Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Public Broadcasters in the West are the Biggest Liars of them All

Jack Nagler - CBC Ombudsman

So, as I predicted in one of my recent series of posts on the Epstein "suicide"...the MZM would bury the matter within 48 hours under a sodden, heavy "Official Story" blanket.  Anyone who subsequently tries to remove the blanket will be dismissed as a "conspiracy theorist".  Witness this headline from the Canadian Ziofascist mouthpiece "National Post".

Colby Cosh: Jeffrey Epstein was no Lee Harvey Oswald, but try telling that to America's conspiracy theorists

PBS, plus BBC and CBC all liars for organized crime

The dissidentvoice blog had a recent post about how the taxpayer-funded public broadcasters, like PBS, BBC and CBC, have become "keepers of the official state myths".  To this I would add that the public broadcasters in the West are also the keepers and main purveyors of the official Ziofascist myths [one and the same???].  This has become extreme since the Western "Five Eyes" nations-- all former sovereign nations--fell under occupation by the Ziofascist, globalist criminal cabal following the 9/11 MosCIAd coup.

I have wanted to write to the CBC head office literally for years to complain about this.  Ever since I was kicked off the CBC comments forums ["banned permanently"] as I've been told whenever I try to login.  Ironically [or not] I was banned shortly after Justin Trudeau became the prime minister of Canada back in 2015.  Le dauphin's henchwoman, the Nazi-supporting Chrystia Freeland who's grandfather was the Nazi editor of a propaganda newspaper in WWII Ukraine, took a particular interest in and mis-used her newfound power to do a purge of the CBC forums, kicking off any commenters who were troublesome in nature, i.e., who frequently espoused "over truthiness" on the forums in a vain attempt to waken the sheeple.

The excuse they used for banning me was that I often linked my blog to my CBC comments.  They accused me of attempting to "monetize" my comments.  Well, as anyone with half a brain cell knows...my blog is not monetized, never has been and never will be.  But the CBC is adept at believing their own lies.

So [in my dreams] I would like to write to the CBC ombudsman and complain about the pervasive pro-Israel bias of the CBC...i.e., never taking the Palestinian POV; constantly deifying the "White Helmets".  The "White Helmets" like ISIS itself, are Israeli proxies in the Middle East.  Everyone knows that--but the CBC.

I would also like to complain to the CBC ombudsman about the editorial bias in the CBC towards international meddling...like supporting the Neo-nazi junta in Ukraine and actively fomenting political instability in Venezuela by promoting the ouster of the legitimate, democratically elected leader, Maduro and installing the Western puppet, 'Random' Guaido.  According to a recent post in venezuelananalysis.com, the reason Canada [and the CBC] is supporting this illegal and immoral aggression towards the nation of Venezuela is so, once the puppet Guaido is installed, Canada can join in the looting and destruction of the nation and its resources.

The numb nutz puppet leader of Canada does not realize that when precedents, like the aggression against Venezuela are supported by militarily vulnerable/resource rich nations like Canada, it is a form of suicide.  We're signing our own death warrants.  But that's the long goal of the Ziofascist moles inserted into all Canadian institutions, including the CBC--the eventual destruction of the vestiges of Canadian sovereignty.

So dear readers, I would dearly love to write to the Ombudsman of the CBC and complain once again about my "permanent banning" from the CBC comments forums.  I would also mention the pervasive pro-Zionist reporting bias in the taxpayer funded CBC. Unfortunately, looking at the photo above of the current Ombudsman...what kind of response do you think I will get?  Res Ipsa Loquitur....the thing speaks for itself.

Is it not my Canadian right to object to Ziofascist bias in the public broadcaster?  Do you not think that having an Ombudsman who is a member of that prevailing bias is a grotesque conflict of interest?


FreakedOut said...

"Do you not think that having an Ombudsman who is a member of that prevailing bias is a grotesque conflict of interest?" UMMMMMMM...YUP! He needs an attitude adjustment.

So, what else is new?

greencrow said...

Hi Freaked Out:

I don't know that he needs an attitude adjustment. I just would like someone in that role that I can talk about the overwhelming pro-Israeli/Jewish bias on the CBC. I found out while researching this post that the previous Ombudsperson was also Jewish. Is that a pre-requisite for the job? What about a little balance, CBC?

Reading between the lines said...

"Ombudsman who is a member of that prevailing bias is a grotesque conflict of interest?"
This is so fox watching the henhouse situation.
Also when it comes to media personnel ,yes one probably has to be zionist and an Israeli firster/sympathizer to get the job.This is beginning to be so apparent especially with the CBC , radio and television . And don't get me started on the constant reminder of the Jewish victims of the holocaust almost on a daily basis.
I have some Jewish friends and they also say that this is getting old already .

greencrow said...


Thanks for your comment. I felt bad for saying the guy shouldn't be in the job due to his ethnicity/tribalism but if you say that some of your Jewish friends are also noticing this "piling on" of bias upon bias upon bias perhaps it's overdue that SOMEBODY made note of it.

Yes, and steady drum beat of the hollow co$t is becoming a joke. How many Middle East darkies have died [for the Jews] in the past 18 years?

Anonymous said...

i would love to give it to anyone on cbc. i have at least a half a dozen banned emails with cbc from back in the harper daze. isrihell is a touchy subject in this country, just ask aurthur torbram. have heard nothing from him since the trial.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Do you mean Arthur Topham?


Yes, I would agree that he has been effectively silenced. The CBC has been reduced to a Khazarian shill.