Saturday, September 21, 2019

UPDATED: Syria's President Assad Grants General Amnesty to all Syrians so they can return to Syria...meanwhile, Canada continues to back wrong horse

UPDATED:  September 24, 2019 Dissident Voice has a letter written in support of GFTU member Donald LaFleur.  As noted in my post below, Mr. Lafleur had the temerity to travel to Syria and attend a GFTU conference.  The Warmongers here in Canada have since pilloried Mr. Lafleur.  The letter is signed by the many members who support Mr. Lafleur's effort to re-build communication bridges between Canadian and Syrian workers that have been destroyed by the usual suspects.

President Bashar Al Assad of Syria

Its like a breath of fresh air.  Being able to turn the focus of this blog away from the doofus pseudo leader Justin "le Dauphin" Trudeau, and towards a REAL leader, the man in the photograph above, Doctor Bashar al Assad, President of Syria.  Here is a man who in 2011 could have taken his fortune, his family, and fled to the safety and comfort of a foreign land.  But he made the RIGHT alliances [with Russia and Iran] and stood his ground.  In the past month or so, as a result of Russian and Iranian military support, Syria has emerged victorious after eight years of a bloody war against the forces of USrael.  Usrael, deceptively/cowardly fighting under the thin cloak of "proxy terrorists", laid waste most cities in Syria and scattered Syrian citizens as war refugees to the four corners of the globe.

Now, in a story that has been ignored by the entire Western Ziofacist Press, President Assad has issued a formal amnesty to ALL Syrians and has beckoned those hiding out in foreign lands to return home to help rebuild the country.  Please read the following translation from a German report which appeared in thetruthseeker:


"Assad issues general amnesty – now the Syrians can return

Marcel Dettmar – Compact Online (Machine translation from German) Sept 18, 2019

Largely unnoticed by the Western media, the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad issued a general amnesty for crimes committed prior to [that date on] September 14, 2019. The “Decree No. 20” joins in a number of previous pardon – as it had been in the autumn of last year, an amnesty for deserters and conscientious objectors – is new, however, that the decision also concerns the civilian area. The aim is to make it easier, especially for Syrian refugees, to return to the largely peaceful country.

At the time, Assad’s decree fell into the deliberations of the Russian, Iranian and Turkish heads of state on the situation and future of Syria. The country is largely under the control of the government, only in the Turkey-sponsored Islamist stronghold Idlib in the northwest, it comes to fighting. In an offensive that has been going on since April, the army, with the support of Russia and Iran, was able to recapture important areas. Turkish President Erdogan’s main aim is to prevent this: the 3.6 million Syrian refugees are a major burden for Turkey, which is why he warned against a new wave of refugees that would also affect Europe. So far, Turkey has supported the Islamist militias in Idlib, whose most powerful representatives, however, are not adhering to the agreed ceasefire agreements – and that is why the domestic political understanding of Erdogan’s Muslim solidarity is now declining..."


Greencrow says:  As we now know, and as I reported in a recent post, the Presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey did arrive at an understanding regarding Syria recently.  So now the pathway is cleared for a massive return of Syrian refugees from all over the world.  This is the first instance in the history of the USrael campaign of "Wars for Israel", which has been raging since the 9/11 False Flag, where: a) a leader of a targeted Middle Eastern country has survived a "regime change" effort and continues to rule; and b) where the targeted country has overcome the Western efforts to reduce it to chaos and rubble and is in a position to begin to rebuild--its traditional political and cultural institutions largely intact.

As a Canadian, my mind wanders back to a news story of last year where a family of nine Syrians refugees, parents and seven young children were victims of a house fire in Halifax that killed all the children, left the father permanently vegetative and the mother alone and childless in a strange country.  Fire investigators reported a month or so ago that in spite of rigorous efforts to find the cause of the house fire, they could not.  It started in a couch in the living room.  The children were all asleep upstairs.  The parents escaped but the father ran back into the burning building.

I wonder about this family now.  How bittersweet for them and their surviving relatives must the news be that the war in Syria is almost over and the Syrian Leader has stretched out his arms in forgiveness, welcoming all the Syrian diaspora to return to their homeland.  Why has the West been silent about this invitation?  This, in spite of all the hand-wringing about the social, economic and political problems caused by the inundation in the West of Refugees.  Read thetruthseeker article to find out some of the reasons. Apparently, the Germans and other nations don't really want the refugees to leave.

And recently we had the spectacle here in Canada where a Canadian Labour Congress executive was publicly excoriated for attending a conference in Syria and calling for the end to sanctions against that beleaguered country.  Please read the CBC report below and I will have more comments to follow:


Canadian Labour Congress exec calls to end sanctions in Syria

Union organization is investigating after its number two attended Syrian labour conference

The second in command of the largest labour organization in Canada attended a trade union conference in Syria last week and called for the end of sanctions against the country, which is run by an internationally condemned authoritarian regime.
In an interview with the Venezuelan network Telesur, Donald Lafleur, the executive vice-president of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), said sanctions on Syria are "completely unacceptable and the Canadian labour movement does support the people in Syria and we are here to put pressure to take the sanctions away."

Syria has been slapped with a long list of sanctions by Canada and other international bodies such as the UN since 2011..."

"….Sam Ali is a Syrian refugee, CBC News has changed his name because he still has family living in Damascus and he fears for their safety.

He believes that having a Canadian labour leader even attend the event legitimizes the Assad regime.

"Currently we are under the Russian intelligence controls so if someone sends a team … to Damascus that means they are supporting the regime directly and supporting the Russians indirectly as well," Ali said.

He balked at the idea of lifting sanctions against the country.

"No. Under the current situation no. Unless real action is taken from his side."

Ghuna Bdiwi fled Syria in 2012 — she is a human rights lawyer and is currently working on her PhD in Toronto. She says the fact that Lafleur attended the Syrian regime's conference is shameful and goes "against Canadian values..."


Greencrow says:  Reading the above outrageous propaganda lies published in our taxpayer-funded  "National Public News Broadcaster" makes this Canadian deeply ashamed [but not at all surprised] at how ziofascist, and occupied our media is.  The worst part is that the perps don't realize that the jig is up.  They're too stupid to cut their losses and start backing the right horses.  Even the demented Trump realizes that the Russians and their allies have won out against the Ziofascist last ditch effort to impose unipolarity on the globe.  The Russians are so far ahead of the West militarily that it would be logical and wise to begin to negotiate a new international geopolitical reality with them, based on established norms of International Law and the Charter of the United Nations.  These norms were arrogantly cast aside after 9/11 by the hubristic, avaricious globalists.

But, no. The Canadian zio-occupied government continues to back the wrong horse on this issue. Rather than use the attendance of a Canadian at a Syrian rebuilding conference as a springboard to a more mutually beneficial relationship with Syria, Canada prefers to back the defeated forces of perpetual destruction. Canada could get involved in the financial bonanza that will soon take place in Syria with the reconstruction of the entire national infrastructure and cities.  But no.  Canadian Labour officials with the prescience to see this fact of life are drummed out of their jobs.

Canadian politicians and bureaucrats are still backing the forces of destruction--like those evidenced in the newzstory below...which describes the Syrian army capturing an Israeli drone, loaded with cluster bombs, that "strayed" over Syrian territory.  Canadians are kept ignorant that their government is supporting the cluster fuckers over the winners--in an epoch-ending geopolitical shift.

Syrian army captures drone in Quneitra near Israeli-occupied Golan Heights
The Syrian government forces have captured and dismantled an unmanned aerial vehicle rigged with cluster bombs near the border with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights..... Source added the aircraft had been laden with cluster bombs and Composition C-4 high-velocity military plastic explosives to prevent it from being taken to pieces, but competent engineering units managed to dismantle it..."


Greencrow concludes:  First of all, Congratulations to Syrian President Bashar al Assad on his victory and his decision to offer a general amnesty to all Syrians.  This is a huge achievement, which in former times would have earned him the Nobel Peace Prize [when it was still a legitimate award].

Sadly, kept in ignorance of the changing reality on the ground, as evidenced by the Assad amnesty--Canadians are left to trail the pack of history's leaders...relegated to picking up the scraps, rather than taking a the poor CLC executive wanted us to.

And folks, it doesn't matter WHO gets elected next month in the Canadian Federal election...ALL the Federal parties support the wrong horse--the militarily inferior, defeated, ziofascist hegemons who've virtually destroyed the Middle East--for Israel.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Maybe not ALL of the so called Canadian political leaders are supporting the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal... We still have not heard from Maxime Bernier and his PPC stand on this issue....

greencrow said...


That will be an extremely interesting thing to learn...whether Maxime has the brains and the gonads to back the right horses. He'll get MY vote if he does!

Reading between the lines said...

Good article greencrow.Indeed why is the West backing the wrong horse so to speak and why is the media so silent about the amnesty offered by the Syrian leader ,President Assad.We only have to look at who has so much control on the US administration and the Western press/media for that matter. Few in the West are actually aware of what has been perpetrated on them .If I may refer to prophesy of old , it was said that there would come a time when the world would be polarized , so much so that brother would fight against brother .If I may be so bold as to declare that we are in the midst of it right now , if not with arms then with with our sense of what is right and wrong.
Cheers to all.

opit said...

Nice article - and I see western MSM speechless to defend the assault on Assad. I tried to click on the Truthseeker article - no link. Yes, I do figure if I go to Northern Truthseeker I'll likely find it, but that's not a preferred solution, I should expect.

greencrow said...

Hi opit:

I was able to access the Truthseeker article by clicking on the link in my post. Here is a link to the original announcement of Amnesty that appeared [only] in a German newspaper:

The complete silence about Assad's offer of general Amnesty is proof positive of the mendacity and controlled nature of the Western so called "press".