Wednesday, September 4, 2019

UPDATED: First Day of School and Vaping is Topic #1

UPDATED: September 7, 2019 Warnings of vaping CBD products could result in "Zombie-like" symptoms

September 5, 2019  - Second person dies in US of Vaping-related lung disease

Vaping and Youth

Yesterday was the first day of school in these parts.  I was walking my dogs as usual just after noon on the trail by the local salmon stream.  Ahead of me on the trail were about eight or nine high schoolers who had just been let out from school--it's only a half day on the first day.  The group was mostly boys but I noted one girl.  They were all around fourteen or fifteen years old...young.

Half way down the trail they all veered off to the left, down a smaller path to the river's edge.  There's a bit of a clearing there and a sandy spot to stand.  There are also river rocks...which is why I headed down after them with my dogs.  I'm seeking out round river rocks these days for a craft project I'm working on--painted rocks.

So I headed down after the group of teens even though I knew somehow it would make them uncomfortable having an adult so close to where they were gathering.  Sure enough, one of the boys...the obvious leader of the group...shouted out "Hi!" to me.  He was letting me know that I was getting in their space.  I shouted out "Hi" in return and went about my business...letting my dogs drink from the stream while I searched for the perfect round rocks. 

Soon they forgot I was there and started talking excitedly amongst themselves.  Their topic of conversation was limited to one topic only. Vaping.  The boy who said "Hi" was leading the conversation...teaching his own little lesson: "All About Vaping".

I learned quite a bit from those few moments...How the police can't arrest teens for vaping...the most they can do is make them put out the pipe.  He talked about how to buy the equipment and how much it cost...where was a good place to "vape".  The others gathered around enthusiastically, asking questions, listening intently.

As I listened it struck me how great the marketing strategy for vaping has been.  Just like getting teens to smoke cigarettes when I was a teen...and started a 20-year habit of smoking.  Make it a "forbidden fruit".  Put vaping off limits for teens...but not a criminal offense.  Make it affordable for them.  Pretend you're only targeting an adult market...but deceptively and deliberately target teens. 

As I led my dogs back up the pathway to the main trail...the kids conversation fading off in the distance...I felt sorry for the group. Caught in the same old web of evil deceit and exploitation that I was caught up in 60 years ago when my cousin and I stole her mother's cigarettes and went out into the bush to smoke.

Only, these kids are being targeted by an exponentially more evil substance.  Having that powerful, addictive nicotine/chemical compound forced into the lungs in nano form...rather than just a whole new ballgame for the lungs.  These kids will develop diseases presently unheard of....although people are already dying from vaping.

And the corporate sources of these chemical substances that will prematurely maim and then kill our children are exactly the same corporations that knowingly sold us cancer-causing cigarettes and pretended they were "cool".  Humanity is helpless to stop the biochemical war that's been declared on our children by the Satanists. 

Beam me up, Scottie.

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