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UPDATED: Muppet Power! - The Perps are working overtime to falsify Canadian Election

UPDATED:  September 30, 2019 Maxime Bernier's recent campaign appearance in Hamilton, Ontario was not without controversy.  Fake agitators pretending to be Antifa and PPC supporters [in Make America Great Again hats] attempted to turn the event into a clown circus.  Fortunately, it was allowed to go ahead and once again showed that the PPC is gaining momentum.  Watch out for attempts to derail Bernier's campaign to escalate.

The "Greta Effect"  The Perps are Trying to Spin the Phony
Climate Muppet into a Canadian Federal Election Issue

You know how Hollywood [which my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker calls "Jewlywood"] always does spin-offs?  This is when they beat a popular movie script to death in endless variations on the same tired theme.  Well, this is what the Hollywood-brained perception managers/media manipulators are trying to do with their latest "cause" Muppet Pippi Climatestocking.  Today, on the CTV newz network they're positing that Greta Thunberg has affected the Canadian Federal Election.  Please read the following and I will have more comments to follow:

"The Greta effect? Nanos survey suggests young voters turning on Trudeau

TORONTO -- Support for Justin Trudeau among young voters appears to have plummeted in the wake of the Liberal leader’s meeting with teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg and the release of his party’s platform.

Polling data from Nanos Research shows that the proportion of voters aged 18 to 29 who cite Trudeau as their preferred prime minister fell from nearly 35 per cent to a little more than 24 per cent within 24 hours..."


Greencrow says:  Have you ever read anything so asinine?  Now this cartoon character is affecting the outcome of the Canadian election.  Not all the lies told by Trudeau...not his conviction of ethical misdeeds in the SNC Lavalin Affair...not his Foreign Affairs Minister neo-Nazi warmonger Chrystia [dress hiked up to her nethers] Freeland.  No.  The Swedish heiress to the Pink Pussy Hat fortune.

You see, the perps are terrified that Canadians might have minds of their own and might want to vote according to their perceptions of reality.  I had a comment from one such Canadian voter in my in-basket this morning.  Karmellis is responding to my post about Peoples Party Leader Maxime Bernier the other day.  I posted an interview he did with the staff of the National Post.  Please read Karmellis's assessment and I will have final comments to follow:

"Karmellis said...
Considering the blatant media bias against any party that is not "Far-left", it was a bit refreshing to see an interview that was not handled in such a way. The first third of the interview worried me a bit since it seemed to be more about slogans and lacking in substance, but the rest of the interview makes up for it. He has definitely considered his policies carefully, rather than just being given marching orders from his higher-ups and he comes across to me as someone I would want to vote for (And this says a lot since I gave up on the federal elections some 20 years ago). I appreciate his humbleness and down-to-earth approach on things, his admission of not knowing everything and far more sincere willingness to listen. Also, I like that he doesn't have to have a lineup of 10-20 people behind him (who all look bored out of their skulls and are obviously paid by taxpayer funds to be there).

Still, Bernier has his work cut out for him. We have at least one moderator for the big national debate that is completely compromised (Althia Raj published a disgusting hit piece on Andrew Scheer in the Huffington Post and met with Gerald Butts at a restaurant) and who is to say the rest of them are not (but are being more careful at hiding it). Luckily, he is in a position of having everything to gain and pretty much nothing to lose. He needs to go in there, calm and collected and get his points across without resorting to screaming or losing it (Which I speculate will happen with Trudeau, considering the frequency at which he and his cabinet lost it in the house).

Ultimately though, my personal speculation is that the 'fix' is already in for the Liberals to win again. When you consider:
- The polls keep showing this 'close' race between the Conservatives and Liberals despite leak after leak after scandal after scandal, showing a disconnect between what is going on and who people would want to vote for.
- The polls have been flat-out wrong in at least three provincial elections (Ontario, Alberta and PEI come to mind).
- Elections Canada was caught peddling pre-Liberal content some months back, making their unbiased position a total fraud.

I hate to be all 'gloom and doom' about this, but here are my predictions for the upcoming few years:
- An investigation into their crimes cannot be permitted, no matter what the circumstances are, and even if it was, it would be excessively scrubbed and controlled to the point where nothing will be found and no one will ever be held to accountability. The taxpayers, justice system and everything that makes Canada what it is will be harmed beyond a point of no return. "Liberaltopia" will be upon us and they will have every intention of staying.
- The election will be a total rig job (supported by a lying media and poll system that says how 'close' everything is), guaranteeing they get back in. Liberaltopia will continue to enforce their virtue signaling policies on all of us, breaking apart the family unit ever more than it already is.
- The general population will become increasingly sick of this to point of demonstrations (We recently had a rally in Toronto that was attacked by a group of virtue-signaled left-wings), there will be crackdowns on these demonstrations and ultimately we could see: A revolution on our hands, 99% of the population locked up in jail or total civil war... And this does not even factor in the separation issue of our western provinces, further complicating matters.

I am not advocating or supporting anything here. I have been following what is going on and can see the signs. I believe the breaking point in Canada is a LOT closer than people realize and the country WILL snap if the Liberals are permitted to remain in power, through either force or elections. They simply cannot be allowed to remain and even another puppet in different colours (AKA a different party running the government) would still be an improvement.
Greencrow concludes:  Now is as good a time as any to say that I will most likely be voting for Maxime Bernier and his People's Party in this election.  I've already researched and the PPC does have a candidate in this riding.  I was going to vote for the Green Party but decided not to for the following reasons:

1. Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, is an American who transplanted to Canada. I believe all party leaders should be Canadian-born. Hellooowww?  More importantly, the Greens have swallowed the Klimate Kool-Aid.

2.  I had based my initial plan to vote Green Party on her position on the TMX pipeline.  Now I truly believe the TMX is [pardon the expression] "dead in the water", based on the upcoming legal decision by the Canadian Federal Court.  This decision, IMO, will support First Nations rights to their land.  I think all the leaders by now know that if any government power were to try to destroy the Vancouver coastal areas with mega oil tankers by the dozens in gridlock in our waterways...there would be a massive revolt by British Columbians.  The TMX is a non-starter.  The Burrard Inlet should be declared a marine park and protected in perpetuity.

3.  So my vote is predicated on supporting a real Canadian who does not have corporate ties.  This is proved by Bernier's opposition to "supply management".  While I am not usually a conservative party sympathizer and lean very far left...I'm fed up with the phonies on both sides of the parliamentary aisle. They're both wings of the same bird.  Bernier wants to build a Canadian "energy corridor" from coast to coast.  Just as long as they don't put a Bitumen port in the Burrard Inlet I would be interested in his ideas.  My concept is that Alberta should build on-site refineries and change the Bitumen into oil on site instead of shipping it overseas.  THAT would save jobs AND the environment.
My final decision about what party to support in the October 21st election will depend on the one English Debate which I understand will take place on October 7th.  Depending on how well Maxime Bernier does in that debate, I'll decide what party to support.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Pippi Climatestocking brings the Climate Colour Revolution to Canada

Swedish Climate Activist 16 year old Greta Thunberg 

Some alternative bloggers like my colleague Northerntruthseeker have been writing that Greta Thunberg [photo above] is yet another Sorosian Muppet in another Colourful Sesame Street-style production.  Thunberg certainly has all the elements.  She is a knock-off of the well known children's book character, Pippi Longstocking in a series of children's books written by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren during the last century.

I have to admit I've never read any of the Pippi Longstocking books.  But from the books' illustrations, the character appears to be very happy and positive, the mirror opposite of the ranting, angry young woman who showed up at the United Nations the other day and today is marching in Montreal, Canada.

There have been very recent revelations that Thunberg is being financially supported by ONE, which is a Sorosian operation.  We all are keenly aware that George Soros is actually a very angry, Russia-hating Jew who loves to go around the globe seeding social and political instability.  He loves to control the forces of radicalism in all nations so that all activism is rendered phony and fake.  He sucks the life out of real human activism by paying for rent-a-mobs and bussing them to city centres to protest this or that cause du jour masterminded by the perps.

Proponents of real change have become very wary and cynical about all public demonstrations [is it being paid for by Soros?]  Remember the pink pussy hats?  Well, Pippi Climatestocking is a spin-off of that.

I would like to ask Pippi Climatestocking a few questions:  What does she think of chemtrails?  Does she even know about chemtrails?  Is she aware that the military-industrial complexes all over the world are pumping tons of carbon directly into the skies overhead?  This carbon which is a waste product of coal mining is laced with all sorts of other chemicals including [as once acknowledged by the Pentagon] Lithium.  Does Pippi know that there's now a new category of cloud listed by Wikipedia in the topic/category of clouds.  Look it up.  The new category of clouds includes human-manufactured clouds called:

  • Cumulus stratocumulogenitus
  • Cumulus homogenitus clouds formed by air-mass convection associated with contained industrial activity.

Does Pippi Climatestocking know that the clouds of today bear little resemblance to the clouds of my youth back in the 1950's?  Back then, the clouds were much higher in the sky and they were much more compact.  Today the clouds come in long thin contrails.  They congregate directly over large population centres where sometimes they form crosshatches like a Scotsman's kilt.  Does Pippi ever ask what is in those man-made cloud/contrails?

Chemtrails Plaid Sky 2017

Is Pippi Climatestocking aware of HAARP?  Is she aware of EMP's, 5G and the weaponizing of weather?  If so, does she not think that's a greater danger to humanity than CO2?  Does she ever wonder where the money from the proposed CO2 tax will go?  Will it perhaps be earmarked to pay the military for spraying the skies with carbon creating the "homogenitus clouds" described above? 

"Angel of Chemainus"
Cloud photographed over a Canadian
air force base in 2018

I would love to see the stunned and puzzled look on Pippi Climatestocking's face if and when she is ever asked real questions about the climate...about the covert efforts to control/destroy the natural meteorology on this planet that have been going on secretly and relentlessly for almost 50 years now.

In conclusion, Pippi is just another colour revolution distraction.  She probably doesn't even know it.  God forbid she look up to the skies...and see the homogenitus clouds and start asking about them, and HAARP, and EMP's and Carbon taxes paid to the military to lace our clouds with chemicals that alter/mutate our biology.

Just smile a little bit more, Pippi.

Maxime Bernier gets a rare National Headline

Peoples Party of Canada Leader
Maxime Bernier gets a rare National Headline

Some Canadian voters want to know more about Peoples Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and his party's platform.  This video that appeared in the National Post gives him a rare chance to speak to Canadians.  He is against supply management and unlimited immigration.  He wants to leave climate change initiatives to the Provinces. No Carbon Tax.

I'm seriously considering voting for the Peoples Party of Canada.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Massaging the 9/11 Truth

CNBC Newz Anchor admits
Building 7 brought down by
controlled demolition

The newz anchor and his Ziofascist perp handlers count on Americans being so stupid that they don't understand the mechanics or how labour-intensive rigging a building for demolition is.  It takes weeks to cut ALL the steel beams at a precise angle to facilitate the collapse and to install the dynamite and charges.

Sadly, Americans ARE that stupid.  They will believe you can snap your fingers and just "bring down a building".

'Nuckin Futz Newz - Not funny anymore

US President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky at UN

The headlines this morning are all about the declaration of intention by Democratic Congressional House Leader Nancy Pelosi to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.  Here is an update from the CBC.

Again the ROTW [Rest of the World] is being dragged along as the Narcissistic Nation, USrael falls into yet another interminable CRISIS [all in caps as Trump likes to Tweet].  This time, it's about a phone call Trump made to Ukraine President Zelensky to shake him down and strong arm him into going after a political rival.  Let's be frank.  That's exactly what took place.  The only reason we know about this instance, no doubt one of dozens where Trump phoned a vassal state and bullied the leader, is because a whistleblower was listening in [how does THAT happen]?

I can imagine our deeply unbeloved Prime Minister Justin [le "Blackface" Dauphin] Trudeau has already taken at least a dozen such calls.  One of the most notorious, no doubt, was the night he took a call from Trump ordering him to hold Chinese Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou in custody at the Vancouver airport, unlawfully seize/search her devices and question her for three hours prior to informing her she was under arrest.  THAT phone call went totally unreported in the MZM and as I type, Meng's lawyers are trying to pin down the details in a Vancouver Courtroom.  In the unlikely event the defense lawyers are successful...the Meng illegal detention phone call will far surpass the Ukraine/Biden shakedown call as prima facie evidence for impeachment.

But now Trump's phone call with Ukraine's Zelensky is the focus of an Impeachment Investigation in USrael.  Of course, the demented and unstable man should be removed from office!  I've been documenting all his psychotic episodes for a couple of years now under my topic 'Nuckin Futz News".  If the investigators want any evidence that he is unfit for office...all they have to do is source my blog under that heading.

Some defenders of Trump say that this is just another witch hunt.  Well, that TOO.  It is a witch hunt and it is just the latest of a never-ending, relentless effort by the Democratic Party to undo the election of 2016.  As I've said many times on this blog.  There is a civil war going on in the United States of Israel.  Both sides of this covert struggle are evil and corrupt to the hilt.  Both are fighting for the scraps of the hollowed out [eaten by parasites] corpse of a once vibrant democracy.

When was the United States ever a vibrant democracy?  Well, perhaps for a period of several hours the night before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 became law.  But even then, the United States was rising on the corpses of the Indigenous North Americans who it had stolen the land from and killed in a mass murder that puts any other hollow co$t to shame.

So, in conclusion, I don't really care what happens to Trump.  He should have been forced from the Oval Office after he bombed and killed innocent Syrians as an after-dinner entertainment for the Chinese President at Maralago  But what difference would it make?  Are there any rising stars on the USrael political horizon ready to take his place?  No.  Tulsi Gabbard is the one who comes closest but she is being systematically, ruthlessly, relentlessly silenced and drummed off the political stage.

So it is just another boring daytime TV drama, another bonanza for the Media Network Channels as they provide advertising for the 24/7 coverage of the phony political grandstanding and pretend legal process that will shortly be taking place.  Watching the Impeachment Hearings will be like watching old Seinfeld TV episodes.  It was funny the first, not so much.

But maybe that's an idea, perhaps we could rerun some of Trump's funnier episodes of exposed the episode below where he suggested to some American National Security officials that they should look into dropping a nuclear bomb into the eye of a hurricane.  Now, THAT was a real knee slapper!  As a bonus, I've also included a few links to some more 'Nuckin Futz Newz Nuggets at the bottom of this post.  Enjoy.

Mr Trump asked why the US couldn't drop
a bomb into the eye of the storm to stop it
from making landfall, news site Axios said.

Nuclear weapons and hurricanes don't mix, NOAA advises

Using nuclear weapons to destroy hurricanes is not a good idea, a US scientific agency has said, following reports that President Donald Trump wanted to explore the option.

The Axios news website said Mr Trump had asked several national security officials about the possibility.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said the results would be "devastating".

Mr Trump has denied making the suggestion.

Hurricanes typically affect the US east coast, often causing serious damage.

It's not the first time the idea has been considered.,,,"

",,,The NOAA says that using nuclear weapons on a hurricane "might not even alter the storm" and the "radioactive fallout would fairly quickly move with the tradewinds to affect land areas".,,

From Darkmoon

Donald Trump: A ‘Dangerous Psychopath’ Who Needs To Be Opposed

From PressTV

Trump defends China trade war, says 'I am the chosen one'

Also from PressTV

Trump’s erratic rant renews calls on Twitter for his removal from office

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Meng Wanzhou Update - Meng's Lawyers Want to Know "Who 'Decision Maker' Was"

Meng Wanzhou With Ankle Bracelet

I'm having a lot of problems posting this morning. Gremlins have gotten into my computer and are slowing it down and taking me offline every few minutes. No matter. I will continue to post this because it's short and sweet...very sweet. Please read the MSM article below and I will have more comments to follow:

VANCOUVER — A lawyer for Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou denies her defence team is on a "fishing expedition" for documents to support its case.

Scott Fenton told B.C. Supreme Court on Tuesday that the team is not relying on conjecture, guess work or wishful thinking when it asks the court to compel the Attorney General of Canada to release further documents related to Meng's arrest at Vancouver's airport last December.
"We are not on a proverbial fishing expedition in any way," Fenton said, adding that the defence will offer a more narrow and specific request for access Wednesday.

Meng's legal team is arguing for further disclosure in an ongoing hearing ahead of Meng's extradition trial, which begins in January.
Fenton said the defence must convince Justice Heather Holmes that there is an "air of reality" to their allegations, including that Meng was the subject of an abuse of process, in order to compel further disclosure from the Crown.

Canada's attorney general has not yet presented its response in court but documents show it will argue that officials followed the law when they detained the top Chinese tech executive and the defence has no proof to substantiate its "conspiracy theory" that she was illegally arrested.
Meng was arrested Dec. 1, 2018, at the request of the United States, which is seeking her extradition on fraud charges related to violation of sanctions against Iran. Both Meng and Chinese tech giant Huawei have denied any wrongdoing and none of the allegations have been tested in court.

The arrest of Meng, who is the chief financial officer of Huawei and the daughter of the company's founder, sparked a diplomatic crisis between Canada and China. She is free on bail and living in Vancouver.
Another defence lawyer, Richard Peck, told the court Tuesday that there was nothing "routine" about the way Meng was questioned by border officials before she was read her rights and informed of her arrest at the airport.

He pointed to a solemn declaration sworn by a border official that says Meng repeatedly asked why she was taken for secondary screening and that he questioned Meng about her business activity in Iran.

Peck also presented video showing that neither he nor another border official standing by took notes of the conversation, even though the second official had "meticulously" taken notes during other portions of Meng's detention in the screening area.

Part of the defence team's argument alleges that officials intentionally failed to properly document their process.

The deputy minister of justice and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were also briefed on the arrest, which is unusual, Peck noted.

The defence also said that officials originally planned to board Meng's plane and arrest her before she disembarked, but the plan changed.
Instead, it said two RCMP officers watched as border officials met Meng on the jetway, collected her phones in a specialized bag that blocks remote wiping, then escorted her to a secondary screening area where she was held for about three hours before her arrest.
Handwritten notes by RCMP officers outline the first plan was communicated after a meeting Nov. 30 at the airport with RCMP and CBSA officials. But there's a gap in documentation of why the plan changed, Fenton said.

"We don't know who caused the plan to change. We don't know who was the decision maker or makers, we don't know what the discussion was that led to the changes and who participated in that discussion," he said.

It's an example that raises "an inference that there were further communications in relation to the arrest plan that are relevant to why they changed the next morning," he said.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on Sept. 24, 2019
Amy Smart, The Canadian Press
Here are more details about the court proceedings currently going on in Vancouver from global news and From the Vancouver Sun

Court to hear disclosure arguments in Meng Wanzhou case

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou’s lawyers allege Canadian officials acted as “agents” of the FBI.
In court documents released last month, the defence has argued Meng was unlawfully detained at Vancouver’s airport last December at the direction of American authorities.
Meng’s lawyers allege Canadian officials acted as “agents” of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, but they say the question that remains is to what extent and how the FBI was involved in what they describe as a “scheme.”
None of the allegations in the case have been tested in court.
Meng was arrested at the behest of the United States, which is seeking her extradition on fraud charges in violation of sanctions with Iran.
Both Meng and Chinese tech giant Huawei have denied any wrongdoing.
Her arrest sparked a diplomatic crisis between Canada and China.
Meng is the chief financial officer of Huawei and the daughter of the company’s founder.
Her extradition trial won’t begin until Jan. 20. Meng is free on bail and living in Vancouver.
Here is a snippet from the CBC

...Meng's lawyers ultimately plan to argue that all those factors contribute to abuses of process serious enough to have the case tossed.

But first they hope to convince B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes to order the disclosure of notes, emails, texts, reports and any other documents they believe will help them make their case.

"[Meng] submits that she was unlawfully detained, searched and interrogated at YVR under a ruse carried out by the CBSA, RCMP and American authorities, for the benefit of and likely at the direction of the FBI and other U.S. authorities," the defence team claims.

"In these circumstances, one would reasonably expect that the FBI was in communication with the [Department of Justice], the RCMP and/or CBSA throughout these events ... Yet none of this material has been disclosed."..."


Greencrow says:  Folks, after reading all the above it is patently clear that the Meng Wanzhou Defense team has the gubermint of Canada and its so-called "security agencies" [sic] in a bind. In order to prepare a defense for her January 2020 extradition trial, Meng's lawyers need to get the relevant information about Meng's arrest at the Vancouver airport in late 2018.  They need to know who ordered her devices to be seized and for her to be held for three hours prior to being told she was under arrest.

Pretty straightforward, right?  Wrong-go!  Things always go haywire when any humans on the face of this earth try to find out who the ultimate "decision-maker" is.  This entity, whoever s/he is has absolute power over all of us.  This entity can not only decide to break the law while arresting a pawn in an international trade scrap...but this decision-maker can bring down towers in the middle of a city on a clear, sunny September morning, killing 3000+ people and never have their faces revealed to the public.

This decision-maker can assassinate presidents and senators...can start perpetual wars killing millions over decades.  This decision-maker can send hordes of refugees all over the globe destroying ancient cultures.  This decision-maker can cause man-made plagues like HIV and "Ebola" to scourge and terrorize humanity.

Readers, by now you will be thinking that perhaps this decision-maker has "god-like" qualities.  I say the decision maker has more "Satan-like" qualities.  Whatever and who-ever the decision-maker was who decided to intervene at the Vancouver airport to ensure that the laws were broken with impunity...the legal minions on Meng's defense team will surely be unsuccessful in finding out who s/he is.  As the saying find out who rules you...determine who you're not allowed to talk about...or words to that effect.

Stay tuned to this interesting caper that's going on in the Vancouver Courthouse.  It's not very often questions like this are even raised....much less answered:

"Who Was the Decision-Maker?"

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In Support of Brother Donald LaFleur - Canadian went to Syria and Discovered Western-Sponsored Atrocities

Syrian Postal Workers Thrown off Roof
by Western-Sponsored Terrorists

No wonder the perp moles infesting the Canadian Labour Congress didn't want brother Donald Lafleur to go to Syria and attend a conference!  Look at what he discovered in the photos above.  Atrocities committed at the behest of the perp moles themselves!  I wrote about the persecution of truth-teller Donald Lafleur in a post last week. Please read the following letter in support of Mr. Lafleur and I will have final thoughts to follow:

From Dissident Voice:

In Support of Brother Donald Lafleur, Executive Vice President, Canadian Labour Congress

Dear Comrades,

We write to you as fellow trade unionists and comrades dedicated in the struggle for workers’ rights in support of Donald Lafleur and his visit to the GFTU trade union congress in Damascus. Brother Lafleur has been unjustly placed on administrative leave despite the fact that he attended the meeting as a private individual, on his own time and at his own expense. The Union Executive is continuing its deliberations and considering further actions against him.  We demand that he be permitted to resume his full duties!

We are surprised by the witch hunt against a fellow comrade and double standards taken by western media and governments when it comes trade unionism in Syria! We draw your attention to the fact the Canadian Labour Congress has never endorsed the economic sanctions against Syria and we don’t believe it would ever support actions that would bring hardship and undermine fellow trade unionists.

Donald had the courage to accept an invitation to the congress in Syria in order to listen, learn, see with his own eyes and try to understand the experience of fellow trade unionists in Syria and the 42 other countries represented at the conference. Unlike many others, he kept an open mind and did not accept without question the one-sided accounts and demonization in the western media and governments.  Now he is under attack by those same media and governments, as well as the many, many persons and organizations that have been willingly brainwashed by the prevailing war propaganda. He deserves to heard and honoured for his efforts and solidarity, not pilloried and reviled.

And Donald learned a lot.

Syrian trade union members in Syria have for the last 8 years been standing alone in an unjust war against their nation and people. This war has brought terrorism on a scale never seen before and has deceitfully promoted the actions of terror groups as calls for freedom. It has made the peace-loving people, sacred sites and culture into victims of international terrorism, geopolitics and hegemony administered by imperialist powers and worsened by massive economic and humanitarian sanctions. Members of Syrian trade unions have spent many cold winters either mourning the loss of loved ones or caring for many of their injured comrades.

To date over 12,000 fellow union members were either killed or injured by terror groups in the last 8 years, and the fate of over 3000 kidnapped members is still unknown. Yet none of this is ever reported or relayed in western media.   Many of the workers were subjected to draconian and barbaric torture by the terror groups before they were killed, like the mutilation that happened to Issa Mahmood Hassan in Homs. Issa was a gas storage facility manager who was ambushed on his way to work and killed by armed militants belonging the so called “moderate rebels”. After severing his head from his body, they used his mobile phone to call his wife and describe in detail what they did to her husband. Other examples include the killing of railway workers while they were trying to repair the railway tracks between Aleppo and Hama in September 2011; the killing of electricians who were trying to repair electrical cables in Deir Ez-Zour and Homs and the atrocity committed in August 2012 by the so called “moderate rebels” in Al-Baba, in the North of Aleppo Province, where the rebels threw post office workers off the roof of their work building. However, none of those incidents ever received sympathy in European Media.
The massacres that were committed in December 2013 by the rebels (Jabhat al-Nusra) [ed. note:  a known proxy of Israel]  in Aadra Al-Oumaliah against the GFTU workers and their family members were war crimes on a mass scale. Hundreds of workers and their families were either burnt in their homes or abducted, raped and mutilated in the streets. like Nabil Barakat (a trade union members) whose wife, three children and sister were all killed by the armed rebels.

Nabil Barakat Family, Murdered by “rebels” in 2013

We urge full restoration of Brother Lafleur’s status and authority. Instead of treating brother Donald Lafleur with disrespect and ostracism, we must all stand by him, and hear about his experiences. We also urge other trade union members to visit Syria and find more about what is going on there directly rather than being brainwashed by one-sided mainstream media reports. We hope that you will stand by the side of Donald Lafleur as well as brother Syrian trade union members and help them to overcome the injustices that have been imposed upon them.


Fellow delegates to the GFTU Trade Conference in Syria (signatures pending confirmation)
[signed by 20 members]


Greencrow concludes:  Folks, I suspect what Donald Lafleur heard from the Syrian workers when he attended the conference is just the tip of the iceberg.  The news that families had been burnt in their homes reminds me of the terror that British leader Oliver Cromwell visited on my Irish ancestors when he went to Ireland in the 1700's and burnt entire villages of people alive in their locked churches.  These Satanists are truly the descendants of Cromwell!  And it is important to note who came to the rescue of the Syrians. Russia!  Russia was the only nation on earth with the militant morality to stop the slaughter.

Yes, dear readers, these are the terrorists that are supported by our Liberal government of Justin [Le "blackface" Dauphin] and SoroCIAn mole Chrystia ["dress hiked up to her nethers"*] Freeland.  This is the story that should be dominating the airwaves at this moment of the Canadian Federal Election campaign.  But no.  Only the cherished readers of this blog and a few others will even get wind of it.

* See Photo in the Post Below

Monday, September 23, 2019

Truth To Power: Town Hall Protesters Ask Chrystia Freeland Why She's a Warmonger

Chrystia Freeland at Townhall
h/t to Xymphora for link 

Like other alternative/truth bloggers, I've been wondering where Canadian Liberal Cabinet Minister/SorosCIAn mole Chrystia Freeland is during all the brouhaha about Trudeau's blackface.  She's kept an unusually low profile.  But she suddenly emerged yesterday at a town hall--that had to be cut short due to unruly protesters.  Please read the following story that appeared in CityNews and I will have more comments to follow:

"Town hall with Chrystia Freeland cut short by protesters

by The Canadian Press and News Staff ,
Posted Sep 22, 2019 5:32 pm EDT
Last Updated Sep 23, 2019 at 9:32 am EDT

A town hall with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland held by the National Council of Canadian Muslims was cut short Sunday after protesters calling her a “war monger” repeatedly interrupted the event in Toronto.

Protesters held up signs raising issues such as Venezuelan independence while another at one point held up a sign that read: “Save Yemeni Children.”

“If you’re for democracy, why do you condone the sale of weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia,” said one unidentified man. “Why are you waging economic war against the people of Venezuela who have done no harm to Canada? Why are you a war monger?”

After several interruptions, organizers stopped the event titled “What’s at stake this federal election” held at the University of Toronto.
The town hall came days after the prime minister’s re-election bid was hit by controversy, after images emerged of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s past dressing in brown- or blackface as part of costume events.

No direct questions were posed about the images, but in her opening remarks Freeland reiterated her comments from Friday that “racism and intolerance are unacceptable, always and in all forms” and she was “disappointed” when she saw the images.

Freeland said that she accepts Trudeau’s apology, which she believes is “sincere,” but on Sunday told the town hall that its not for her to choose whether or not to accept it or forgive the prime minister.

“He needed to apologize, and he has, to the people who have been really hurt by seeing those images,” the foreign affairs minister told the several dozen people who attended the event.

“And it’s up to those people to make their own judgements about that.”


Greencrow says: LOL.  Wish I could have been there--to see the meagre crowd that showed up,  apparently made up mostly of Truth to Power protesters who were asking Freeland inconvenient questions. These intrepid individuals represent the vast majority of Canadians.  We don't like war and we hate warmongers.  Why can we not have a leader who speaks this reality?  Because we're occupied, that's why. 

In summing up this incident, I can suggest that Freeland was given just an itsy bitsy tiny taste of the kind of demonstrations she'll face, coast to coast--should she ever take over from Justin [le Dauphin] Trudeau.