Monday, September 30, 2019

UPDATED: Muppet Power! - The Perps are working overtime to falsify Canadian Election

UPDATED:  September 30, 2019 Maxime Bernier's recent campaign appearance in Hamilton, Ontario was not without controversy.  Fake agitators pretending to be Antifa and PPC supporters [in Make America Great Again hats] attempted to turn the event into a clown circus.  Fortunately, it was allowed to go ahead and once again showed that the PPC is gaining momentum.  Watch out for attempts to derail Bernier's campaign to escalate.

The "Greta Effect"  The Perps are Trying to Spin the Phony
Climate Muppet into a Canadian Federal Election Issue

You know how Hollywood [which my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker calls "Jewlywood"] always does spin-offs?  This is when they beat a popular movie script to death in endless variations on the same tired theme.  Well, this is what the Hollywood-brained perception managers/media manipulators are trying to do with their latest "cause" Muppet Pippi Climatestocking.  Today, on the CTV newz network they're positing that Greta Thunberg has affected the Canadian Federal Election.  Please read the following and I will have more comments to follow:

"The Greta effect? Nanos survey suggests young voters turning on Trudeau

TORONTO -- Support for Justin Trudeau among young voters appears to have plummeted in the wake of the Liberal leader’s meeting with teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg and the release of his party’s platform.

Polling data from Nanos Research shows that the proportion of voters aged 18 to 29 who cite Trudeau as their preferred prime minister fell from nearly 35 per cent to a little more than 24 per cent within 24 hours..."


Greencrow says:  Have you ever read anything so asinine?  Now this cartoon character is affecting the outcome of the Canadian election.  Not all the lies told by Trudeau...not his conviction of ethical misdeeds in the SNC Lavalin Affair...not his Foreign Affairs Minister neo-Nazi warmonger Chrystia [dress hiked up to her nethers] Freeland.  No.  The Swedish heiress to the Pink Pussy Hat fortune.

You see, the perps are terrified that Canadians might have minds of their own and might want to vote according to their perceptions of reality.  I had a comment from one such Canadian voter in my in-basket this morning.  Karmellis is responding to my post about Peoples Party Leader Maxime Bernier the other day.  I posted an interview he did with the staff of the National Post.  Please read Karmellis's assessment and I will have final comments to follow:

"Karmellis said...
Considering the blatant media bias against any party that is not "Far-left", it was a bit refreshing to see an interview that was not handled in such a way. The first third of the interview worried me a bit since it seemed to be more about slogans and lacking in substance, but the rest of the interview makes up for it. He has definitely considered his policies carefully, rather than just being given marching orders from his higher-ups and he comes across to me as someone I would want to vote for (And this says a lot since I gave up on the federal elections some 20 years ago). I appreciate his humbleness and down-to-earth approach on things, his admission of not knowing everything and far more sincere willingness to listen. Also, I like that he doesn't have to have a lineup of 10-20 people behind him (who all look bored out of their skulls and are obviously paid by taxpayer funds to be there).

Still, Bernier has his work cut out for him. We have at least one moderator for the big national debate that is completely compromised (Althia Raj published a disgusting hit piece on Andrew Scheer in the Huffington Post and met with Gerald Butts at a restaurant) and who is to say the rest of them are not (but are being more careful at hiding it). Luckily, he is in a position of having everything to gain and pretty much nothing to lose. He needs to go in there, calm and collected and get his points across without resorting to screaming or losing it (Which I speculate will happen with Trudeau, considering the frequency at which he and his cabinet lost it in the house).

Ultimately though, my personal speculation is that the 'fix' is already in for the Liberals to win again. When you consider:
- The polls keep showing this 'close' race between the Conservatives and Liberals despite leak after leak after scandal after scandal, showing a disconnect between what is going on and who people would want to vote for.
- The polls have been flat-out wrong in at least three provincial elections (Ontario, Alberta and PEI come to mind).
- Elections Canada was caught peddling pre-Liberal content some months back, making their unbiased position a total fraud.

I hate to be all 'gloom and doom' about this, but here are my predictions for the upcoming few years:
- An investigation into their crimes cannot be permitted, no matter what the circumstances are, and even if it was, it would be excessively scrubbed and controlled to the point where nothing will be found and no one will ever be held to accountability. The taxpayers, justice system and everything that makes Canada what it is will be harmed beyond a point of no return. "Liberaltopia" will be upon us and they will have every intention of staying.
- The election will be a total rig job (supported by a lying media and poll system that says how 'close' everything is), guaranteeing they get back in. Liberaltopia will continue to enforce their virtue signaling policies on all of us, breaking apart the family unit ever more than it already is.
- The general population will become increasingly sick of this to point of demonstrations (We recently had a rally in Toronto that was attacked by a group of virtue-signaled left-wings), there will be crackdowns on these demonstrations and ultimately we could see: A revolution on our hands, 99% of the population locked up in jail or total civil war... And this does not even factor in the separation issue of our western provinces, further complicating matters.

I am not advocating or supporting anything here. I have been following what is going on and can see the signs. I believe the breaking point in Canada is a LOT closer than people realize and the country WILL snap if the Liberals are permitted to remain in power, through either force or elections. They simply cannot be allowed to remain and even another puppet in different colours (AKA a different party running the government) would still be an improvement.
Greencrow concludes:  Now is as good a time as any to say that I will most likely be voting for Maxime Bernier and his People's Party in this election.  I've already researched and the PPC does have a candidate in this riding.  I was going to vote for the Green Party but decided not to for the following reasons:

1. Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, is an American who transplanted to Canada. I believe all party leaders should be Canadian-born. Hellooowww?  More importantly, the Greens have swallowed the Klimate Kool-Aid.

2.  I had based my initial plan to vote Green Party on her position on the TMX pipeline.  Now I truly believe the TMX is [pardon the expression] "dead in the water", based on the upcoming legal decision by the Canadian Federal Court.  This decision, IMO, will support First Nations rights to their land.  I think all the leaders by now know that if any government power were to try to destroy the Vancouver coastal areas with mega oil tankers by the dozens in gridlock in our waterways...there would be a massive revolt by British Columbians.  The TMX is a non-starter.  The Burrard Inlet should be declared a marine park and protected in perpetuity.

3.  So my vote is predicated on supporting a real Canadian who does not have corporate ties.  This is proved by Bernier's opposition to "supply management".  While I am not usually a conservative party sympathizer and lean very far left...I'm fed up with the phonies on both sides of the parliamentary aisle. They're both wings of the same bird.  Bernier wants to build a Canadian "energy corridor" from coast to coast.  Just as long as they don't put a Bitumen port in the Burrard Inlet I would be interested in his ideas.  My concept is that Alberta should build on-site refineries and change the Bitumen into oil on site instead of shipping it overseas.  THAT would save jobs AND the environment.
My final decision about what party to support in the October 21st election will depend on the one English Debate which I understand will take place on October 7th.  Depending on how well Maxime Bernier does in that debate, I'll decide what party to support.


Karmellis said...

Wow. Thank you. I did not expect that at all. :)

I have to agree with your statement on "The perps are working overtime to falsify Canadian election". I'll be curious to see how 'fixed' the debate end results will be, now that we have seen the Liberals with their claws in the whole process, turning the entire event into a rigged joke. Watch Bernier and Scheer get grilled, marginalized and possibly even ignored while Trudeau is given the free pass.

Julien romanovsky said...

Hi, Greencrow, maybe of interest for you. Bruno M. who is also a Euro immigrant to Canada wards this comment off, quite telling, about this reconquista europa young man.

Check out:

Hidden Colors:

The meme / cartoon Africans cooking missionaries in a big pot, high time that the pot is turned on his head.

14.11 - 17.22 :

No evidence of cannibalism in Africa. Read the book called `Maneater´. There is more references of Europeans eating each other in the cold, then there is Africans eating each other in the warmth. Why would you have the need for eating each other when the Creator and the Sun has given you mango and peanuts and food that comes to you plentiful ?

Documented evidence with illustrations of Pilgrims eating each other to get through their first winter in America, Vlad the impaler eating the dead human bodies from the sticks.....
Isabella from Spain put a bounty on slaves, and part of the edict she issued: anyone who is a cannibal, you can enslave them....... So now everybody would say, ok they are cannibals.....

Slightly off topic, but important in line with this: Btw Spanish Rodrigo Borgia born in Xativa in the province of Valencia when he became ceo of the Vatican did 2 things to facilitate the socalled Conquista, simply put the stealing of the land in the ´New World´. He told Leonardo da Vinci to whitewash black JC and issued the Papal Bull known as the Discovery Doctrine.

IMV a strange case that he welcomed the jews ´expelled´ from Spain to Rome wholeheartedly and that his papal bs gave (Strumpf´s Golan Heights avant la lettre) all the ´´cannibal" lands to Ferdi & Isa.

Born in Holland and known to the mossad marmots, I landed somehow in Valencia, Spain, for no particular reason, dear Bruno. Bringing up this issue of Rodrigo Borgia´s whitewashing JC in English, I don´t speak Spanish, is I think heavier then speaking out against bull fighting. It is really a cathoic village here. I am about to leave for that reason, it does not make you very popular.

Remember recently, the fullblooded imv open minded & noble present Spanish PM of Mexico asked the S. govt. to apologise for the Spanish holidays in Mexico. He talked to a wall.

Justin Trudeau may be a ego de p..... to many especially in Canada, At least he labeled what happened to the indigenous people in C. shameful. I guess he is also willing to pay the remaining few descendants repararations

Since 1492 we all live in Silly Icon times. 5 G SUS !¡

Progress?¿ Which progress!?¿ ! 5 G roll out is the rolling out of IoT(a), Internet of Things (abattoir) under the guiding light of the slc sweet little country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean.

As such it is the Rolling Thunder of Karma. Karma is not a bitch it is just the (just) Law in the Sacred Place called Life in Which we are all just temporary guests.

Esta de Dios


Anonymous said...

As I wrote previously, I think the issues and where a party leader stands on them is less important than who and where the party funding is coming from. PPC does seem to be the real deal or else all our virtue signalers and the associated snowflakes would not be there to disrupt their campaign.

I am less worried about the blatant media bias and all the other dirty tricks because it shows me in no uncertain terms that the current PM is in deep trouble and that is good news to me. I give all the boomers and people of my generation credit to know when the deck is stacked and to act accordingly.

And even if Mr. T does fluke a minority government win propped up by the May party ('taint nothing green about it) he won't complete the term because even the Liberals have had enough of his authoritarian style of mismanagement. We're safe from Freeland because she has no traction and whatever non-entity replaced Mr. T would be an improvement on the current setup.

I remember what a complete surprise Mulroney's first sweep was, Turner was a shoo-in according to the CBC propaganda. So history could very well repeat.

Hornet said...

Why your opposition to supply management? Would you prefer a flood of US eggs, poultry, milk, etc from heavily subsidised farmers? You know that they have different regs than Canada with regards to antibiotics, etc - which regs do you think will win out in this case? Will Canadian consumers really benefit?

I don't think Mad Max is any kind of savior. I agree with some elements of his platform (i.e. immigration, gun control) but protecting markets from subsidized US farmers is not a bad thing in my opinion. If anything, we should nationalise other strategic sectors rather than have big companies that privatise profits with strategic resources and than nationalise debt (like mines).

My 2 cents.