Thursday, September 19, 2019

Historical Context for Trudeau's Latest Perfidy*

Article from The UNZ Review
The noun perfidy means "deceitfulness" or "treachery," so it's not just being mean, but deliberately betraying a trust. The Latin root of perfidy is made up of per, or "through," and fidem, or "faith." So in order for perfidy to happen, there has to have first been a sense of faith in place, which was then broken or betrayed.

I was going to do a post this morning anyway about how the Canadian Federal General Election has been going sideways for some days now.  Then last night the Shi! hit the fan with the revelation of three instances where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, while in his youth, made the decision to deck himself out in blackface and appear in public.  Here are some of the photos:

Trudeau in Blackface at 2001 Gala

Trudeau in costume
 singing Harry Belefonte's "Day-O"
in Highschool Talent Show

Is the US trying to interfere in Canada's Federal Election?

My original post was going to provide examples of what I construe to be US [mainzstream media] interference in the Canadian election.  Due to the revelations of last night I will forego the other examples...and focus on the blackface incident.  First of all, why did TIME break the story about Trudeau in blackface back in 2001?  Apparently the original yearbook photo above was given to the newsmagazine by a Vancouver businessman and released by the US publication [with historical CIA ties] TIME Magazine.

I do find it extremely curious as to why this story was broken by TIME.  I even asked myself the outrageous question:  Was it to force his that the SorosCIAn mole, Chrystia Freeland, could pick up the Liberal mantle?  I have been saying for almost a year now that some Liberal bagmen and handlers have been machinating for a Trudeau Regime Change.  Now I'm wondering...did these anonymous PTB already know about the existence of the damning photo evidence?

By now, the Liberal PTB and all Canadians are sadly aware that Trudeau will never step down out of shame or out of respect for his office.  He will just make up some talking points and keep repeating them over and over until the scandal [whatever it may be...India Trip, SNC Lavalin, Blackface, etc.] hopefully dies down and goes away.

Last night as I was pondering Le Dauphin's usual frustrating response to public revelation of his ineptitude, poor judgment, narcissism, etc. I was imagining the alternative.  Trudeau sitting down with an investigative journalist [a real one] and probing what historical, psychological, socio-cultural influences may have led him to dress in black face in the first place.  He seems to have been compulsive about doing it...having [so far] done it at least  three times during his youth.  I thought back to the UNZ Review analysis of "Blackface in America" that I had read and posted about last February.  Here is a snippet from that long and very informative article:


The recent spate of blackface outings seems to have started with the Megyn Kelly debacle a few months ago. She didn’t actually wear blackface—she just wasn’t sufficiently disgusted by it, and though she apologized for the gaff the harsh reaction quickly unemployed her. Now, Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring have been caught up in blackface scandals—many years ago Herring blacked up to mock rapper Kurtis Blow, and Northam tarred up for his yearbook page, teaming with a classmate who donned the hood-&-robe regalia of American terrorism—a photo that school authorities apparently thought appropriate.

Whether or not one accepts the rounds of sorrowful apologies , it is essential to note that the Christian offenders—Kelly, Northam and Herring —are apologizing for a Jewish crime.

Blackface, as a form of American “entertainment,” started out in the early 1800s, most notably through a highly popular minstrel show performer by the name of Thomas “Daddy” Rice, a white entertainer who blackened his face with burnt cork to ridicule Blacks and their culture. White minstrel shows lampooned Black people, presenting them as dim-witted, lazy, buffoonish, superstitious, criminal, but nonetheless prodigiously musical. Rice’s popular blackface character was named Jim Crow—a name that came to describe the racially repressive era after the Civil War in which white society was determined to violently force Blacks back into plantation slavery. Blackface died a well-earned death, but was revived when Jews became perversely connected with this racist “art form” as performers and as fans, filling auditoriums to watch blackface stage shows in Jewish neighborhoods all over America.

Jewish History of Blackface Hate 
From the time of the earliest American colonies Jews had always been a formidable presence in the slave-based economy, where they became important slave traders and international marketers of slavery’s products, especially sugar, cotton, and tobacco. But after the Civil War Jewish immigration to America increased dramatically. Their history in Europe with Gentiles over many centuries was one of conflict and violence, and so in America they saw distinct advantages in helping to create a society that made but one distinction based entirely on skin color. Brandeis’s Irving Howe, author of the most popular book on American Jewish history, World of Our Fathers, is one of many Jewish scholars that admitted that Blacks were scapegoats for Jews:..."


The Canadian City of Montreal as few non-Canadians know...has one of the largest communities of Jewish people in North America.  A young Trudeau would have no doubt been submerged in and exposed to the Jewish culture and its perverse connection with the racist "art form" of blackface. A Quebec-based pundit for the CBC said last night that he didn't think that voters in Quebec would be unduly put off by the Trudeau blackface controversy.

I grew up in Sudbury Ontario.  Blackface there in the 50's was a staple of Hallowe'en.  I myself put blackened cork on my face and dressed in a white sheet.  I was going for Zombie, not minstrel show...and I only did it ONCE.

That's what's missing in the current 24/7 media frenzy about Trudeau's congenital stupidity.  The fact is that it WAS part of Canadian heritage/culture for kids to put blackened cork on their faces on Hallowe' least it used to be.  All of North America had been influenced by the "minstrel shows" as described above. The 50's were a time [at least in Sudbury] of racial homogeneity.  Blacks were rarely seen at all.  I can remember a family story where my younger sister went on a train ride with my father.  After the train started to roll...a black porter came down the aisle collecting the tickets.  My 10-year-old sister stared at him in astonishment and then said in a loud voice to my father "Daddy, Look at the Eskimo!"  That's how rare the sight of a black man was in those days.

Of course, nowadays and even in 2001, four decades after MLK and the Anti-Segregation Movement...the entire perception of blackface has changed. Since the late 60's and early 70's blackface has universally been acknowledged as racism of the most insulting variety.  So, why was/is Trudeau stuck in the 50's?  Like Maxime Bernier, I will not call Trudeau a racist, although he's abnormally obsessed with the exterior manifestations of race: 

I’m not going to accuse @JustinTrudeau of being a racist.

But he’s the master of identity politics and the Libs just spent months accusing everyone of being white supremacists.

He definitely is the biggest hypocrite in the country.


Greencrow concludes Does Trudeau's historical predilection to "Dress Up" have more to do with his compulsion towards exhibitionism? Is Trudeau [like his mother Margaret] hopelessly shallow, juvenile, deeply sociopathic...and lacking in judgment--mesmerized by appearances and celebrity? Is Trudeau just a frustrated character actor? These are questions only his psychoanalyst will be able to answer.

Trudeau Plays At Identity Politics

Trudeau with Sikhs at School Gala in 2001

The psychoanalyst...and Justin "Le Dauphin" Trudeau...will have many years to ruminate together over the above questions...during his lengthy retirement from public life...hopefully, beginning next month. 


greencrow said...

I thank my readers for their patience as I have been updating this breaking story all morning with clarifications and additional information and links as they emerge.

Trudeau's going live in a few moments to speak more on the topic so I will have to update subsequent to that.

This story is in progress.

Anonymous said...

GreenCrow, your efforts on this blog are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Northerntruthseeker said...

This one was too good to miss... Thanks, Crow..... I may... just... borrow... your article... and put it up at my own site shortly, for you hit the nail on the head with this one!

Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) says "Good work here." Helps keep the whole "you're a racist" methodology in perspective.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I too want to see heinous Justin gone... But NOT for this reason! The facts are that everyone has some type of skeleton in their closets, and for the criminals in charge to now throw Justin under the bus for this is ludicrous... Justin should be sent packing for his real criminal acts and not for painting his face black 18 YEARS ago....

I therefore agree with your assessment that something is up, and possibly the Jewish elite in charge are now realizing that their puppet Trudeau is un-electable and are now wanting that psychotic Jewess Chrystia Freeland to take over...

I do hope that Canadians do get the hint that there is an alternative to the heinous Trudeau and that equally heinous Andrew Scheer though.... I am like you and waiting to see where Bernier stands....

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks, Encouragement from readers like you is the gasoline that keeps this blog's engine running.

greencrow said...

Hi Northerntruthseeker:

I answered your comments above on YOUR blog post on this topic. I always enjoy our blog idea-sharing and interactions.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Thanks for your comment. This latest Trudeau mess is very complicated. While it appears that he was driven by his [usual] self-destructive arrogance/narcissism...the fact is, what he did was VERY racist and people were deeply hurt.

It's a tightrope to walk between the two factors.

Anonymous said...

I'm likely to be proven wrong by subsequent events, but I think the real owners have decided to throw Mr T. under the proverbial bus.

I support this wild conjecture by also believing the same fate befell a certain female candidate in a 2016 presidential election in a country known as the USA.

That makes Mr Scheer doubly dangerous, in my opinion.

Penny said...

This is much ado about nothing. It's just more identity politics being promoted.

I wouldn't put it past the Liberals' to have leaked this image themselves so Canada/Canadians will be talkin 'identity politics' instead of real issues- ( like unemployment/healthcare stuff that really matter) then Trudeau can apologize and score political points- this is total garbage- non issue other then to further identity politics to divide and conquer.

Penny said...

This is in the sidebar at my place with a link to original source

"Identity politics has been co-opted by the neoliberal technocracy to divert attention from wealth inequalities, the dominance of big corporations and financial oligarchy in politics, and the complete lack of democratic accountability of elected officials"

this kerfuffle is just a distraction. Diversion. From the very real issues in Canada.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for your comments. There's an old saying in the US: "I don't care what they say about me...just so long as they spell my name right. There's another old saying: "There's no such thing as 'bad publicity'".

So, in that regard, you're right. I was watching CBC tonight and Trudeau is at a Town Hall and all the questions are soft ball he's certainly getting the air time.

But I think that this story has some loose ends and could lead down some very unpleasant paths for the PM. I would like to know how he got away with doing blackface at a school function where he was a teacher. Some "journalist" should certainly investigate this and find out what the school's administration thought about the caper.

As I said in a comment on NTS's blog...I would not be at all surprised if Trudeau was quietly "let go" from that teaching job. Perhaps his contract was simply "not renewed".

Additionally, he must have lied during his vetting process to be a Liberal MP candidate. Surely a question asked on the application form would have to be: Have you ever done or participated in any act that might be an embarrassment to the Liberal Party?

These are only some of the loose ends. IMO, this is a very serious matter and, of course, should [and would in normal circumstances] have led to Trudeau's resignation. We now know he doesn't feel the traditional standards apply to him. Just another Place of Privilege "blind spot" perchance?

Barney said...

Living in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), I don't see what all the fuss is about. Through the sixties, and possibly into the seventies, we had George Mitchell's "Black and White Minstrel show" on our tel-aviv-zions (TVs) and no-one thought anything of it.

Even during the past 20 years there's been a minstrel show (possibly the same one) at a theatre in my home town.

As I remember, there was never any obviously "racial" aspect in the sense of considering blacks inferior to Whites. It was just a novelty act. We didn't even think of it as encouraging race-mixing, with blacked-up males singing with natural White females.

I doubt that blacking-up would have been considered a "hate crime" (thought crime) even as recently as 2001, and to apply recent "laws" to things that happened long ago just leaves every one of us vulnerable to retrospective "law" enforcement.

I'm not defending the scumbag, just pointing out that if something was legal at the time, the law should only apply to things that have happened since it came into force, and not to ancient history.

greencrow said...

Hi Barney:

Thanks for your comment. I don't know the colour of your skin--but if you're white, then how YOU see people colouring their skin and then putting on a "minstrel" act or going to a costume party doesn't really illuminate whether it's offensive or not. It's up to black or brown people to decide. If some of them are offended, then its offensive.

As someone [a white woman] interviewed on the street in Vancouver said yesterday..."It [skin colour] is not a 'costume'".

Barney said...

Fair enough, Greencrow. Point taken. It's just that we in the uk (most of us anyway) didn't really "see" colour until quite recently, so things like this never bothered us.