Friday, August 2, 2019

Summer Sailing Log Entry #5 - Plus: 10 tips on how not to raise a serial killer

Port Sidney Harbour August 2, 2019

Avast me Hearties and Land Ahoy!  We're at Port Sidney Harbour just outside of Victoria, BC.  We departed Maple Bay this morning after a heavy night rain and amid trepidation regarding our propeller. We'd hit something submerged with the prop just outside Maple Bay on Wednesday and limped into harbour with the boat vibrating at any speed over 2 knots.  Husband thought the boat might have to be lifted out of the water at the marina and even made tentative arrangements just in case.  But the dependable Volvo engine started up immediately and began to purr.  The propeller was back to its old self, having somehow shucked whatever it was that had been caught up in it.  We both breathed a sigh of relief as we motored through bright sun and light winds through Sansum Narrows towards Sidney. While carefully making our way through the narrow and shallow John Passage, we saw three sea lions basking on a rock jutting out of the surf.

Now we're securely tied up and hooked up to the 5G Internet connection.  Yes, there it is written in black and white below:

Port Sidney Harbour has 5G

This is the way they do things now.  Don't give a shit about what the people think or the big joke called "democracy" these days.  Just impose it on the people and wait for the health issues to arise in a few years.  Then say "Oops!"  Funny how the Federal Government is having a big kerfuffle with China over 5G and all at the same time installing it up and down the coast.  Hey, I love the fast Internet ...

"...but give me the birds and the bees, please."
(Joni Mitchell)

Short video on Cell Phone Pollution
h/t Freaked Out [from comments below]

10 Most Violent Video Games

Manhunt 2 - the Most Violent
 Video Game Ever

I was thinking some more about those two BC boys who are now infamous fugitives of justice here in Canada for randomly killing three people and then heading into the northern wilds of Alberta, Saskatchewan, last seen in Manitoba.  I was wondering what part their obsession with violent video games played in the tragedy for all concerned--the victims and their families; and the boys families and their neighbours all traumatized for life.  Here's a short "review" of the most violent video game ever put on the market.
"...oh men [sic] I have seen this game in Youtube in first 30 seconds I closed it the video in the start shows a men putting a bag on the head of other people and killing them then it becomes worst the guy has knife or hammer and he pins the knife in the other people face - paminos"

Can you imagine being down in your mama's basement for years playing these games all day and night?  It's a wonder there aren't more young serial killers wandering around.

10 Tips to avoid bringing up a Serial Killer

Here's a series of 10 tips given by a "renowned pediatrician" to "toddler proof your vacation home or hotel".  I thought I'd use the same format and come up with 10 tips to avoid raising a serial killer.  Here're my 10 tips--based on the combined experience of my own traditional and somewhat strict upbringing in a family of nine children, none of whom turned out to be serial killers. Here was the tally:

3 lawyers, one of whom was also an accountant
1 archivist
1 social worker
1 employment counsellor
1 stationary engineer

One younger brother had a developmental disability and another had a chronic mental illness.  I would say my parents did a great job of bringing up 9 children in the hard scrabble mining town of Sudbury, Ontario.

My tips are also based on bringing up my two boys, plus experience gained as a child protection social worker.  In my job I saw close up and personal the results of poor parenting.  None of my tips require being wealthy.  Without further ado, here are my 10 tips:

1.  Before you bring the child home from the hospital plan, what the child's routine will be.  Say, if one of the parents works nights, decide how that parent will spend quality time with the child without disrupting the child's sleep time.  It's not a good idea to wake the child up in the middle of the night for "quality time".

2.  As soon as the child comes home from the hospital...start the routine.  This is the only way that the child will become assured if and when he or she will be able to eat, sleep and play...if there's a routine that establishes when that will happen. The routine will reduce anxiety. If you want your child to be employable, you have to get him or her used to having a routine.  Of course, the exception proving the have to know when to "break" the routine, so the child will be aware that routines can and will be broken.

3.  Bedtime routines are crucial and should include the following:  A warm, soapy bath; comfortable pajamas; cozy bed; bedtime story, bedtime song, say "I love you", turn out the light and leave the room.

4.  From the time the child comes home from the hospital, every day should consist of the following routines:  breakfast; time outside on a walk in a stroller; socialization time with other children at a drop-in center for parents and tots; afternoon nap; quality time with family/parents, then the bedtime routine in #3 above.  Even if your child goes to daycare, make sure the above are included.

5.  When your child goes to school become involved with the school.  Before each school year begins, phone your child's teacher and mention any issues and/or concerns.  Go to all parent/teacher meetings.  If your child gets into trouble at school, don't automatically take your child's side.  This is the time to use that highly important question:  "What did YOU do to cause that to happen?"

6.  Just because your child is in school, doesn't mean your educational duties stop.  Enroll your child in summer courses and spring break course in arts and crafts or sports.  Swimming classes are a must in an outdoor pool in the summer.  Take your child on mini-vacations to local parks.  Above all, take your child to the library regularly.  Allow your child to take books out.  Read the books with your child and return them to the library and then take out MORE infinitum.  Keep TV watching to a minimum.

7.  If your child is inclined towards sports, enroll him in team or individual sports programs.  If he or she is NOT, then don't force it.  Enroll him instead in boy scouts, girl guides, cadets or other group programs...the idea is to keep your kid so busy during the day that he has no time for trouble and just "falls into bed" at night.  Of course, your child needs down time as well....but lounging around playing video games for days on end is NOT healthy!

8.  Once I met a man who was the father of and raised 9 boys.  Very impressed with this, I asked him to give me one piece of advice,  I will never forget what he said:  "You have to know when to play hard ball".  I learned to play "hard ball" with my boys when they entered their teen years and began to push the envelope.  That's when the old strategy of two parents hanging tough together so that the kid doesn't divide them and come up the middle...became a sanity-saver.  When there are two parents, it's not a bad idea to use the "good cop", "bad cop" routine.  I used the threat "Wait till your Dad comes home!" more than once. That "wait" was often good enough punishment.

9.  I enrolled my boys in Sunday School and attended church during their elementary school years.  I have to admit that I used the Sunday School as another educational program, like the arts and crafts and swimming classes.  I wanted my kids to know the Christian culture and be aware of the stories of the bible...and the stories behind the traditions we follow today.  Even though neither of them attends church now, they know what religion is all about and their general knowledge is richer for the experience...AND, most of all, I do believe it laid the groundwork for a moral foundation.

10.  Last of all, you can follow all the best practices and rules in the world, but if you don't set a good example in your own life, with your own morality, your own work ethics and your own social inter-actions, then it will all be a waste of time.  Your kids will see through the hypocrisy and your kids will learn the REAL lessons that you will teach through your own example.


FreakedOut said...

Hi GC,
Beautiful pic of the harbor/marina, such calm waters.
FYI, here's some info on the "5G" from a friend:

"I had seen that article.( From NTS post We will likely see much more of this as denser cell networks are installed next to homes. Most of what people call "5G" is really 4G DAS (distributed antenna system). This could easily be the case in Switzerland as well because the article is not very specific/technical. Most of the reports I have heard show that the higher frequency spectrums (20-50 GHz) are not working. This has been the case in Europe, which is a year or two ahead of the US. As you know, rain, fog, trees, walls and even air inhibit these higher frequencies. They also don't bend very well. So, for the the foreseeable future, I suspect most of what we read about as "5G" will be a mix of frequencies from 600 MHz to 6 GHz (very similar to 3G/4G). None of these frequencies, whether 1.5 GHz or 50 GHz, are safe when the antennas are placed so close to where people live and sleep.

Here is a recent 4G DAS pic from San Francisco. I have been documenting these installation in SF for seven years. They are not 5G though (yet)."

Keep in touch,


Sorry GC the picture won't load to this Blog format.

Here's another video from my friend:

greencrow said...

Thanks for these further details Jeromy. The governments are definitely playing smoke and mirrors with this technology and using humanity [and all living things] as guinea pigs.

FreakedOut said...

You're so welcome GC! I'm actually "Freaked Out" Jim...LOL!
I'm a life long(40yrs) Radio electronics guy who spent 16yrs around cell towers. It has caused me minor health issues.

This is Jeromy's comment about the above video:

" This was the first video I took of DAS antennas in SF back in 2012. It was one of the first areas they installed these - often just 10 feet outside people's bedrooms."

Anonymous said...

Probably the best way to have your child avoid growing up to be a serial killer:
Make sure they do not grow up to be a pediatrician (by no means give any child the presently fraudulent approved MMR- see the 1978 mis/approval process at the highwire or collective evoluation).
Make sure they do not grow up to be an FDA official in charge of any approval process.
Case solved!!!

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for your comment. You make a great point about vaccines...that is the greatest instance of serial mass murder...especially Gardasil.

greencrow said...

Hi Freaked Out Jim

Thanks for the clarification. My blogging colleague NTS [Northerntruthseeker] has a lot in common with you and feels the same way about cell towers. Check out his blog some time.