Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Controlled Chaos - UK politics looks like BoJo's Hair

Unelected Prime Minister Boris Johnson and British MP Phillip Lee

This morning I watched the UK House of Commons debate on Brexit "live".  What struck me was the unkempt nature of unelected Prime Minister Boris Johnson's hair.  At first blush it looks like he has an extreme case of "bed head".  Cowlicks stick up all over his tousled mop of bleach blond hair.  Very much like British Rock Star Billy Idol, it managed to look radical and chaotic...yet stage managed at the same time.

How much like the current state of UK Politics.  Please read the following latest report from RT and I will have more comments to follow:


BoJo’s government majority destroyed as Tory MP defects to Lib Dems 
The British government has officially lost its working majority in the UK parliament after Tory MP Phillip Lee quit to join the Liberal Democrats, delivering a hammer blow to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

While making his G7 statement to the House of Commons, Johnson was forced to shout over the roars of support for Lee, an ardent Remainer, who took his seat with his new Lib Dem colleagues on the opposition benches.

It means the prime minister is now in charge of a minority government. It’s a humiliating turn of events for Johnson, at a time when he is seeking to push through Brexit, deal or no deal, by October 31.

In a damning statement posted on social media, Lee blasted the Tory government for “aggressively pursuing a damaging Brexit in unprincipled ways,” adding that Johnson’s administration is using “political manipulation, bullying and lies.”

He bemoaned the negative transformation of this “once great party,” claiming that it had become infected by “twin diseases of populism and English nationalism."

It comes as British lawmakers have reconvened after the summer recess and are debating ahead of a planned vote on new legislation which would prevent a no-deal Brexit. The vote is expected to take place around 9pm BST on Tuesday."


Greencrow says:  Kabuki theatre, anyone?  That's what all this looks like from across the pond.  The last time I saw such political machinations and manipulations, as I have said many times on this blog, was during the Canadian Constitutional [Meech Lake] crisis of the late 1980's and early 1990's.  The Conservative government of the day blustered for years--threatened and bullied the population with all manner of dire outcomes [including the break up of the country] if the constitutional amendment was NOT passed.  It was not passed and what happened?  Exactly nothing.

That's what's going to happen here.  Here is a snippet of a report on the issue from the BBC:

"...In a no-deal scenario, the UK would immediately leave the EU with no agreement about the "divorce" process.

Opponents believe it would harm the economy, cause severe disruption to travel and supplies of goods like food and medicine, and lead to a hard border on the island of Ireland.

Proponents insist, though, that any disruption would be short-lived and could be managed with careful preparation..."

IMO, nothing will happen no matter what the outcome of this furious debate.  The Brits never gave up their pound currency so their monetary system is not under threat.  If Brexit goes through...the same ancient trade agreements with Europe will remain.  If Brexit does not go through...the same ancient agreements with Europe will remain. To act otherwise is in nobody's interests.   The bigger question is...what is going on under the radar that all this is a deception/distraction from?

I think the Jewish bankers who run the UK from behind the velvet parliamentary curtain would prefer that Brexit will NOT go through for reasons of control....so hence the Kabuki theatre above.  The tenuous majority of unelected Boris has been broken by the dramatic "defection" of one MP.  How does all this play out for official leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn?  The newz reports don't say.  It's like Corbyn was beamed up to the mothership and is no longer part of the debate.

Likely, the PTB are doing an end run around Corbyn.  They're forming a middle ground party--neither tory nor libs--but some jerry rigged assemblage "Lib dem" party of convenience tailor-made to defeat Corbyn and deny the people a real alternative.  Again, we can watch in slow motion as one snake slowly swallows the other.

Close up it looks like complicated Kabuki theatre.  A dance to the death.  But the greencrow flies high and gets the bigger picture.  With an avian view...across the historical landscape of centuries...we can see that this has all happened many times before.  In fact, intrepid truth blogger John Kaminski has just written about it in a post titled "Chronicle of a Depraved Empire" published on the UK blog "The Truthseeker.uk".  Here is a snippet of what he has to say:


"...The Nameless War

Too few people know about the British Revolution, but there were two of them, and in both, Jews emerged upon the world stage as a political power. The first revolution in the 1640s gave us the unprecedented execution of the king, followed by the return to England of the Jews, who had been banished for 400 years. The second revolution in the 1690s gave us the Bank of England, which essentially was a Jewish production that has run the world ever since.

Next to the two Churchills, Oliver Cromwell ranks as the most evil traitor in British history. Secretly in the pay of Dutch Jews, Cromwell engineered the execution of King Charles I, which was followed by the official readmission of the Jews, who had been banished since 1290 by King Edward I for usury and drinking the blood of Christian children (a fact that judging by recent headlines appears to still be going on in Washington and other Western capitals, as is the crime of usury).

Published in 1851, the two-volume life of Charles I written by Isaac Disraeli, father of the future British prime minister, explains that the key to the revolution was concealed in religious debates.
The political revolution came cloaked in a religious disguise. This was the time of Calvin, whose name in French was Cauin which many have deciphered as Cohen. “A ground work for revolution under a cloak of religious fervor.”

(The elder Disraeli also wrote “. . . a British senate had been transformed into a company of Hebrew Rabbins.” Any resemblance to the current U.S. Congress is not coincidental. We have today a whole wing of the Christian religion, the super-evangelical Zionists, postulating that the maintenance of the state of Israel takes precedence over the veneration of the very holy man upon whom their religion was founded . . . !)

In the second revolution, “The Glorious Revolution” in the 1690s, which established the Bank of England . . .

The chief figure amongst those who deserted (King) James at that crucial juncture was John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough. It is interesting to read in the Jewish Encyclopedia that this duke for many years received not less than £6,000 a year from the Dutch Jew Solomon Medina.

(His descendant Winston, of course, was the leader who wasted all those British lives at Gallipoli and then, decades later, after having his debts paid off by a very rich Jew, he began the bombing of Germany that started World War II ON HIS VERY FIRST DAY AS PRIME MINISTER.)

The real objective of the “Glorious Revolution” was achieved a few years later in 1694, when the royal consent was given for the setting up of the “Bank of England” and the Institution of the National Debt. This charter handed over to an anonymous committee the Royal prerogative of minting; converted the basis of wealth to gold; and enabled the international money lenders to secure their loans on the taxes of the country, instead of the doubtful undertaking of some ruler or potentate which was all the security they could previously obtain.

This sweetheart deal exists today among the 13 Jewish families who share ownership of the Federal Reserve, which creates and controls America’s money supply.

From that time economic machinery was set in motion which ultimately reduced all wealth to the fictitious terms of gold which Jews control; and drained away the life blood of the land, the real wealth which was the birthright of the British peoples.

Perhaps the wily Jews’ two most powerful mechanisms were invented during England’s turbulent 17th century. The two party system frustrated the true national reaction of the people and enabled the bankers to keep control. Also, our keepers learned how to use their newly established financial power to ensure that their own men and their own policies should dominate the headlines, which has evolved today into total control of the worldwide media spectrum and totally artificial political candidates.

“The English Revolution under Charles I,” writes Isaac Disraeli, “was unlike any preceding one . . . From that time and event we contemplate in our history the phases of revolution.” There were many more to follow on similar lines, notably in France. In 1897 a further important clue to these mysterious happenings fell into Gentile hands in the shape of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In that document we read this remarkable sentence: “Remember the French Revolution, the secrets of its preparation are well known to us for it was entirely the work of our hands.”


Greencrow summarizes: The above is a short clip of the long history of England and its relationship with continental Europe ever since it became locked in a death grip by the Jewish [Rothchild] bankers who took it over in the 1690's and turned it into what was, up until the American empire of the 20th century, the largest and most powerful empire the world has ever seen.  When The UK became tired and worn out from the wars necessary to run the empire...the parasites switched to a new host...and now that host [the USA] is also on the verge of collapse.

Whatever happens in the UK...Brexit or no Brexit...will be the outcome desired by the invisible manipulators behind the Parliamentary curtains.  What we're seeing in the live broadcast today is just Kabuki theatre, flamboyant, organized chaos..teased to a crescendo...like Boris's hair...and just as phony.


Anonymous said...

A Precise, cogent summary explaining WHY events are unfolding as they do.

It begs the rhetorical question "Why is the group holding all the money and wielding all the power the most butt-hurt group on the planet?"

This inquiring mind would like to know the answer to that question.

greencrow said...

"....the most butt-hurt group on the planet?"..."

"By way of deception thou shalt do war"? Mossad motto aptly explains why the group feigns that they are "butt-hurt".