Wednesday, August 28, 2019

UK going to "Dog[z]" During Dog Dayz of Summer - Parliament to be Prorogued before BREXIT deadline???

Leader of the Official Opposition Jeremy Corbyn.
There's a Government Conspiracy to prevent him
from being elected to the office of Prime Minister

I have a couple of posts that I refer to as the "Dog Dayz of Summer Newz.  These are horrific stories that should be plastered all over the front pages of all the newzpapers in the world but, instead, purposely occur during the "Good Olde Summertime" when the "living is easy"...when everyone is supposedly on holidays and nobody is supposedly paying attention.  They try to slip these horrors through and then pretend that its a done deal and "nothing can be changed.  This is one of them.

The Speaker, who does not traditionally comment on political announcements, continued: "However it is dressed up, it is blindingly obvious that the purpose of [suspending Parliament] now would be to stop [MPs] debating Brexit and performing its duty in shaping a course for the country."

England has become the ginnea pig for the new style of government that is going to ultimately be foisted on the "Five Eyes" Klepto-Terroraucracies.  Please read the following snippet from RT and I will have more comments to follow:

‘An outrage and threat to our democracy’: Corbyn slams Johnson’s parliament suspension pre-Brexit 

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was “appalled” at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to Britain’s queen for a suspension of parliament in the weeks leading up to the UK’s EU withdrawal.

“If Johnson has confidence in his plans he should put them to the people in a general election or a public vote,” Corbyn said, following Wednesday’s flurry of Brexit developments. The opposition leader added that Johnson was attempting to “avoid scrutiny” of his Brexit plan

Corbyn was expected to call for an emergency debate in parliament next week to pave the way for opposition MPs to introduce legislation to prevent a no-deal Brexit, but Johnson’s proroguing request outmaneuvered him.

For his part, Johnson denies claims that he was wilfully circumventing parliamentary protocol with the request to suspend parliament, though many opposition MPs claim the move is tantamount to staging a coup..."


and this from the BBC
Parliament to be suspended in September

Parliament will be suspended just days after MPs return to work in September - and only a few weeks before the Brexit deadline. -

Boris Johnson said a Queen's Speech would take place after the suspension, on 14 October, to outline his "very exciting agenda".

But it means the time MPs have to pass laws to stop a no-deal Brexit on 31 October would be cut.

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow said it was a "constitutional outrage".

The Speaker, who does not traditionally comment on political announcements, continued: "However it is dressed up, it is blindingly obvious that the purpose of [suspending Parliament] now would be to stop [MPs] debating Brexit and performing its duty in shaping a course for the country."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "Suspending Parliament is not acceptable, it is not on. What the prime minister is doing is a smash and grab on our democracy to force through a no deal," he said.

He said when MPs return to the Commons next Tuesday, "the first thing we'll do is attempt legislation to prevent what [the PM] is doing", followed by a vote of no confidence "at some point".

Three Conservative members of the Queen's Privy Council took the request to suspend Parliament to the monarch's Scottish residence in Balmoral on Wednesday morning on behalf of the prime minister.

It has now been approved, allowing the government to suspend Parliament no earlier than Monday 9 September and no later than Thursday 12 September, until Monday 14 October..."

"...But with Parliament set to be suspended, opponents have only a few days next week to push for their changes.

Senior Tory backbencher and former attorney general Dominic Grieve said the move by Mr Johnson could lead to a vote of no confidence - something opposition parties have left on the table as another option to stop no deal.

"There is plenty of time to do that if necessary [and] I will certainly vote to bring down a Conservative government that persists in a course of action which is so unconstitutional," he said.

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said MPs must come together to stop the plan next week, or "today will go down in history as a dark one indeed for UK democracy".


Greencrow says:  The past three or more years in the British Parliament have been all about an effort to deny/subvert democracy.  Ultimately, what the Five Eyes Klepto-Terrorcrats are trying to do is prevent establishment "outsider" Jeremy Corbyn from coming to power and prevent their ongoing effort to destroy the "Mother of all Parliaments"  As the British Parliament is known throughout the English speaking world.

How well I remember the Meech Lake Accord hysterical assault on the Canadian Constitutional Democracy back in the 1980's and early 90's.  Throughout that effort by the Conservative Party to force the ROC [Rest of Canada] to accept the Province of Quebec as a "distinct society"...there was rabid fearmongering to the effect "the worst kinds of things are going to happen in Canada if we don't have this constitutional amendment."  What happened when it was finally defeated?  Exactly nothing...[just like what's going to happen in England--Brexit or no Brexit].  Canada went on...probably a bit stronger and wiser than before. I know I learned a valuable lesson through the experience.

This was similar to what is now going on in the UK.  A band of degenerates is trying to force something through the parliament and onto the UK destroy the parliamentary process and the constitution.  The most logical thing is to call another general election and allow the people to choose--as is normal in a democracy.  But no Calling an election is the very LAST thing the Five Eyes Terrorcrats want to do.

They know if they call an election they'll all be booted out of office and Jeremy Corbyn will become the new prime minister.  So instead they're twisting the parliamentary system into a pretzel and crapping all over it--rather than simply call an election.

An UN-ELECTED Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is going to, instead, prorogue Parliament and give the members only dayz to debate....prior to the October 31st deadline for BREXIT.  What a frigging mess!

Tomorrow...yet another "Dog Dayz of Summer newstory….


Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally talking about >"UK going to "Dog" Dayz of Summer - Parliament to be Perogued before BREXIT deadline???" <Liked it!

Reading between the lines said...

I realized that the UK had gone to the dogs when they sprang that bogus Skripal affair on us . It certainly has not picked up since then.
How they manage to put such bozos as leaders of the conservative party in the UK is mind boggling. Corbyn for the next Prime Minister is almost a certainty.Come to think of it we have done pretty much the same here in Canada .
Cheers from the prairies.

greencrow said...


I saw a spin doctor on the CBC yesterday who was saying how horrible the whole UK Brexit/Johnson parliamentary perogue was....but then he said that the alternative, a Corbyn government, was even worse and an unpopular choice for the Brits.

If the choice of Corbyn is so unpopular then why are the conservatives doing cartwheel over parliamentary tradition to avoid an election?

That sums up the political corruption right there!

Reading between the lines said...

The CBC is as bad as the BBC .Spin doctors and wannabe journalists that report by repetition of what others report ,not by doing the work themselves to confirm the veracity of what they are reporting on.Just the other day there was an interview given by a lady that claimed to be from Bolivia though her command of the English language was impeccable,claiming that the government of Bolivia was responsible for the fires and was not allowing the fires to be fought etc .etc.I almost blue up as I had just watched a clip from TeleSur stating the exact opposite .I also noted that this lady was reporting from Washington.What a joke our media has become .
Here is a link from TelSur on what is happening in Blivia .