Saturday, August 31, 2019

Via Rail Terror Patsies Ordered New Trial - "... grounds on which the new trial was ordered are 'exceedingly technical'."

The Ontario Court of Appeal has ordered a new trial
 for Raed Jaser left, and Chiheb Esseghaier.
 The men were found guilty on terror-related
 charges in connection with a plot to
 derail a passenger train

Good morning everyone.  A few days ago I promised to post the second in a series I call the Dog Dayz of Summer News.  These are news stories that are deliberately dropped into the Newz Cycle when most alternative news groupies and/or people who are otherwise geopolitically awake are on holidays.  At least that is the hope of the news managers...the people who decide what we will be allowed to read or see on TV.

Today I am posting a story that the perps would like to see buried on the back pages during the halcion days of late August...when everyone is busy returning to their normal life after summer vacay.  The reason they want this story buried is because it has a stinking resemblance to other stories in a similar vein.  Unknown people, mostly swarthy male darkies [people of middle eastern muslim extraction] arrested, tried and convicted for "terror crimes". Then, for some unknown or known reason, the legal case falls apart and they are either freed or a new trial is ordered.

We had a case here in Vancouver that I've beaten to death.  The Terror Patsies of 2013.  A young couple who were former addicts and who were/are mentally vulnerable and dirt poor...were set up to bomb the Victoria Legislature on Canada Day 2013.  Regular readers will by now be very familiar with the details....particularly the details about how CSIS and the RCMP set the couple up and in the blunt words of the trial judge "manufactured [the] crime".  John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were set free and today live in parts unknown...probably financially subsidized by a large, secret [taxpayer funded] settlement.

Well, the case below is quite similar.  Please read the details I snipped from two reports and I will have final thoughts to follow:


From the BBC

Train terror plot convictions set aside by Canadian court

Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier were arrested by Canadian authorities in April 2013.

They were found guilty in 2015 on charges including conspiracy to commit murder for the benefit of a terrorist group.

Those convictions have now been aside due to an "error" by the trial judge.

On Tuesday, an Ontario appellate court judge issued a ruling directing a fresh trial for the pair, arguing that the jury in the trial had been improperly selected.

Jaser, 41, a Palestinian from Toronto, and Esseghaier, 36, a Tunisian from Montreal, appealed against their conviction and sentencing in February.

They cited a number of errors including the rejection of a request they had made regarding jury selection.

The two were arrested following a joint surveillance operation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and FBI agents from the US.

They were alleged to have spent months plotting to kill as many people as possible on the VIA rail passenger train route.

US officials said at the time that the attack would have targeted a rail line between New York and Toronto, a route that travels along the Hudson Valley and enters Canada near Niagara Falls.

VIA Rail operates passenger rail services across Canada and carries nearly four million passengers annually.

During the original trial the prosecution alleged that Jaser and Esseghaier had been motivated by Islamist extremism and they were both sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole until 2023.


and from CTV and CBC we have two more reports on this case:

2 men jailed on Via Rail terror charges get new trial because of jury-selection mistake

TORONTO -- Two men found guilty of terrorism charges in connection with a plot to derail a passenger train between Canada and the U.S. were granted a new trial Tuesday after Ontario's highest court found the jury that convicted them was improperly selected.

Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier were found guilty in 2015 on a total of eight terror-related charges between them. They were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole until 2023.

The two challenged their convictions, and lawyers for Jaser argued the trial judge mistakenly rejected their client's request regarding the method of jury selection. The lawyer appointed to assist Esseghaier -- who continues to be self-represented -- agreed in written arguments that a new trial had to be ordered on that ground..."

"...Jaser and Esseghaier were arrested in April 2013 after a months-long investigation that involved an undercover FBI agent who gained their trust and secretly recorded hours of their conversations.
The two were recorded speaking about terror plots they would carry out in retaliation for Canada's military actions in Muslim countries, including the planned derailment of a Via Rail train travelling between New York and Toronto..."


And finally a snippet from an op-ed where Rosie DiManno glosses over or simply doesn't see /understand the most salient details of the case and berates the courts for overturning the verdict.

Rosie DiManno: Appeal court decision in Via Rail terror trial brings entire court system into disrepute

….And voila. As per the Appeals, Jaser was denied the jury selection option to which he was entitled by law. Everything subsequent was tainted — the jury, the trial, the verdict, the sentence. And further, even though Esseghaier was not party to the appeal application, the jury selection stank for him too, so he also deserves a new trial.

Yeah, something sure as hell stinks.

Footnote: This was the very same case bruited about by the federal Liberals to show that terrorist plotting can be effectively interdicted by law enforcement and prosecuted successfully in Canada’s open courts."


Greencrow says:.  The most salient point about the above case is that it was fostered and enabled from the beginning by "law enforcement".  These two men could not have done what they supposedly did without the aid and abetment of the FBI.  Just like Nuttall/Korody they were terror patsies who's vulnerabilities were being exploited by the very individuals who, in our society, are entrusted with their protection.  Yes, folks, it appears to be yet another "Travesty of Justice".  That's what the so-called "security agencies" churn out these days...instead of going after the drug dealers in the Western World opioid epidemic.

But, dont'cha know that, according to what Paul Craig Roberts said in one of his posts, the US legislature passed a law awarding a bonus to the agencies who "catch" terrorists.  It's a real money-maker.  We still don't know whether the Canadian parliament passed a similar law...but I would not doubt it for a moment...knowing the relentless efforts being made to "harmonize" the two countries' legal and legislative systems.

Another "tell" in this story...that these two men were set up by "law enforcement" to be terror the gap in the story where the reporterz should have told what the other reasons for the new trial are.  The reporterz restricted themselves to the "official story" that it was an error in "jury selection" that led to the verdict being set aside.

I say bullshit to that.  I say that the real reason this verdict is being set aside is that finally they've decided to clamp down on the "manufactured crime", particularly after the Nuttall/Korody "Travesty of Justice".  The lawyers for the two men likely threatened to go public with the "other reasons", so the PTB decided to pre-empt them by setting the convictions aside,...the "other reasons" forever obscured and buried under a cobweb of legal technicalities.

The conviction--and these victims [of security agency corruption] will now, just like Nuttall/Korody, sink beneath the waves of the public radar.  Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier will likely take their tidy secret financial [taxpayer funded] settlements and disappear forever into the ether world of pervasive institutional government corruption.

Yet another "Travesty of Justice" gone poof!


tsisageya said...

I don't buy into these assumptions. Sorry. You're not quite there yet.

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya

Are you familiar with the Nuttall/Korody case? The decision of the Appeals Court of BC to dismiss the appeal [of the setting aside of the conviction] was not based on "assumptions".

What do YOU think about the FBI spending hours recording the men's conversations while they cooked up the plot? Doesn't that remind you of many cases, including the Nuttall/Korody and several other cases that have taken place in the US?

Aren't you the least bit curious about what the "other reasons" that the two men appealed their convictions on?