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Meng Wanzhou Update - Meng's Lawyers Want to Know "Who 'Decision Maker' Was"

Meng Wanzhou With Ankle Bracelet

I'm having a lot of problems posting this morning. Gremlins have gotten into my computer and are slowing it down and taking me offline every few minutes. No matter. I will continue to post this because it's short and sweet...very sweet. Please read the MSM article below and I will have more comments to follow:

VANCOUVER — A lawyer for Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou denies her defence team is on a "fishing expedition" for documents to support its case.

Scott Fenton told B.C. Supreme Court on Tuesday that the team is not relying on conjecture, guess work or wishful thinking when it asks the court to compel the Attorney General of Canada to release further documents related to Meng's arrest at Vancouver's airport last December.
"We are not on a proverbial fishing expedition in any way," Fenton said, adding that the defence will offer a more narrow and specific request for access Wednesday.

Meng's legal team is arguing for further disclosure in an ongoing hearing ahead of Meng's extradition trial, which begins in January.
Fenton said the defence must convince Justice Heather Holmes that there is an "air of reality" to their allegations, including that Meng was the subject of an abuse of process, in order to compel further disclosure from the Crown.

Canada's attorney general has not yet presented its response in court but documents show it will argue that officials followed the law when they detained the top Chinese tech executive and the defence has no proof to substantiate its "conspiracy theory" that she was illegally arrested.
Meng was arrested Dec. 1, 2018, at the request of the United States, which is seeking her extradition on fraud charges related to violation of sanctions against Iran. Both Meng and Chinese tech giant Huawei have denied any wrongdoing and none of the allegations have been tested in court.

The arrest of Meng, who is the chief financial officer of Huawei and the daughter of the company's founder, sparked a diplomatic crisis between Canada and China. She is free on bail and living in Vancouver.
Another defence lawyer, Richard Peck, told the court Tuesday that there was nothing "routine" about the way Meng was questioned by border officials before she was read her rights and informed of her arrest at the airport.

He pointed to a solemn declaration sworn by a border official that says Meng repeatedly asked why she was taken for secondary screening and that he questioned Meng about her business activity in Iran.

Peck also presented video showing that neither he nor another border official standing by took notes of the conversation, even though the second official had "meticulously" taken notes during other portions of Meng's detention in the screening area.

Part of the defence team's argument alleges that officials intentionally failed to properly document their process.

The deputy minister of justice and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were also briefed on the arrest, which is unusual, Peck noted.

The defence also said that officials originally planned to board Meng's plane and arrest her before she disembarked, but the plan changed.
Instead, it said two RCMP officers watched as border officials met Meng on the jetway, collected her phones in a specialized bag that blocks remote wiping, then escorted her to a secondary screening area where she was held for about three hours before her arrest.
Handwritten notes by RCMP officers outline the first plan was communicated after a meeting Nov. 30 at the airport with RCMP and CBSA officials. But there's a gap in documentation of why the plan changed, Fenton said.

"We don't know who caused the plan to change. We don't know who was the decision maker or makers, we don't know what the discussion was that led to the changes and who participated in that discussion," he said.

It's an example that raises "an inference that there were further communications in relation to the arrest plan that are relevant to why they changed the next morning," he said.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on Sept. 24, 2019
Amy Smart, The Canadian Press
Here are more details about the court proceedings currently going on in Vancouver from global news and From the Vancouver Sun

Court to hear disclosure arguments in Meng Wanzhou case

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou’s lawyers allege Canadian officials acted as “agents” of the FBI.
In court documents released last month, the defence has argued Meng was unlawfully detained at Vancouver’s airport last December at the direction of American authorities.
Meng’s lawyers allege Canadian officials acted as “agents” of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, but they say the question that remains is to what extent and how the FBI was involved in what they describe as a “scheme.”
None of the allegations in the case have been tested in court.
Meng was arrested at the behest of the United States, which is seeking her extradition on fraud charges in violation of sanctions with Iran.
Both Meng and Chinese tech giant Huawei have denied any wrongdoing.
Her arrest sparked a diplomatic crisis between Canada and China.
Meng is the chief financial officer of Huawei and the daughter of the company’s founder.
Her extradition trial won’t begin until Jan. 20. Meng is free on bail and living in Vancouver.
Here is a snippet from the CBC

...Meng's lawyers ultimately plan to argue that all those factors contribute to abuses of process serious enough to have the case tossed.

But first they hope to convince B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes to order the disclosure of notes, emails, texts, reports and any other documents they believe will help them make their case.

"[Meng] submits that she was unlawfully detained, searched and interrogated at YVR under a ruse carried out by the CBSA, RCMP and American authorities, for the benefit of and likely at the direction of the FBI and other U.S. authorities," the defence team claims.

"In these circumstances, one would reasonably expect that the FBI was in communication with the [Department of Justice], the RCMP and/or CBSA throughout these events ... Yet none of this material has been disclosed."..."


Greencrow says:  Folks, after reading all the above it is patently clear that the Meng Wanzhou Defense team has the gubermint of Canada and its so-called "security agencies" [sic] in a bind. In order to prepare a defense for her January 2020 extradition trial, Meng's lawyers need to get the relevant information about Meng's arrest at the Vancouver airport in late 2018.  They need to know who ordered her devices to be seized and for her to be held for three hours prior to being told she was under arrest.

Pretty straightforward, right?  Wrong-go!  Things always go haywire when any humans on the face of this earth try to find out who the ultimate "decision-maker" is.  This entity, whoever s/he is has absolute power over all of us.  This entity can not only decide to break the law while arresting a pawn in an international trade scrap...but this decision-maker can bring down towers in the middle of a city on a clear, sunny September morning, killing 3000+ people and never have their faces revealed to the public.

This decision-maker can assassinate presidents and senators...can start perpetual wars killing millions over decades.  This decision-maker can send hordes of refugees all over the globe destroying ancient cultures.  This decision-maker can cause man-made plagues like HIV and "Ebola" to scourge and terrorize humanity.

Readers, by now you will be thinking that perhaps this decision-maker has "god-like" qualities.  I say the decision maker has more "Satan-like" qualities.  Whatever and who-ever the decision-maker was who decided to intervene at the Vancouver airport to ensure that the laws were broken with impunity...the legal minions on Meng's defense team will surely be unsuccessful in finding out who s/he is.  As the saying find out who rules you...determine who you're not allowed to talk about...or words to that effect.

Stay tuned to this interesting caper that's going on in the Vancouver Courthouse.  It's not very often questions like this are even raised....much less answered:

"Who Was the Decision-Maker?"

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Reading between the lines said...

We can only hope that this decision maker will be exposed ,finally , for the world to see ,even if many will refuse to see and further put on their blinders.
What a sick society we live in if this is allowed to go forward without anyone finding out who the decision makers are.But then again maybe better that this case is dismissed then nothing at all.Have to wonder what kind of deal will be made behind the proverbial curtain though, of which we will all remain oblivious to ,except to those of us that are waking up or are woke .
The Chinese saying "we live in interesting times " . How right that is.