Friday, September 27, 2019

Maxime Bernier gets a rare National Headline

Peoples Party of Canada Leader
Maxime Bernier gets a rare National Headline

Some Canadian voters want to know more about Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and his party's platform.  This video that appeared in the National Post gives him a rare chance to speak to Canadians.  He is against supply management and unlimited immigration.  He wants to leave climate change initiatives to the Provinces. No Carbon Tax.

I'm seriously considering voting for the Peoples Party of Canada.


Karmellis said...

Considering the blatant media bias against any party that is not "Far-left", it was a bit refreshing to see an interview that was not handled in such a way. The first third of the interview worried me a bit since it seemed to be more about slogans and lacking in substance, but the rest of the interview makes up for it. He has definitely considered his policies carefully, rather than just being given marching orders from his higher-ups and he comes across to me as someone I would want to vote for (And this says a lot since I gave up on the federal elections some 20 years ago). I appreciate his humbleness and down-to-earth approach on things, his admission of not knowing everything and far more sincere willingness to listen. Also, I like that he doesn't have to have a lineup of 10-20 people behind him (who all look bored out of their skulls and are obviously paid by taxpayer funds to be there).

Still, Bernier has his work cut out for him. We have at least one moderator for the big national debate that is completely compromised (Althia Raj published a disgusting hit piece on Andrew Scheer in the Huffington Post and met with Gerald Butts at a restaurant) and who is to say the rest of them are not (but are being more careful at hiding it). Luckily, he is in a position of having everything to gain and pretty much nothing to lose. He needs to go in there, calm and collected and get his points across without resorting to screaming or losing it (Which I speculate will happen with Trudeau, considering the frequency at which he and his cabinet lost it in the house).

Ultimately though, my personal speculation is that the 'fix' is already in for the Liberals to win again. When you consider:
- The polls keep showing this 'close' race between the Conservatives and Liberals despite leak after leak after scandal after scandal, showing a disconnect between what is going on and who people would want to vote for.
- The polls have been flat-out wrong in at least three provincial elections (Ontario, Alberta and PEI come to mind).
- Elections Canada was caught peddling pre-Liberal content some months back, making their unbiased position a total fraud.

I hate to be all 'gloom and doom' about this, but here are my predictions for the upcoming few years:
- An investigation into their crimes cannot be permitted, no matter what the circumstances are, and even if it was, it would be excessively scrubbed and controlled to the point where nothing will be found and no one will ever be held to accountability. The taxpayers, justice system and everything that makes Canada what it is will be harmed beyond a point of no return. "Liberaltopia" will be upon us and they will have every intention of staying.
- The election will be a total rig job (supported by a lying media and poll system that says how 'close' everything is), guaranteeing they get back in. Liberaltopia will continue to enforce their virtue signaling policies on all of us, breaking apart the family unit ever more than it already is.
- The general population will become increasingly sick of this to point of demonstrations (We recently had a rally in Toronto that was attacked by a group of virtue-signaled left-wings), there will be crackdowns on these demonstrations and ultimately we could see: A revolution on our hands, 99% of the population locked up in jail or total civil war... And this does not even factor in the separation issue of our western provinces, further complicating matters.

I am not advocating or supporting anything here. I have been following what is going on and can see the signs. I believe the breaking point in Canada is a LOT closer than people realize and the country WILL snap if the Liberals are permitted to remain in power, through either force or elections. They simply cannot be allowed to remain and even another puppet in different colours (AKA a different party running the government) would still be an improvement.

greencrow said...

Hi Karmellis:

Your comment is so good I'm going to post it along with a brief election update. Thanks so much for taking the time to express your views on this important Canadian topic.