Saturday, August 17, 2019

Why Doesn't Russia Pass an "Epstein Act"?

     Sergei Magnitsky  and Jeffrey Epstein, 
both died in their jail cells      

I'm sure the Russians are enjoying the irony of it similar the Epstein case and the Magnitsky case are.  Both men were high profile prisoners...both men were set to testify against powerful former mentors/clients....and both men died under dubious circumstances while in custody of their governments.

In the case of Sergei Magnitsky, the West, primarily the US, the UK... but even little "yes boy" Canada..have declared that the international fraudster Bill Browder's accountant Magnitsky [Browder falsely claims Magnitsky was a lawyer] was tortured and murdered by the Kremlin.  Russia denies the allegation.  But the Western countries all subsequently passed legislation sanctioning Russia for its supposed brutal treatment of a prisoner [Magnitsky] while in custody.  The legislation is called "The Magnitsky Act" and is dragged out any time the West wants to do a propaganda number on Russia.

LOL.  So, Why doesn't Russia pass an "Epstein Act" based on the brutal treatment that Jeffrey Epstein suffered at the hands [literally] of the person(s) who was allowed by the federal government of the United States to enter his cell and strangle Epstein in the middle of the night?  This legislation could be spearheaded by the lawyers for Epstein, who are now averring that they will conduct their own "independent" investigation, given all the glaring anomalies in the "official story".

Yes, in future, all the "Five Eyes" nations could be placed under sanction of "The Epstein Act" whenever "The Magnitsky Act" is dragged out of the woodwork.  Duelling Acts.  lol.


Penny said...

Greencrow- I know you had your tongue firmly implanted in your cheek with this one, but, I thoroughly enjoyed the thought.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I thought of you while writing this post. Only you would enjoy the irony and black humoUr as much as me. lolol

greencrow said...

Hi Penny and all:

After seeing this link on Sputnik

which I have also embedded in this post under the word "person(s)" I have returned to my original thesis on this murder which is that it was done by M16 to conceal Epstein's close relationship with Prince Andrew.

In other words, Epstein was "Diana-ed" as I vouched in one of my first posts on this topic.