Monday, August 5, 2019

Summer Sailing Log Entry #6 - Plus The False Flag 'Official Stories' are Getting Mighty Flimsy

Joey - Dog Days of Summer 2019

It's good to be back in the town of Ganges on the Gulf Island called Salt Spring Island again after a year's absence.  This town is BUZZING!  The harbour is full of people from all over North America and elsewhere.  Huge American cabin cruisers and sailboats clog the small harbour. They're building a new additional marina and the sounds of construction mix with the sounds of boat motors.  At night on the seaside boardwalk, the cafes ring with revelers and live music.  Today I went shopping at the last great hardware store in BC, Mouats Trading Co.  This is a generational, family-owned company that has had a General Store on the waterfront since 1907.  It sells EVERYTHING and everything it sells is high quality. There are lots of sale items and the regular prices are reasonable.  Reminds me of what great stores used to be like back in the day before online shopping.  So this morning I went into Mouats and looked for a fan to try and offset the incredible heat of the late afternoon.  My tiny fan just wasn't doing it.  The salesman treated me like he was selling me a BMW or something...and showed me an array of small, portable fans.  He recommended one in particular and it's keeping me cool as a cucumber right now as I type.  In fact it keeps the whole cabin very comfortable.

Yesterday, we motored here from Maple Bay under a cloudless sky.  It was very hot and the breezes too light to sail. We'll spend another night here and then go to our last stop, Montague Bay, tomorrow before heading home.  That is, if we can get moorage there...moorage is at a premium on this, the most popular sailing week of the year.

Ganges Marina August 5, 2019

The alternate media is reporting on the latest flurry of False Flags in USrael.  Yep, they've really jumped the shark on these ones.  Here are some links that outline all the anomalies in both the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio False Flag mass shootings.  The Truthseeker has several good analyses and my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker has put up some linking to Jim Stone who has been ripping these two Deep State hoaxes apart since the get go.  Aletho News has a piece about how these False Flags will likely spawn internet purges....not of violent video game sites or outlets of the lying M$M....but of now "outlawed" alternate sites that allowed free comment.

Finally, From The Trenches World Report has a video report basically saying what NTS said in one of his posts...that the shooter in the Dayton False Flag has been dead for five years.  Oops!  How did that clanger happen?!  Apparently his mama works for a government security agency and volunteered her dead son as the "shooter".  Folks, this is getting downright harrowing. The M$M is now trying to cover their tracks by saying that the Connor Betts that did the shooting is different from the dead Connor Betts.  But, but, but,...what are the statistical chances that these Connor Betts' would EACH have a sister named "Megan"?  "Oh! What a Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive."

The question about these False Flags has always boiled down to why do they do it?  Again, for the umpteenth time, I will list some logical reasons:

1.  It's a DRILL to test the loyalty and the effectiveness of all the Deep State assets--in the police, the media, the courts...and the corporate world;

2.  It's an act of terror--to keep the population all riled up and in a flap so they are distracted while the "silverware" is being stolen out from under them;

3.  It's both a blackmail AND an extortion operation.  Walmart, as an example, is being blackmailed and/or subjected to extortion...."go along with these false flags OR we will cause your business to go belly up in some way, shape or form".  And, for gawd sake, can you just imagine what would happen if CBSNBCBCABCFAUX started reporting on the "Connor Betts being already dead" fuck up?  Talking heads would be rolling all over the place.

4.  Of course, the long term goal is to strip Americans of their guns...that's a given. But in this pre-election time, another goal is to make Trump look bad if he doesn't come out against guns. In other words, more blackmail and extortion.  Damned if he do and damned if he don't.

5.  And this last motive is very hard to explain.  These entities are Satanists...and do these things because they're evil and it gives them great pleasure to do evil things...even if the "rewards" are slim. They love the idea of blood being gives them a high.  Human Blood is their marijuana.  They're addicted to it.  Of course, just like there are various grades of marijuana...there are differences in the highs they get from human blood.  Innocent citizen goyim blood is great but young people and children's blood is the ultimate high.  The most terrifying aspect of these cascading mass murder/false flags is that the bloodthirsty ghouls who do them are running the planet.

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