Friday, September 27, 2019

Pippi Climatestocking brings the Climate Colour Revolution to Canada

Swedish Climate Activist 16 year old Greta Thunberg 

Some alternative bloggers like my colleague Northerntruthseeker have been writing that Greta Thunberg [photo above] is yet another Sorosian Muppet in another Colourful Sesame Street-style production.  Thunberg certainly has all the elements.  She is a knock-off of the well known children's book character, Pippi Longstocking in a series of children's books written by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren during the last century.

I have to admit I've never read any of the Pippi Longstocking books.  But from the books' illustrations, the character appears to be very happy and positive, the mirror opposite of the ranting, angry young woman who showed up at the United Nations the other day and today is marching in Montreal, Canada.

There have been very recent revelations that Thunberg is being financially supported by ONE, which is a Sorosian operation.  We all are keenly aware that George Soros is actually a very angry, Russia-hating Jew who loves to go around the globe seeding social and political instability.  He loves to control the forces of radicalism in all nations so that all activism is rendered phony and fake.  He sucks the life out of real human activism by paying for rent-a-mobs and bussing them to city centres to protest this or that cause du jour masterminded by the perps.

Proponents of real change have become very wary and cynical about all public demonstrations [is it being paid for by Soros?]  Remember the pink pussy hats?  Well, Pippi Climatestocking is a spin-off of that.

I would like to ask Pippi Climatestocking a few questions:  What does she think of chemtrails?  Does she even know about chemtrails?  Is she aware that the military-industrial complexes all over the world are pumping tons of carbon directly into the skies overhead?  This carbon which is a waste product of coal mining is laced with all sorts of other chemicals including [as once acknowledged by the Pentagon] Lithium.  Does Pippi know that there's now a new category of cloud listed by Wikipedia in the topic/category of clouds.  Look it up.  The new category of clouds includes human-manufactured clouds called:

  • Cumulus stratocumulogenitus
  • Cumulus homogenitus clouds formed by air-mass convection associated with contained industrial activity.

Does Pippi Climatestocking know that the clouds of today bear little resemblance to the clouds of my youth back in the 1950's?  Back then, the clouds were much higher in the sky and they were much more compact.  Today the clouds come in long thin contrails.  They congregate directly over large population centres where sometimes they form crosshatches like a Scotsman's kilt.  Does Pippi ever ask what is in those man-made cloud/contrails?

Chemtrails Plaid Sky 2017

Is Pippi Climatestocking aware of HAARP?  Is she aware of EMP's, 5G and the weaponizing of weather?  If so, does she not think that's a greater danger to humanity than CO2?  Does she ever wonder where the money from the proposed CO2 tax will go?  Will it perhaps be earmarked to pay the military for spraying the skies with carbon creating the "homogenitus clouds" described above? 

"Angel of Chemainus"
Cloud photographed over a Canadian
air force base in 2018

I would love to see the stunned and puzzled look on Pippi Climatestocking's face if and when she is ever asked real questions about the climate...about the covert efforts to control/destroy the natural meteorology on this planet that have been going on secretly and relentlessly for almost 50 years now.

In conclusion, Pippi is just another colour revolution distraction.  She probably doesn't even know it.  God forbid she look up to the skies...and see the homogenitus clouds and start asking about them, and HAARP, and EMP's and Carbon taxes paid to the military to lace our clouds with chemicals that alter/mutate our biology.

Just smile a little bit more, Pippi.


FreakedOut said...

No doubt some good questions to ask her GC. I would also ask her about the true hazards of high levels of EMF's we all must endure. How about the roll out of 5th generation Cellular Tech? The 2012 Bioinitiative Report spells it all out.\

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment and links FreakedOut. I have updated this post and added a bit about 5G and some other links supporting what I said in the post.

It is truly one of the greatest feats of modern perception management [after the 9/11 Official Story] that the perps have managed to separate humanities' natural concerns about climate degradation COMPLETELY from all their meterological, geoengineering machinations!

mlvizrico said...

LOL at the Pippi Climatestocking tag. Seems nonsense and baddies reign supreme. Thank you for your bravery in publishing tbe truth.

Anonymous said...

Superbly written... kudos. [Ed-itor]

Anonymous said... [sent in by Ed-itor]

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Thanks for the link. I added the site to my "favourites". We'll see whether it's permitted by the Blogger PTB.


Penny said...


I'm torn on the best identifier for Greta
Pippi Climate Stocking or Veruca Salt as in Veruca Salt goes to the UN ?(perfect for her performance)

Yaya wrote a post about the possibility of "climate change" being used to cover for the harm of 5g- mass bird die offs and the like-

For your readers as well I'd come across a report from a clinical psychologist discussing the psychological manipulations behind the climate emergency

"I (Margaret Salmon Phd- Clinical Psychology) founded and now direct a national volunteer based think tank and advocacy organization called The Climate Mobilization (TCM) that is based on an understanding of emergency mode, as well as the transformative power of climate truth.

She started a think tank and advocacy group in 2016 using perception management to kick this latest psyop off. And she's quite proud of that. She goes through the techniques etc.,

We're being played- there is no doubt about it.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

The Veruca Salt reference was unfamiliar to me so I had to look it up. I discovered it's a female character from that [Worst Children's Stories of All Time] "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". When my two sons were small they were subjected [brainwashed] to that movie countless times on TV. I even found out that BOTH of them were forced to watch it in school! This is one of the reasons I totally gave up on popular culture...that movie is not only excruciatingly boring...but it drums many false concepts into the children's brains. Now I find out it was written by that author Raol Dahl who was deified during the period as a great author. All part of the perp plot!