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NOTICE TO READERS: And...9/11 After 18 Years

FILE PHOTO: The Tribute in Light installation in New York City, marking
 the location of the World Trade Center buildings destroyed on
 September 11, 2001 © Reuters / Ueslei Marcelino

NOTICE TO READERS:  I will be away from my computer for the next couple of days attending to family matters.  As Wednesday is the 18th Anniversary of the 9/11 MosCIAd atrocity, I'm posting my anniversary post today.  There is a lot of reading at the links below so readers can either catch up on the latest revelations about the Jewish 9/11 conspiracy against America or they can keep up with the rolling headlines from the alternative media--in my "Favourites" Blogroll to the right on this page.


9/11 After 18 Years

Paul Craig Roberts, in his latest post, bemoans the horrific lack of justice in the United States, as evidenced by the non-investigation into the events of September 11, 2001.  This cover-up, silencing and promulgation of lies upon undeniable proof that the United States is under occupation by an evil, alien force that has destroyed each and every one of its governmental institutions.

Over the years since 9/11 alternative bloggers have fought back against the main instrument used by the mass murderers to avoid the consequences of their treasonous and murderous crimes...ignoring.  Yes, all the perps have to do...since they control all the media ignore the truth.  So an entire cottage industry has developed on the Internet of bloggers like little moi, who regularly shout out the truth about 9/11 and the myriad of other wars and crimes committed by what has been variously termed as the "Deep State" or the Neocon Ziofacist Globalists...amongst other names.  It all boils down to the raw truth.  Jewish oligarchs with money to burn use it to create false flags all over the world in an ongoing scheme to control the planet by fomenting wars and general planetary mayhem.  9/11 was only one of the largest of these diabolical projects.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the stories about 9/11 that have emerged over the past year:

Putin warned Bush about impeding attack TWO DAYS before 9/11 – ex-CIA analyst

So Putin personally picked up the phone, telephoned George Bush and warned him about a coming attack.  Normally, such knowledge, not acted upon by the so-called "Supreme Commander" would and should end up with him being charged with high treason and jailed for the rest of his life.  Not so.  In Amerika, this entity, now retired, is happily and contentedly painting landscapes at his ranch in Texas.

911 the footage they didn't let you see twice

The truthseeker recently posted a story about how some of the video clearly shows the mendacity of the attack...still nobody in Amerika is any the least not that they would admit.

One of the biggest 9/11 "non-stories" of the year is the report released by the Engineering Faculty of the University of Alaska.  A detailed engineering study reveals that the WTC7 building could not have collapsed the way that the NIST report said it did.  Paul Craig Roberts and Stephen Lendmen both report on this study that says, incredibly, that the building collapsed due to simultaneous catastrophic collapse of all its support columns.  

WTC7 - Recently Released University of Alaska
Engineering Study says catastrophic 
SYMULTANEOUS collapse of support columns
caused it to implode in 6.5 seconds on 9/11

When is the News Not the News

Finally, James Corbett of The Corbett Report has been wrapping up all the evidence in a tidy collection of posts...about just how the perpetrators of this monstrous crime have avoided justice...simply by getting their bought and paid for criminally-colluding overwhelmingly Jewish-owned and operated MainZtream Media to IGNORE THE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE.

9/11 The Whistleblowers - a series that can be found at The Corbett  

James takes us through a list of those courageous souls who spoke out from the beginning about the crime of the century...but who were systematically silenced.  

Greencrow concludes:  Yes, we can blame the Jewish-owned mass media for the silencing of the whistleblowers and the independent investigators.  They're criminals who should be in jail for obstruction of justice.  But how can you "obstruct justice" when it no longer exists?  That is the real question.

Yes, the real reason that the mass murder in broad daylight of close to 3,000 innocent American citizens on 9/11 has gone unsolved and that the planners/perpetrators of this heinous crime are still "out there", enjoying the fruits of their crimes--is the total occupation/implosion of the security and justice institutions of the United States.

9/11 was planned for years to be the pretext for several imperial wars to steal resources and land in the Middle East now referred to as "Wars for the Jews".  The groundwork, however, was laid over the previous decades by systematic corruption of the "Security Agencies of the CIA and the FBI...and the surreptitious infiltration into these agencies by the Israeli Mossad.  All the relevant judges in NYC charged with bringing justice to the victims and their families were bought.  All the agents of the FBI and CIA were likewise bought.  All the generals and [NORAD] military leaders tasked with protecting the nation were bought. All the political leaders were bought.  All the "journalists" in the Mainstream media were bought.  The Octopus tentacles of the crime spread far and wide and had and still have the nation in a death grip.  Only a revolutionary flood of heroism, decency and justice would cleanse the American institutional and governmental Augean Stables that led to 9/11.

Eighteen years later, I have to ask the question:  Is it too late for justice?


Anonymous said...

Truth is not on holiday.

The really really good news is that no one on Earth HAS to be a "Jew".


Most people who love the truth should be willing to say that the "PROSELYTES"
to the BAD FAITH so-called religion of the Synagogue of Satan 'Psychopaths'
the Talmudic Terrorists are not going to be "Israel" in the Bible.

No One on Earth has to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound.

knowing the truth is the way out of the stool sculpture deity cult compound



Canadian Wildflower said...

Greencrow, When I watched the video of "clips they didn't let you see twice", I noticed a very strange thing. The date stamp on one of the clips was "Sept. 10, 2001", as the twin towers were falling. Now how strange is that??

I keep hoping to find a clip of something they said on TV News as it happened, that I have NEVER seen since the day it happened. They kept repeating over and over, "It's just like Pearl Harbour! It's just like Pearl Harbour!" I KNOW I heard them saying that, but I have never seen any clip of it. I WISH we had been recording this event as it happened, but who thinks of that in such a crisis?

greencrow said...

Hi Davy:

One of the biggest evolutions re 9/11 is that in the past year or two even the alternate bloggers have started to "Name" who, exactly did 9/11. The Jews lead the mob of mafia-type thugs [like "lucky Larry Silverstein"], who did 9/11. We're finally not afraid to name who, exactly, hatched and shepherded the monstrous project through to completion. We know that they probably won't come for us [directly] because if they do we'll just ask such questions as:

What happened to the dancing, High-fiving Israelis who celebrated on 9/11, were briefly arrested and then released and expedited out of the country 'while all air travel was down in North America] back to Israel where they went on TV as "celebrities".

When one intrepid journalist asked about these individuals he was told "this information is classified and we cannot comment on information that has been classified".

That was when the real cover-up began!


greencrow said...

Hi Canadian Wildflower:

Like you, I have been searching the Internet for video clips and photos that appeared shortly after 9/11 and then went down the memory hole...never to be seen again.

For me, the website I've searched for years [but finally gave up] was one run by a New Yorker who took dozens of photos from his downtown high-rise window of the red dump trucks which were lined up, gridlocked, wending their way towards ground zero within TWENTY-FOUR HOURS OF THE 'ATTACKs'. Hundreds of dump trucks making their way immediately after the implosions to clean up the evidence at take it to the harbour where it [the steel] was put on barges and shipped to Shanghai.

These trucks [and their drivers] must have been assembled in advance and were ready to go prior to 9/11. They were all equipped with GPS tracking [which was unheard of in those days] so that none could stray off course.

I saw the series of photos of the trucks with my own eyes but shortly thereafter they disappeared off the web, never to be seen again. Of course, we were all so naïve in those days. Today we would immediately take a screen print of the photos.


Unknown said...

I have been following Judicial Watch with Tom Fitton for the past few years believing his organisation was legit. I never once thought to use my usual ‘litmus test’ by querying their opinion on 9/11 truth. This anniversary on Twitter today they bragged how they pressured the government authorities to release that ridiculous film of the plane hitting the Pentagon with a statement to the effect of putting conspiracy theories to rest. Hardly anyone left to trust now. I’m so disillusioned.