Thursday, September 5, 2019

UPDATED: Trans Mountain Pipeline Update - Something Happened On The Way To The Circus

UPDATED: September 7, 2019 Green Party leader Elizabeth May says if her party helps form a minority government after the next election, TMX is dead. Hallelujah!

September 6, 2019 - I have updated this post with new links, comments and details regarding this very important Canadian with the potential to irreversibly divide/destroy Canada.

July/August 2019 Video 
Burrard Inlet - Showing Site Where TMX
Docking Facilities will be Built for
Huge Bitumen Supertankers

The people in the ROC [Rest of Canada] are surely being led down the garden path when it comes to the 4+ billion dollar boondoggle called the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project (TMX).  If the only place you get your newz is the MZM, then you'll be convinced the "Twinning" of the pipeline is already a "done deal".  Shovels are already [or very soon will be] in the ground...that kind of thing.

So, when the Canadian Federal Court came down with its decision to allow six out of 12 grounds of appeal of the decision to approve the pipeline earlier this week, the public was informed in the softest possible order that they remain in a state of "ignorance is bliss"; assured that it was all just a[nother] tiny bump in the tearing up the West Coast and plying the narrow Burrard Inlet with huge supertankers--tanker shipments going from 60 to 400 a year from Burnaby--each full of (un-clean-up-able) bitumen.

Only 6 out of 12 grounds for appeal were allowed....was the "good" news.  Six separate grounds for appeal are A LOT.  "One" ground for appeal is the norm.  But it's all in the phrasing, according to the slavish Canadian Ziofascist-controlled press.  Six grounds are nothing.... when you don't plan to respond to any of them.... Please read the following op-ed from the National Post and I will have more comments to follow:


...While Indigenous and First Nations groups filed objections to the new consultation process “consisting of many thousands of detailed pages,” the federal government, “including the Attorney General of Canada representing the Government of Canada, took no position for or against” the motions. “The respondents did state that if leave were granted and applications for judicial review were brought they would support the Governor in Council’s decision and oppose the applicants,” [Federal Appeal Court Judge] Stratas said. “But on the leave motions they offered no submissions or evidence to assist the Court.”...

"...What will the Liberal message be for those seven weeks? There has never been a Liberal position on Trans Mountain that’s even remotely coherent. The strongest signal they’ve sent is obviously buying it — but then they don’t bother arguing against its opponents? The Tories are going to spend the next seven weeks raining (hopefully metaphorical) artillery down on the Liberals on this, asking why the government spent billions buying a pipeline they didn’t bother to show up and advocate for in court. And anything the Liberals say will just give the NDP and the Greens an opportunity to remind the left that Trudeau is building an oil pipeline.

Pipeline issues were always going to be an issue in this campaign. But now it’s a live issue again. Every party will benefit from this, with the exception of the incumbents. And they seem to have done little to prevent that from happening.

It’s baffling, but it’s what happened. Trans Mountain is front and centre. With the election now just weeks away."


Greencrow says:  So, that's the official strategy of the proponents of the pipeline.  Ignore them [the legal challenges] and they will go away.  Minimize, denigrate, distract...the mainstream media is doing all it can to pretend that the indigenous court challenges are just so much unsightly dandruff that can be brushed off the shoulder of an expensive dark blue business suit.

Read the opprobrium layered on by the Zionist-controlled media in the bolded words in the first several paragraphs snipped from a report by News1130 below. [Translation:  The bad indigenous/environmentalists are ruining our best laid plans]  My comments are in red:

OTTAWA — The Federal Court of Appeal has ruled six of the 12 legal challenges to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion can go ahead, after the project was approved for a second time in June.  Approved for a SECOND time?  Hey...if something is "approved" by the government...that automatically makes it alright!

The federal government has twice approved a plan to twin an existing pipeline from Alberta’s oilpatch to the B.C. coast.

Last year the Federal Court of Appeal tore up the original approval, citing both an insufficient environment review and inadequate consultations with Indigenous communities. The nasty Federal Court of Appeal "tore" up the original lawless is THAT!

The Liberals say they fixed both problems and approved the expansion for a second time. If the Liberals SAY they fixed something...that's good enough.

The court now says it will take up six of the 12 requests to appeal the June approval, which will proceed on an expedited basis. Only six requests out of 12?  Hey...that's proof that the opposition has no merit.
Environment groups have said there are not adequate protections for endangered marine species that will be affected by tanker traffic picking up oil from a terminal in suburban Vancouver. Several First Nations say the federal government came into the most recent discussions having predetermined the outcome.  Finally, a little meat on the bare bones of presstitute blather.
Jim Leydon with Mountain Protectors, a group opposed to the project, is glad the court has agreed to hear challenges related to consultation with First Nations people.

“We’re really happy that they’re going to look at this,” he says. “I think realistically they need to come to a point of understanding that there is no way that we’re going to sell out and accept that there will be supertankers in our harbour.”

Leydon is currently awaiting a court date where he expects to be convicted for his role in anti-pipeline protests.  The only spokesperson quoted "expects to be convicted"?  Well that tells you what the opposition is all about, doesn't it?

The federal government bought the existing pipeline and the unfinished expansion work for $4.5 billion last year, promising to get it over the political opposition that had scared Kinder Morgan Canada off proceeding.  The Federal Government actually used taxpayer funds to pay off wealthy Americans so they wouldn't be "out of their very deep pockets" over the boondoggle...and Canadians would be left carrying the [very leaky] bucket.

The move disappointed environmentalists, who say the global climate can’t handle more emissions from Alberta’s oilsands and the eventual burning of the petroleum they produce.

And while environmentalists may be hopeful about the court’s decision, the president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says his organization is disappointed in the ruling to grant leave for appeal.

“The TMEP has already undergone a lengthy, thorough and extensive regulatory review process, including extensive consultation with all stakeholders,” Tim McMillan says in a statement. “It has been deemed to be in the best interests of all Canadians. Despite this setback, CAPP fully expects construction on the TMEP to begin in September.” "Lengthy, thorough and extensive regulatory review" = rubber stamp.

The Liberals say they’ll use any profits from the project to fund Canada’s transition to a cleaner-energy economy.  Pie in the Sky, by and by.


Greencrow says: Meanwhile no mention is made of the indigenous people in Washington State joining forces in opposition to the pipeline and the increased bitumen supertanker traffic on the environmentally vulnerable West Coast.

Nor is any mention made of the new report by the energy regulator that says, according to their study of the matter, the Trans Mountain Pipeline won't be able to respond fast enough should one of the dozens of huge oil tanks boil over in Burnaby. Molten hot bitumen cascading down the heavily populated Burnaby Mountain, anyone?

Nor is there a connecting of the dots re high profile former Supreme Court Judge Frank Iacobucci--between his role as [according to former Chief of the Privy Council the "not a shrinking violet"] lawyer for SNC Lavalin in its scandalous, unethical, thwarted effort for a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the Federal Department of Prosecutions--and Iacobucci's symultaneous role as government-appointed consultant with First Nations regarding their objections to TMX.  Iacobucci, because of his "fixer" role in SNC Lavalin corruption scandal, could be viewed dubiously vis a vis being an ethical "honest broker" for the First Nations in their opposition to the Federal Government-sponsored TMX.

Finally, there is no mention in any of the national newz reports that the Mayor of Vancouver also submitted an appeal of the approval based on concerns about deleterious effects in the Vancouver harbour and environs. This appeal was dismissed by the Federal judge but, according to the following report, the Mayor is not giving up:


Vancouver mayor 'not giving up' Trans Mountain fight after city's court challenge denied

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Vancouver’s mayor is pleased six challenges of the Trans Mountain pipeline will be heard by the Federal Court of Appeal, even though the city’s application has been denied.

Kennedy Stewart says he’s not giving up on stopping the pipeline, saying the city is looking at ways they can support the arguments filed by Indigenous groups.

“This project is still bad for Vancouver: very, very bad. It’s bad for the environment. It doesn’t help our economy and I feel like we have to do everything we can to stop it,” he says.

He says he will do whatever he can to support them, but that won’t include getting arrested for protesting.

Stewart’s opposition to the multi-billion dollar expansion led to his arrest on Burnaby Mountain when he was still the MP for Burnaby-South in 2018."


Greencrow concludes:  The ROC is being treated like the proverbial crop of mushrooms. Other Canadian provinces are being kept in the dark and having shit thrown at them.


Reading between the lines said...

There is and never was any doubt that oil tankers of the coast of Vancouver is not a good thing . A spill of any kind would damage the environment for millennia.Fisherises
and all . This was all about profits and never about the people of the country.

greencrow said...


The ROC must think that the Vancouver Harbour is huge. It is not. It is relatively small, narrow and enclosed. There would be no place for the spilled bitumen to go...except to the shoreline and seabed. There is NOT ENOUGH ROOM for three Super Tankers in Burrard Inlet.

If there were any issue that would alienate me from the ROC...this is it. Alberta is making BC choose between Canada and our own survival.