of their nation are up to.  The Landlord MUST kick out the thieving squatters. Tout Suite!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Nuckin' Futz Newz Blockbuster: "We Want To Keep The Oil"

Trump Tells it Like It is
"We've Got The Oil"

I first saw the amazing video above on Jody Paulson's excellent blog "What They Don't Tell You".  Then Caitlin Johnston picked it up and used it for a tome on truthtelling and why it's never allowed in the upper echelons of USrael power.  According to Johnstone, the real beef the USraelis have with Trump [and the reason they're now focussed on impeaching him] is that he tells the truth in a childlike your kid who blurts something embarrassing out on a crowded, but quiet, bus.  Everyone hears about your "fight with daddy" the previous night.  Trump's like that.

Trump has no adult filter between what's going on in that orange bird's nest head...and what comes out of that droopy-lipped mouth of his.  So, a few days ago he blurted out that the US was staying behind in Syria to control the oil and will decide later "what to do with it."  While this is precisely the should have been spun in the usual code words of "freedom", "democracy" ad nauseum.

Remember when he said he wanted to buy Greenland from the Danes?  Well, at least in that case the inference was that he was going to PAY for it.  It wasn't just going to be brutally stolen from them.  But, Ahhhhh, the Danes are White.  The Syrians are the usual Darkies--historically targeted for resource theft.

Here is the latest backtracking and flimflamming as described by Stephen Lendman...and I will have more comments to follow:


"US Reoccupation of Northern Syria? Turkish Aggression Halted?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

Time and again, things aren’t as they seem, Trump’s ordered withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria the latest example — saying one thing, then going another way, going along with his geopolitical team’s permanent war agenda.

Commenting on the situation in Syria’s north, Trump said “a small number of US troops will remain in the area where they have the oil. And we’re going to be protecting it (sic), and we’ll be deciding what we’re going to do with it in the future (sic).”

He ignored illegal US occupation of sovereign Syrian territory, stealing its resources, committing Nuremberg-level high crimes against the state and its people.

On Thursday, a Pentagon statement said additional (heavily armed) US forces will be sent to northern Syria to “reinforce” control of its oil fields — on the phony pretext of preventing them from “falling back into the hands of ISIS or other destabilizing actors,” controlled by the US not explained.

According to the WSJ, “about 500 US troops,” along with “dozens of battle tanks and other equipment” apparently will be deployed in northern Syria — “a reversal from” Trump’s withdrawal order.

What’s going on? Withdrawal of US forces from Syria appears more illusion than reality. Unknown numbers of Pentagon troops continue to occupy southern Syrian territory near Iraq and Jordan.

Trump’s withdrawal order from the country’s north excluded unclear numbers remaining, including at an illegal Pentagon airbase, one of its platforms for terror-bombing Syrian infrastructure and populated civilian areas.

US forces invaded Syria illegally to stay. Bipartisan dark forces in Washington want endless war on the country continued.

Restoration of peace and stability to US war theaters defeats its imperial aims, served by forever wars, instability and chaos.

The myth persists about combatting the scourge of ISIS created, supported and controlled by the Pentagon and CIA, used as proxy troops in US war theaters.

The October 17 US/Turkish deal in Ankara makes no mention of halting Pentagon/IDF terror-bombing of Syrian targets — to continue at their discretion.

US warplanes, attack helicopters and armed drones continue controlling portions of Syrian airspace, including areas bordering Turkey, Iraq and Jordan — facilitating Israeli strikes on Syrian targets.

Separately on Wednesday, Erdogan told Trump his military offensive in northern Syria ended while his forces continue attacking Kurdish fighters, Syrian troops in the area struck as well.

On Thursday, Syrian media reported attacks by Turkey and its terrorist proxies on government forces, killing some soldiers, wounding others near Tal Tamr, a clear ceasefire breach.

Kurdish YPG fighters reported the same thing, saying a large-scale Turkish offensive on Thursday attacked three northern Syrian villages where their troops are located, adding Ankara is responsible for the “deterioration of the ceasefire process.”

It’s shaky at best because of Erdogan’s revanchist aims and continued illegal US occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory, including its airspace.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on Thursday, government troops “confronted…an attack by forces affiliated to the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries of terrorists on Kowzaliyah and Tal Laban in Tal Tamer region in Hasaka north-western countryside,” adding:

“Turkish occupation troops continued their aggression on Syrian territories and occupied al-Manajir village in Tal Tamer region after shelling the area with artillery and heavy weapons.”

The situation in occupied Syria remains fluid. Sporadic clashes between Turkish forces and its jihadist proxies against Kurdish fighters and government troops continue.

Restoration of peace and stability to the country remains unattainable because consensus in Washington rejects the idea — endless wars in multiple theaters supported by the NYT and other establishment media.

Majority Republicans and undemocratic Dems are committed to regime change in Syria, wanting Assad replaced by US-controlled puppet rule.

They want Iran isolated regionally, economic terrorism on the country continuing, aiming to topple its legitimate government.

Time and again, geopolitical know-nothing Trump is manipulated to go along with what dark forces surrounding him want pursued.

It’s not a pretty picture nor encouraging for what may lie ahead."


Greencrow says: This is Blockbuster Newz--it's the first time a US President has baldly told the truth about what they're really doing in one of the half dozen darkie nations the ziofascist, globalist, warmongering perps have ransacked since the 9/11 False Flag Atrocity. He acknowledged that they're in it to steal and plunder. That's it. Then they intend to guard the fruits of their theft until they can spirit it out of the country.

As Caitlin Johnstone says, it's not so much that they get their bloody, greasy hands on the Syrian's more that they can prevent the Syrians from using their own resources to rebuild the destruction that the West has wreaked on it. The Western perps don't want Syrian babies to survive and grow with new hospitals and schools. THAT's what it's all about...slow genocide perpetrated on the darkie populations of the Middle East--on behalf of Israel.

The fly in the my mother used to what effect will this bald truthtelling have on the rank and file US foot soldiers who are tasked with seizing and holding the oil? Will they have qualms about risking their lives to protect some old, decrepit oil wells in a far off land? Perchance some of them were brought up not to steal. That's always a possibility. Perhaps being separated from their home and family to steal and plunder in a far off land was not their idea of "serving their country". Will this lead to a further uptick in the already epidemic US military suicide rate?

Then, there's always the possibility that the Syrian Army will attack the oil wells to get them back. This is what I've been advocating for years...the Landlord MUST kick out the squatter. If there's a bloody war and some of these these "oil minders" get sent back in body bags...what will that say to Americans? Will it finally wake them up? And what about the maimed and injured? How will they justify losing a limb or worse for guarding stolen loot?

Will these grossly mis-used US soldiers return home, angry and the scores of thousands who have already returned, are now suffering from PTSD and joining the ranks of the drug-addicted homeless who are clogging and destroying US cities? What IS the TRUE price of Plunder? What IS the TRUE price of blurting out the Truth?

Blow-back is a bitch.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

BC Tables Historic UNDRIP Resolution in Legislature Protecting Indigenous Rights

First Nations Flag

Here is today's historic and politically explosive announcement in the CBC and here in the Globe and Mail.

At my age, I have come to realize that sometimes it takes years and years to finally be proven right.  About eight years ago now I was locked in a difference of professional opinion with my supervisors at my Child Protection Office in the BC Lower Mainland.  One of the children on my caseload, a five year old girl was left an orphan when her indigent father died.  Her mother, a full-blooded First Nations woman, had died several years earlier.  Her father was white, with no aboriginal ancestry.  The problem was what to do with the child--who had no relatives in Canada.

It turned out her father had a brother who lived in California with his wife.  My supervisors wanted to move the child down to California into the custody of her uncle and his wife...persons that she had never met in her life because the brothers were estranged.  Little "X" as we will call her, had several former caregivers here in BC who knew her well and loved her.  She had been in and out of foster care since birth.  Her father had been an alcoholic/drug addict who kept her in substandard conditions while he drank and drugged himself to death.  There had been other concerns about him as he and the child had shared the same bed.  The child had only been living with him for about two years prior to his death.

One of "X's long term former foster parents was a couple with other children who regarded "X" as their child and sibling.  Unfortunately, this couple and their children had moved to Alberta a couple of years earlier.  This couple expressed an interest in "X" ...and I was of the opinion that this was the best option for she would thus be able to retain her Canadian identity and most importantly, her First Nations heritage here in Canada.

We had a meeting in my supervisors' office to resolve the matter.  My supervisor and her supervisor attended, with me being the only one who wanted "X" to stay in Canada.  It was a "Solomon's decision" as they say.  I prepared for the meeting by looking up the UNDRIP on the internet and copying some of the pages describing that resolution.

At the meeting, I argued that the only thing that "X" still had in her possession was her First Nations Heritage and her Canadian citizenship/identity.  THESE valuable assets should not be stripped from her, along with everything else.  I argued for her to, preferably, stay in the current foster home she was in in BC, but if that was not possible, then be moved to rejoin her long-time Foster Home Family in Alberta where they regarded her as family.  I read aloud the provisions of the UNDRIP to my supervisors and said that someday this would be law and "X" would not be allowed to be moved.  They looked at me like I had two heads.

Needless to say, I lost the argument.  "X" was moved to California and taken there quickly thereafter by another social worker.  She would be raised in a whitebread world and her First Nations heritage would be a long-forgotten memory.

Today, the UNDRIP will be tabled to become law in BC.  I wonder if my supervisors...who are no doubt still on the job...will think back to that day...when they had the relevant paragraphs of the resolution read aloud to them by a lowly front line Social Worker.

Talk about Western Alienation! ROC pretends British Columbia Doesn't Exist

Greencrow, motoring through Burrard Inlet last
August, 2019 notes how tiny the place is
to accommodate an unending gridlock
of huge "Bitumen" tankers

The Canadian Newz is full of talk about Western Alienation following the (s)election last Monday.  Alberta and Saskatchewan were shut out of the Liberal Minority government.  All the media focus is on how to placate the "West".  Hey!  Hello!???  The REAL West [British Columbia] is being completely ignored in this frantic rush.  Read the following Report from Global News and I will have more comments to follow:


"Trans Mountain pipeline could lead to $500M a year for clean energy projects, Liberals say

The Liberal government expects to get $500 million a year out of the expanded Trans Mountain pipeline and is promising to spend it all on cleaner sources of energy and projects that pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

The Liberals’ Bill Morneau told The Canadian Press in an interview this week that the expanded pipeline is not fodder for negotiating with other parties in the minority government. Rather, he said, it is a crucial piece of the puzzle of financing Canada’s transition to a clean energy economy.

“We purchased it for a reason,” said Morneau. “We now see how it can help us accelerate our clean energy transition by putting any revenues that we get from it into a transition to clean energy. We think that is the best way we can move forward in our current context.”

The Liberal government bought the existing pipeline for $4.5 billion in 2018, in a bid to overcome the opposition of the British Columbia government to the expansion.

Federally, the two parties with the most in common with the Liberals on climate change both think the expansion should be cancelled. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, whose party has enough seats to support the Liberals through any confidence votes, wants tougher climate action but has stopped short of using the pipeline as a line in the sand.

He has suggested that ship has effectively sailed.

The Liberals’ Bill Morneau told The Canadian Press in an interview this week that the expanded pipeline is not fodder for negotiating with other parties in the minority government. Rather, he said, it is a crucial piece of the puzzle of financing Canada’s transition to a clean energy economy.

“We purchased it for a reason,” said Morneau. “We now see how it can help us accelerate our clean energy transition by putting any revenues that we get from it into a transition to clean energy. We think that is the best way we can move forward in our current context.”

The Liberal government bought the existing pipeline for $4.5 billion in 2018, in a bid to overcome the opposition of the British Columbia government to the expansion.

Federally, the two parties with the most in common with the Liberals on climate change both think the expansion should be cancelled. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, whose party has enough seats to support the Liberals through any confidence votes, wants tougher climate action but has stopped short of using the pipeline as a line in the sand. He has suggested that ship has effectively sailed.

Morneau said construction on the pipeline is underway and the decision to go forward has been made, which means there is really no way to use it as a bargaining chip in the minority government.

“My expectation is that we have much common ground between the other parties that have been elected to the next Parliament,” said Morneau.

“We will be seeking consensus on how we can move forward on that common ground. This project we’ve already moved forward on. It’s one that we’ve said that we’re moving forward on, we’ve actually already gone through that process.”

Construction on the expansion is supposed to be done by the middle of 2022. The Liberal platform forecasted taking revenues of $125 million from Trans Mountain Canada in 2021-22 and then $500 million in each of the next two years.

Eventually Morneau said the plan is to sell it back to the private sector and all of the revenues from the sale will then go to clean energy development and other climate change action projects.

The one specific promise the Liberals made that they connected to pipeline revenues was a $300-million annual fund for natural climate solutions including tree planting, as well as conservation and restoration of forests, grasslands, agricultural lands and coastal areas.

Construction on the pipeline was halted in September 2018, after the Federal Court of Appeal overturned federal approval citing insufficient environmental and Indigenous consultations.

Cabinet undertook new rounds of both and approved the expansion a second time in June.

Construction on the pipeline then resumed in August, starting with work on the marine terminals in British Columbia and pumping stations in Alberta. The first 50 km of actual pipeline will start being laid in the Edmonton area shortly, a spokesperson for Trans Mountain Canada said Wednesday.

Thus far, more than 2,200 workers have been hired.

The pipeline runs from a terminal east of Edmonton to a marine terminal in Burnaby, B.C. The expansion will see a second pipeline built roughly parallel to the first that can carry almost twice as much crude oil every day.

There is however a new federal court challenge underway from Indigenous communities who argued the secondary consultation process undertaken by the government earlier this year was a sham."


Greencrow says:  The above "report" reminds me of Katie ["turdblossom"] Telford.  Regular readers will remember that she's one of Justin Trudeau's executive assistants...the one tasked with massaging unpleasant political that the Liberal Puppet Government of the globalist, Ziofascist, Sorosians can maintain control.  During the Regime Change Crisis earlier in the year it was revealed that Telford promised Jody Wilson-Raybould that the obstruction of justice re SNC Lavalin could be massaged by several newz puff pieces that would make the whole criminal, stinking affair smell like a rose garden.

Katie is obviously up to her old "turd polishing' tricks in the above piece.  Read carefully, in the report there is absolutely NO reference to the environmental catastrophe that would befall British Columbia if this TMX desecration went forward.  It is like British Columbia does not exist.  It is like if they plant a few billion trees, that will make up for the slashing of the environmental Carotid Artery [English Bay/Coal Harbour/Burrard Inlet] of Lower Mainland British Columbia.

Pie in the Sky

The stupid shell game being played by finance minister Bill for this, money for that, profits of the oil going to good entire bloviating bull shit!  This is supposed to distract and cover up the sacrificing of the REAL environment to some future pie in the sky environment that will somehow miraculously survive the slicing of BC's coronary artery.

Ain't gonna happen, folks.  Ain't gonna happen.  What entity would lie prostrate on the ground, rolled over with all four paws in the air while it had its Carotid Artery sliced?  Well, BC isn't gonna be that dog.  We don't care how much Alberta likes to tear up and pollute its north...fracking the land and water quality away.  We don't care how foreign oil interests have controlled Alberta for decades now and are moving in for the kill on BC.  All they want is to control and destroy....and they have a willing bought and paid for puppet in Trudeau and his band of cretins in Ottawa.

Read my lips.  There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the TMX for British Columbia.  There is only the further destruction of our lifeline, our environment... which draws tourists from all around the world to enjoy its Super. Natural. Beauty.  Ominously, and not unrelated...there has not been a single returning salmon so far this fall in my local salmon stream.

At the very end of the above puff piece report there's a brief, "afterthought" comment about the current "federal court challenge" by indigenous groups in BC.  Mark my words. This is only the first catspaw ripple of what will be a tsunami of legal actions to thwart the TMX. ain't seen nothin' yet.  You want "Western Alienation"?  Landlocked Alberta may bloviate toothlessly about separation.  British Columbia has always had its eyes focused out to the Pacific...and the nations beyond.  We can REALLY separate...and if you try to sever our Carotid Artery...we WILL!