Monday, August 19, 2019

UPDATED:'Nuckin' Futz Newz - Greenland, population 56,000 - US military excited about "even fight" and possible rare victory

UPDATED: August 21, 2019 Denmark is "shocked" by Trump's abrupt cancellation of visit which was predicated on an invitation by the Danish Queen.  "Reality surpasses Imagination" commented one Danish official on Trump's behaviour re Greenland. Yep.  The guy's nutz alright.

August 20, 2019 Lololol.  According to the BBC, Trump has abruptly cancelled his upcoming trip to Denmark in September because the Danish Prime Minister called his "offer" [An offer they can't refuse?] to buy Greenland "absurd".  Love this quote from one of the Danes: 

"...Soren Espersen, foreign affairs spokesman for the populist Danish People's Party, told national broadcaster DR: "If he is truly contemplating this, then this is final proof that he has gone mad..."

Hey, Soren...why do you think I have an entire meme about Trump called "'Nuckin Futz Newz"?  lololololol.

Trump wants Greenland and has begun to threaten it

Is there any country on earth that wants the US to take it over...and do to it what it did to Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Syria, etc. etc., etc?  Or do what it's trying to do to Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Ukraine?  It's been slim pickin's over the past several decades...even the Yemenis are putting up a ferocious fight against being swallowed up by USrael ally Saudi Arabia.  It's getting downright embarrassing.  The US is so desperate to conquer SOMETHING that Trump is now threatening little Greenland, supposed island of ice, snow and barren rocky outcrops.

He's threatening that he will "buy it" from Denmark.  The Danes and the Greenlanders have responded that "the island is not for sale" and that the Greenlanders are an independent and quasi-sovereign nation, albiet with some cultural, economic, military and political ties to Denmark.  Taken at face value...Trump's overture is an unconscionable [but typical] threat/insult.  Given that the US does already have a military base [Thule] on the Island [and we know they NEVER leave] if I were a Greenlander, I would feel extremely worried...worried sick, in fact.  I would be casting around the globe to see if there were any powerful countries that could protect me.  I would be looking into the purchase of some bargain priced S-400's.

Has Trump ever BEEN to Greenland?  Just askin'.  What a way to "win hearts and minds"! Just announce that you're going to "buy" your neighbour's house--and leave it to him to sort out the details.

You know, I've been following the newz lately and have seen all those reports about the social and economic collapse of formerly healthy and high functioning US cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle...just to mention three.  Videos show miles and miles of tent cities lining both sides of once prosperous thoroughfares.  Drug addicts staggering around the streets, semi-clothed and raving mad.  Human feces are everywhere.  Piles of garbage, waist high, fill backyards of homes. Can you just imagine what the interior of these homes look like?!  And Trump wants to take over Greenland?!

Poverty, addiction and homelessness has
taken over almost every major city in the US

Until Trump cleans up the US city streets and backyards of used needles, trash, human feces and incorrigible, homeless addicts...and repairs US infrastructure, I suggest that he shut the fu*k up.

No drug-addled homeless, tents, trash, feces or needles...yet.


Anonymous said...

I would submit to you, GC, that Mr. Dumpf is so desperate for any kind of 'win' that he will continue to float these insane ideas until one actually sticks - then he can declare victory and the media can halp him out by deliberately ignoring all the problems you cited in your post.

It does beg the question though, if US-eh? is the city on the hill, the greatest democracy on earth, the place everyone wants to be - then why oh why do they have so many problems?

Imagine what hellholes the rest of the world must be by comparison .... /s

Reading between the lines said...

I have to ask if the people in the US are getting tired of winning yet ? Rhetorical question.

Reading between the lines said...

Watching that video is more than sad .Many are definitely not living the dream .
But so much money spent on armaments though.A sick society to be sure .