Thursday, August 29, 2019

"TERFS go home, Kill Terfs"

"TERFS Go Home" Graffiti scrawled on Windows
of Vancouver Women's Rape Shelter

TERF (/ˈtɜːrf/, also written terf) is an acronym for "trans-exclusionary radical feminist". Coined in 2008, the term is applied to a minority of radical feminists who espouse sentiments that other feminists consider transphobic, such as opposition to transgender rights, the exclusion of trans women in women's spaces, and the rejection of the assertion that trans women are women.

Yesterday, I promised to post another in a series I call the "Dog Dayz of Summer Newz" but this item was on the supper TV news last night and I chose it instead.  This item is about some anti-feminist graffiti that was recently scrawled by vandals on the front windows of the Vancouver Woman's Rape Shelter.  There have been other defilements such as dead rats nailed to the door as well.

It was always going to come to this...because, IMO, Transgenders hate real biological women and are fundamentally jealous of them on a primal level.  In other words, Transgenders want real women to go away...and be supplanted by them..."SUPER women".  Transgenders put real women to shame. They know how to apply make-up better than real women.  They dress more femininely and they are Waaaaaay more hypersexualized than real women.  Real women look dowdy by comparison and live extremely booorrrrrring lives as well.  Real women are drudges...burdened as they are by child-bearing/rearing AND earning the family [woman's] wage.  The vast majority have no time to apply fake eyelashes in the morning and simper around in wigs and low-cut dresses all day.

Transgenders "out perform" real biological women on every single level...earning capacity, femininity/looks, physical strength, sports athleticism, political savvy.  Yes, every single category...except the category of needing social support when they're raped, abused [and often murdered] along with their biologically "normal" men.  Only real, biological women need a special place where they can go and feel safe from that minority of  sexually "normal" males... who have developed a very abnormal predatory and abusive nature towards women and their children.

Needing such a space sets them apart from their "trans" wannabes.  And that irks the trans. They want to go to these places as well, to pretend they're women. And, most importantly, have their new identity confirmed by acceptance of them by real women.  Trans do get into toxic relationships and they do want shelters.  Blocked from going to the Women's shelters, they've taken to harassing, shaming and terrorizing the women who run these places and the women who go there.  Their need to stamp their desperation to BE women onto society...trumps real, biological women's need for safety.

Society has become entirely manipulated by these LGTQ... and soon MAP's [Minor Attracted Persons]...who have slowly carved out a legally sanctioned niche in the "Identity Politics" pantheon of social misfits.  Society is now nearing a state where it is helpless and forbidden to tell them simply to fuck off.  To tell the  Trans to leave the women alone. To assert that real biological women have the right to safety and they have the right to maintain a "real women only" social safety network.  Think about this folks, the primary right that biological women have that gives us power is the right to unite in solidarity...and now this right is being men!

The "Trans" can start up their own shelters but something tells me they won't.  Because the harassment is not about wanting and needing a safe shelter...they can band together and set one up if they're so inclined.  It's about bullying real women out of their comfort zone and it's an extremely deviant form of misogyny.  They hate real women so much...due to their own screwed-up and frustrated sexuality...that their only sexual outlet is to mock, parody, compete with/dominate the object of their jealous hatred...and force them into compliance.  When thwarted in this activity, their real hatred comes out in aggression like the vandalism and harassment above.  Most women are subliminally aware of this mockery, parody, competitiveness...and hatred.... and that's why we don't want them around when we're trying to heal.


Reading between the lines said...

In the world of "queers" it is perfectly normal .Normalcy has been turned on it's head to be honest . I can accept that such things exist but now we are supposed to celebrate it .Personally I find the whole queer thing somewhat disgusting and have to relegate it an aberration ,just like possibly cancer would be .
It is a good thing that with my being over 70 years old ,I will be checking out of this world in the not too distant future,but I do feel sorry for humanity and it's future.
Just my thoughts on the subject.

greencrow said...


LGTBQ IMO is all about a continuum leading inexorably to MAP. That is why I finally and with some reluctance decided to speak out about it. I know that homosexuality is intrinsic to the human species. I have some gay relatives that I love and respect. But the PTB are doing this "Identity politics" thing to divide and conquer humanity on the basis of sexuality. They want to take us ultimately to a place where THEY have secretly operated from for centuries...the ritual abuse of children.

Not allowing a sacred place for biological women to heal in safety from male abuse is just another form of sexist oppression...and a step in the MAP direction.

Reading between the lines said...

It is not so much that I have a problem with people that are gay ,they are who they are .I just have a problem of the celebration of such .Gay pride parades and all .Soon straight people are going to be outnumbered.LOL

greencrow said...


Yes, the celebration/gay pride parades are a bit oppressive...forcing blatant, aberrant sexuality on the public in a community setting. I was inadvertently caught up in a gay pride parade in Amsterdam a decade or more ago...and was totally put off by the experience of kids on their parent's shoulders to see huge inflated penises on floats travelling down the Amsterdam canals. I thought I was back in Rome just before the civilization collapsed.

Then we recently had Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer being castigated for NOT going to a Gay Pride Parade! I loved it when one of the openly gay Conservative MP's said HE had never been to a Gay Pride Parade...even though he was gay. It injected a tiny bit of sanity into the discussion.

tsisageya said...

greencrow, I think all this is nothing more than agitation propaganda meant to get us all to hate each other. However, if true that the EQUALITY ACT (Taylor Swift doesn't give a shit about anyone but her$elf.) would be able to force men into a domestic-abuse-for-women shelter because they are now women and need shelter, then trans people need to shut up and sit down and actually understand what they're doing. TERFs is not happening.

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya:

I deleted several of your comments because they shall I say, rather unpleasant.

I did publish two that actually raised cogent arguments. I don't know anything about Taylor Swift and/or her views.

When the PTB force women to admit biological males to their shelters...then we will know that William Casey was right. The former head of the CIA once said words to the effect: "We will know that we have succeeded in our propaganda project when everything the people believe is a lie."