Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Johnson & Johnson found guilty of "nuisance", fined million$ over opioid crisis in Oklahoma

Some Johnson & Johnson Products

It would be interesting to know what's REALLY going on behind this sudden pillorying of the mega Corporation Johnson & Johnson.  Oh.  It's not that they haven't been guilty of forcing dangerous products on a gullible and unsuspecting public for decades...they have.  It's just that why now and why single out Johnson & Johnson when MERCK and many other Big Pharma corporations have also been doing the same, or worse?

Johnson & Johnson mustn't have been Ki$$ing the right @$$es, is all I can say.  I remember 20 years or so ago there were rumours about the baby powder.  For years, ads told teenaged girls that they had to sprinkle baby powder on their nether regions right after a bath or shower...so they could be "fresh".  Then they said that there was something in the powder that caused ovarian cancer.  Then they said there was asbestos in the baby powder and that Johnson & Johnson had known about it forever.

But this is something altogether new and far more insidious.  Apparently, Johnson & Johnson has been whipping up a global market for their deadly fentanyl's/opioids--deliberately targeting young people--luring them to sudden, unexpected deaths on their mama's basement couches.

Now, belatedly, some of the governments tasked with the odious business of dealing with the dead bodies of young people in alleyways, cheap apartments and, yes, found by their mothers on the basement couch...have begun to fight back.  Please read the following snippet from the "encrypted" BBC and I will have more comments to follow:

Johnson & Johnson, one of the world's largest drug manufacturers, has gone on trial in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit by the US state of Oklahoma.

Prosecutors accuse the firm of deceptively marketing painkillers and downplaying addiction risks, fuelling a so-called "opioid epidemic".

Johnson & Johnson denies wrongdoing and says it marketed products responsibly.

It is the first of 2,000 cases brought by state, local and tribal governments against pharmaceutical firms in the US.

On average, 130 Americans die from an opioid overdose every day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2017, of the 70,200 people who died from an overdose, 68% involved a prescription or illegal opioid...


The latest legal case is the latest in a string against painkiller manufacturers over prescription drugs.

Earlier this month, Teva Pharmaceuticals agreed to an $85m (£67m) settlement with Oklahoma over a similar lawsuit which claimed its opioids had contributed to the deaths of thousands of people.

Purdue Pharma also reached a $270m settlement with Oklahoma in a separate case. The wealthy Sackler family, which owns the firm, has been charged with fraudulently transferring money from the company to protect its funds from litigation.


Greencrow says:  Well, just last week, Johnson & Johnson was found guilty in Oklahoma and fined millions of dollars.  The case is under appeal.  Could this be the beginning of the reigning-in of the (mostly Jewish owned) pharmaceutical companies who've also been preying on the gullible and unsuspecting public with opioids and other killer products--like vaccines?

Or, is this just a sop to the growing awareness of the institutional evil role that these mass predators play in the systemic "culling" of the goyim cattle?  Hey, they still haven't gone after Big Pharma [MERCK] for Gardasil...which the company is still injecting teen girls with.

They still haven't officially admitted that the autism epidemic that has devastated millions of young in the West over the past four or five decades was/is caused by the massive doses of mercury-tainted MMR vaccines that they start giving babies within days of their birth and for a decade or more afterwards.  Canadian provincial governments pay "silence money" of around $20,000 to the parents of autistic children for programs and services intended to ameliorate the injuries done by these vaccines.  But the social and human health devastation caused by the vaccine industry continues unabated and unreported except for heroes like community activist lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is currently suing Merck regarding Gardasil.

Folks, Big Pharma has been preying on humanity for almost a century now and they're not going to stop soon.  They make a Shi!load of money off it...and they control the future of humanity with it.  I compare what's happened to Johnson & Johnson in the Oklahoma guilty verdict as the equivalent of a meat truck throwing a few steaks off the back...to distract the chasing dogs.


tsisageya said...

I read a company's own warnings a good while back about one of their vaccines or other. I wish I could find it.
(On the other hand, they love to shove it right in our faces knowing we won't look. tldr warnings.)

Anyway, it was a long list of side effects, one of which said, 'may cause autism'. One of the side effects...

The special snowflakes don't seem to know about the side effects right there in black and white from the companies they so like to champion. I guess they don't like to read.

I won't cuss here, greencrow, but just know that I am thinking it.

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya:

"...may cause autism..." is NOT a side effect. It is a major life-diminishing effect with social implications that spread outward from the victim, to the family, to the community, to the nation...like a nuclear blast. This just shows the deeply evil/immoral/greedy priorities of the drug company involved.


tsisageya said...

Besides, if the immunized are immunized then why do they have to worry about the UN-immunized?

They're safe, so why worry? Why talk about the danger that the un-immunized represent? Ugh. It's all so disgusting. They're all either whores, stupid, or brainwashed. Either way, ugh.

I've been worrying about all this for many, many, many years.

tsisageya said...

Agreed. But the language is there. It means they know.

tsisageya said...

Perhaps it may be a case of, "THE GOYIM KNOW! SHUT IT DOWN."

I can only hope.

tsisageya said...

Hey, don't holler at me, greencrow. I agree.

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya:

"...Perhaps it may be a case of, "THE GOYIM KNOW! SHUT IT DOWN."

You could be right on this. Having so many children dying on their mama's basement sofas does indicate that there might be something wrong with the "medication".

Thanks for your comments.


Mojo Jojo said...

There have been scientific studies which show non vaccinated children are just as likely to contract, say the flu, as vaccinated children.
The links exist for almost every diesease they vaccinate you against.

But somehow the non vaccinated children will pass on the disease to those who are immune to this disease?
I agree that is just bogeyman shit to scare uneducated and ignorant parents.

Btw my take on the whole vaccine causing autism is a bit more straight forward than the mercury links.

I do agree that there will be batches intentionally tainted with heavy metals and fecal matter etc.

But for the normal batches that they use on the majority of us, (only damaging a minorty of each years vaccinated children with the heavy batches, which lead to severe disabilities and autism etc)

I belive the simple fact that you introduce a disease into the healthy child, then that child has to fight off said disease at the start of their life, this would indicate to me that due to the spent energy and nutrients to fight the disease, the body and brain are being neglected, not to mention damaged by the disease.
Given most children will not contract any disease if they are not vaccinated and live a normal life.

Put both these factors together and it causes slowed development for weeks or months, having a knock on effect on the brain and body in life as the child grows up.

If they are kept upto date on vaccinations, this essentially leads to a constant assault on the body, constantly damaging it with these diseases while we fight it off, but also constantly delaying development due to the nutrients and energy being used to repair damage and fight disease, instead of growing and developing the body and brain...

This gives some explination on the varying degrees of autism out there, with some people able to handle the disease and damage more effectively due to their genes, others not so much causing more damage and delay in development, and so on.
Essentially a scale of genes allowing for no damage and delay to severe damage and delay of development and all inbetween.
With a guaranteed number of severe damage through the tained batches each year.

Afterall if they tainted every batch, then every lab would agree with the tests that show tainted batches, it would become too hard to cover up, but since they intentionally taint a small amount, it gives them a timescale they can ensure they meet their target by x year, with a give or take of x% extra through the immune system attacks from regular vaccines.

Afterall if you throw a frog in hot water it notices straight away and reacts, but if you slowly boil it...
explains the constant increase in diagnosis of autism over the past century or so since it began to become a problem.

greencrow said...

Hi Mojo jojo

I do agree that they probably only taint selected batches of vaccines and/or every second or third year of vaccinations so the effect is not as dramatic as it would otherwise be. Perhaps they're using certain groups of human children as guinea pigs to test [or bioweaponry] medications on.