Thursday, September 19, 2019

Immediate Fallout

Man at party where Trudeau wore brownface says costume ‘stood out’ compared to others...


Northerntruthseeker said...

Honestly, this is getting so ludicrous now... It has been nothing but Trudeau, Trudeau, and more Trudeau, almost nonstop here in central Canada since this "issue" broke..

Again, Crow, I can understand the need for Canadians to take a closer look at Trudeau, but they should be focusing on what that scumbag has done to Canada DURING his last 4 years in office and stop trying to dredge up stuff that happened almost 2 decades ago! There is enough already with what this scumbag has done to ruin Canada during his short time as Prime Minister that should warrant his being booted by voters.

Reading between the lines said...

If Trudeau is out completely then we will have Scheer as our PM .This might well prove to be a worst case than the Libs.I personally would prefer minority Lib ,Cons as opposition , NDP and Greens holding the balance of power . I could live with that for the next 4 years .Of course , my wishes and what happens might be 2 different things.

greencrow said...


"...minority Lib ,Cons as opposition , NDP and Greens holding the balance of power..."

That's my best case scenario as well. It's too bad Scheer is so obtuse. He could have won this election in a cakewalk, if only his policies were more centre of the road.

greencrow said...


"...focusing on what that scumbag has done to Canada DURING his last 4 years in office."

The SNC Lavalin ethical collapse/corruption should have been enough. Penny makes a good point when she suggests that this whole blackface routine might have been planted by the Libs to distract from the real issues.

This morning I see that the MainZtream media is in full repair mode...insisting that Trudeau CAN survive the latest revelation that he's a complete fraud.

Reading between the lines said...

In reply to Northerntruthseeker.I agree that it is old news but that is what the scumbags ,read politicians , do .They dig up anything that will demonize the other .It is dirty politics and should be seen for what it is .As much as I dislike Trudeau ,the blackface thing is a over the top.There are plenty of fiascos that are relevant without going back to the 50s .

Reading between the lines said...

Hi greencrow.Scheer is obviously a zionist based on his affectionate love for anything Israeli and that is enough for me to formulate my opinion of him.

greencrow said...


Yes, Scheer is a flaming Zionist, as shown in the first debate.

The take away for whites re the Trudeau blackface scandal is that it is proof positive [as if we needed MORE proof] of what a hypocrite he is. Up to the revelation about blackface, the Libs were basing their entire campaign strategy on accusations that other party candidates were white supremacists.

The blackface revelations neutralized that line of attack. It will be interesting to see what replacement strategies they have in their arsenal.

Right now the controlled and controlling MainZtream Media is very busy brainwashing the sheeple into thinking that a) Trudeau has [already] survived the latest scandal and b] the public has already "moved on".

You know, I think Trudeau could shit himself in public up there on the platform and the MZM would say....we [Canadians] can live with that!

Anonymous said...

I really wonder why people in BC would vote for anybody from the so called Conservative Party. During Stephen Harper's decade as PM, he actually made more trips to Israel than he did to B.C.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

"...made more trips to Israel than he did to B.C."

As I always say on this blog Res Ipsa Loquitur [the thing speaks for itself].