Thursday, August 1, 2019

Summer Sailing Log Entry #4 - Plus: OMG I'm a CIS!

Sculpture and Diorama in Downtown Chemainus, BC

SS Limerence departed Chemainus harbour around noon yesterday and motored southward at about 3 1/2 knots towards Maple Bay, another small coastal town on the Vancouver Island coast.  It was a brilliantly sunny afternoon and the reason we were motoring so slow was because we were also trailing a fishing line, in the hope of catching a salmon.  Although we've trailed a line several times on this cruise, we've only managed to catch one small "grill" salmon, which we threw back.

About an hour out of Maple Bay, we must have hit some submerged wood debris, because suddenly our propeller went all weird and the boat began to strongly vibrate.  We had to slow down to a dead crawl of 2 knots to get it to stop.  We tried everything to shake whatever it was that had attached itself to the prop.  Backing up, motoring in tight circles to the right and then to the a dog trying to shake off fleas.  Nothing worked but luckily we were in a light, following wind so we put up the foresail and motor/sailing, "limped into harbour" as they say.  My husband was talking ruefully about having to get the boat lifted out of the water and replacing the prop...when, as we were maneuvering the boat into the tight "slip assignment" on the side of the dock, the propeller suddenly shucked whatever was bound around it and returned to its normal sound.  Problemo solved!  Although we'll keep a close eye on it when we depart for Sidney Harbour tomorrow. 

When browsing the internet the other day I noticed an acronym that I'd not seen before--CIS.  It was while reading about the new perp-imposed obsession with gender identity.  Originally there was just straights and homosexuals then homosexuals were called "gays".  Then it was broken down to straight, lesbians and gays. Then it was straight, lesbian, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals or "trans".  Now western "civilization" has been broken down to about eight different categories of sexual identities.  I can't even list them all at the moment.  Now, even more recently, "straights" have been reassigned to being called CIS or cisgender.  What?!  Did anyone even ask us what we wanted to be called?  Cisgender means....wait for it....people who identify with the gender assigned to them by nature.  We even have our own icons.  They're shown below:

Signs for CIS People  When I first saw the acronym CIS I had to go to Wikipedia to look up what it meant.  It means someone who identifies with the sexuality assigned to them by nature.  It means the opposite of "trans-sexual".  "Related terms include cissexism and cisnormativity". What a joke! The perp pervs are twisting the English language into a pretzel trying to avoid saying that normal people are "normal".  Nobody can be "normal" anymore because the trans want to be trans AND normal at the same time.

The New Sexual Identity Obsession -
It's complicated

In the new Googlefied [There!  I've invented a new word] universe...nobody is normal so everyone is normal...perversion is just as normal as being straight.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...this fracturing of sexual identity into tiny and tinier all a prelude to legitimizing pedophilia.  And the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein is also a perverted effort to "normalize" pedophilia.  He will somehow avoid punishment and that will set a precedent.  Just the media obsession with whatever it was he was doing is a "normalization" of the pedophiles' disgusting and soul-destroying sexual aberration.  They've already got an acronym for it...."minor attracted persons"...or MAP.


FreakedOut said...

Hi GC and Company. Thanks for taking us along on your trip!
"SS Limerence".... just love the name of your sailboat! We've talked about this before,awhile back.

psychol a state of mind resulting from romantic attraction, characterized by feelings of euphoria, the desire to have one's feelings reciprocated, etc

Watching your hubby wrestle with that soggy grill must have brought back those romantic feelings I'll bet.LOL!

I recommend Vangelis' CD called "Oceanic" for your nautical journeys.

Have fun!

greencrow said...

Hi Freaked Out:

If you're a regular reader of the blog [which I think you are :] then you'll know that I don't like the name "Limerence" thinking it sounds too "limpy". My unsuccessful suggestions for a new name for the boat include "Second Wind" and "SeqWest". But thank's for joining our motley crew on this voyage.


FreakedOut said...

Now I remember you weren't too crazy about the boat name. Your other choices are good, I like them.

What's with this CIS stuff??! Good comments, I agree with your thoughts on the ridiculousness of it all. I'm going to start asking all these people using their smartphones if they've been "Googlefied", I can just see their reactions!