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Summer Sailing Epilogue #7 - Plus Puerto Rico Update

When we motored through Porlier Pass
the waters were similar to this video

This is the final installment in my Summer Sailing Log Entry Series.  Tuesday morning last we departed Ganges Harbour in brilliant morning sunshine and a warm, light following breeze.  Not a chemtrail in the sky.  In fact there have been no chemtrails for a week now...Trudeau must be kissing the right @$$es.

Our destination was Montague harbour on Galiano Island, about an hour and a half motor away.  We were hoping that our "standby" reservation for Tuesday night would prove valid and we could sojourn for one night and head home across Georgia Strait Wednesday morning.  Unfortunately, when we arrived in Montague harbour and called the wharfinger to ask about our reservation, we were told we were still on "standby" and they wouldn't be able to let us know till the afternoon.  Montague harbour is set in a coastal park.  It's very green and "wild".  Kind of how the whole coast looked like when we first started sailing 42 years ago.  The moorage is limited but the anchorages are plentiful.  When we first started sailing we would anchor almost in preference to mooring...for all the peace and tranquility,

Now with three small dogs on board, anchoring isn't an option.  The dogs need to be walked at least twice a day.  We have an inflatable dingy but would need to oar to shore.  So we swung close to shore to get a look at Montague Bay but then continued north east, towards Porlier Pass, one of the two entrances to Georgia Strait...the other at the opposite end of Galiano is Active Pass--but that is a BC Ferry route and can be scarily congested if you have to deal with ferries coming from both directions!

The tidal current creates huge surges going through Porlier Pass.  We slowed from 5.2 knots to 2 knots and then 1 knot as our boat's motor fought the current.  It takes only about 10 minutes before you're out in Georgia Strait where winds were nowhere to be found and the entire Strait was almost flat calm.  All told, we motored for 11 hours straight in the blazing sun.  As usual, we spelled one another off in hour-long shifts at the wheel.  We discovered long ago that it is crucial to maintain this schedule, because anything longer at the wheel can make a sailor exhausted...and crabby.

The relentless sunshine was roasting us but luckily, I had purchased a "sun umbrella" at Mouats in Ganges and felt like a Japanese princess under my sun umbrella during my breaks.  The dogs hung out below at the foot of the gangway.  They were incredibly patient during such a long time indoors and, miraculously for such elderly pets, there was not one "accident" on board during the entire two week cruise!

So now we're back on terra firma and putting away all our equipment for another year.  Sailing for the rest of 2019 will be day trips where we take our friends out for a tour around Indian Arm in Burrard Inlet.  I've been agitating to join the Christmas Carol parade of boats that takes place every year off Port Moody...but the husband doesn't want to go to the trouble of stringing up Christmas lights on the, whatever.


Last night there was a small update on the BBC about the situation in Puerto Rico, where there is either a popular uprising or a "regime change" Deep State strategy going on.  It is difficult to figure out which.  Please read the following report from, the BBC and I will have a few comments to follow:

Wanda Vazquez is sworn in with her husband and 
daughter by her side

Puerto Rico's Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez has been sworn in as the US territory's new governor, hours after her predecessor was forced to stand down by the Supreme Court. 

She is the third politician to occupy the post in less than a week. Ricardo Rossello resigned on Friday after street protests prompted by the leak of offensive messages. His replacement, Pedro Pierluisi, was removed by the Supreme Court on constitutional grounds after five days.

Ms Vázquez has promised to bring political stability to Puerto Rico, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria two years ago. She had publicly stated that she was not interested in becoming governor but was next in line to Mr Pierluisi, according to the constitution.

In a statement released after her swearing-in, she said she was assuming office "with the greatest respect and determination to serve my people and to push Puerto Rico forward". Her inauguration came after Supreme Court justices ruled that as the Senate had never confirmed Mr Pierluisi, "the assumption of the office of governor was unconstitutional".

Mr Pierluisi has called for unity and urged Puerto Ricans to discard "political-partisan, ideological or personal agendas". Mr Rosselló had been at the centre of a group text message scandal that had already led two top officials to resign. The leaked messages revealed sexist, profane and homophobic comments.

The chat, which contained 880 pages of exchanges between the governor and 11 male allies, was leaked on 13 July and led to days of protests outside the governor's mansion in San Juan."


When reading the lying Deep State Perp, the BBC it's like reading something that has been encrypted.  The BBC doesn't write for the average joe....except as propaganda...what they like to do is write for the benefit of the elite international cabal of perps in some kind of "code" that only the perps can understand...the rest of us are supposed to take their reports literally. It has taken me years to reverse-engineer the geopolitical reports of the BBC.

In this case, the BBC is telling its elite readers that the problem is solved..."Wanda" has succeeded to the governorship.  If you read my earlier posts on this issue, you will know that the Puerto Ricans hate "Wanda" as much as they hated Rossello.  The signs in the street read:  "We don't want YOU, either, Wanda!".  So they put someone else in charge for a brief period and now it's Wanda...who was part of the hated Rossello cabal.

Now, the most fascinating part of this story at the moment is how it's being buried by the MZM.  You cannot find this serious development anywhere.  I wonder what is going on in Puerto Rico right now.  Are they marching in the streets again?  Is there a purge going on? Will there be a US invasion?  That would not look good for Trump in this pre-election period.   We know that the US has been setting up a blockade to prevent food reaching the Venezuelan people.....soooooooo.  Is this all part of a strategy to shore up flagging support for the hegemony in the Caribbean, with a view to some action against Venezuela?

The controlled, criminally complicit main$tream media plays us all like a violin.  They tell us stuff...then they shut up and don't tell us stuff.  We're like cattle in a feed barn, waiting for the next bales of hay.

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