Wednesday, August 14, 2019

UPDATED: Ethics Commissioner - Justin Trudeau "Broke Conflict of Interest Act"

UPDATED: August 14, 2019 New development:  According to the CBC, The RCMP has used new terminology when responding to questions about the SNC Lavalin Judicial Interference Scandal.

The RCMP says it's reviewing the facts of the SNC-Lavalin affair "carefully" in the wake of a new damning report from the ethics commissioner that found Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act, following renewed calls from the Opposition to investigate.

"The RCMP is examining this matter carefully with all available information and will take appropriate actions as required," spokesperson Chantal Payette said in a statement to CBC News Wednesday.

"It would be inappropriate for us to provide anymore comments on this matter at this time."..."

Greencrow comments: It might be left up to the RCMP to "pull the trigger" on behalf of the "mortally wounded" Liberal Party.  I'm sure they have their factotums in the RCMP bureaucracy.

Earlier today: - Well, I just watched the press conference with Trudeau in Niagara-on-the-Lake where he attempted to deflect the latest apparition of this exposé of his extreme stupidity/lack of judgment/understanding of the justice system/venality/stubbornness/whatever and it was truly a display for the ages. He said he "accepted full responsibility" for the conclusions of the Commissioner but then said he disagreed with the most important of those conclusions...that he should not have interfered with the decisions of the Attorney General and/or Director of Prosecutions. He kept ignorantly prattling away about "jobs" as if "jobs" and justice conflate of them is absolutely equal to and can be interchanged with the other. Like, if you "don't have jobs...then how on earth can you possibly have justice?" Such utter bullshit that he expects Canadians to fall for. How stupid does he think we are? stupid as him...obviously.

Andrew Scheer has stopped calling for le Dauphin's resignation, of course.  Why should he allow the Liberals off the hook?  There used to be "rainmakers" and "bagmen" in the Liberal party who would, as I type, be maneuvering to force Trudeau to resign.  Where have all these gone?  South?...just like our sovereignty?!  It appears there's no entities powerful enough to save the Liberal party from Justin Trudeau.

No.  He's going to have this report thrown in his face for the entire campaign...throughout all the debates [watch him try to get out of the debates].  The fact that he did not apologize to Jody Wilson-Raybould and her fellow ousted MP colleague Jane Philpott is just more shit smeared on the walls of the psycho cell that Canadian federal politics has turned into....on the road towards harmonization with USrael/the North American Union.  Jody's going to have a field-day with this report in HER re-election campaign as an "Independent" candidate. Fellow Canadians...if Trudeau is re-elected...our system of justice will be totally destroyed.  Like, we'll have top prisoners "suicided" in their cells prior to trials...that's where all this is headed.

Justin Trudeau Stupidly Thought
he had the right to interfere
in the "SNC Lavalin" Legal Case

If this goes down like I think it should, Justin will resign by nightfall.  Of course I said that months ago when this scandal first broke.  I followed it for weeks and months...expecting that it was a fatal blow to his leadership.  But no.  He surfed the waves and rode out the storm.

Now it appears that a tsunami was building--in the form of the Ethics Commissoner's Report--which was released today.  Apparently le Dauphin broke every ethical rule in the book according to the Commissoner's report.  From the CTV

OTTAWA—Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion has found Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke the federal Conflict of Interest Act in relation to the SNC-Lavalin scandal, by seeking to influence Jody Wilson-Raybould in "many ways."...
"...The Prime Minister, directly and through his senior officials, used various means to exert influence over Ms. Wilson Raybould. The authority of the Prime Minister and his office was used to circumvent, undermine and ultimately attempt to discredit the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions as well as the authority of Ms. Wilson Raybould as the Crown's chief law officer," said Dion.
"...This is the second time the ethics commissioner’s office has found the prime minister has broken federal ethics laws. Trudeau was also found to have broken the federal ethics act when he vacationed at the Aga Khan's private island. In 2017 Dion’s predecessor Mary Dawson found that when Trudeau took a Christmas 2016 trip with family and friends to the island in the Bahamas, he contravened the act in four ways related to accepting accommodations from someone registered to lobby his office.'
Greencrow says:  Okay...I will redouble my "cri de coeur" and say the guy needs to go, toute suite.  What is he guilty of?  Well, mostly gross congenital stupidity.  Like I said years ago about him...he unfortunately inherited his mother's looks--and brains.  He just didn't understand the most basic principle of justice...that to work it needs to be separate from political interference.  He didn't/doesn't understand that justice must not just prevail...IT MUST APPEAR TO PREVAIL.  Otherwise, it loses respect in the eyes of the public and nobody can use it...not even the rich.

This is a lesson they lost years ago down in USrael.  Trudeau is so stupid that he thinks that American frontier "justice" [as exemplified most recently in the murder/disappearance of prisoner Jeffrey Epstein] already applies here.  No, silly boy, you still had a few hoops to jump and a few judges/commissioners to corrupt before you got your "American justice".

We have some very interesting minutes, hours and days ahead.  Oh Canada!!!

LOL MSNBC is already showing "Trudeau's Life in Pictures"  What kind of an omen is that?


Anonymous said...

At the time, I wondered why Butt-Head resigned from the PMO. After all, if he was "innocent" in the Raybold affair, he would have nothing to worry about. I finally rationalised it to the extent that if he was not in the PMO, then he could avoid questions about l'affaire Lavalin.

Now, having witnessed his return to help the boy wonder with his 're-election' campaign, this begins to make sense. I don't think Trudeau thought the ethics commissioner would actually come up with anything more than a mild finding of "bad optics" or some such political speech, and therefore Butt-Head thought it would be safe to return because he would not be the potential fall guy as he likely would have been in February when this first broke.

Which really goes to show that the PM and PMO were literally 'sharing a brain' when it came to strategy and now that Butt-Head is back we truly have the Beavis and Butt-Head show to run the election campaign for our natural ruling party.

Karma can really bite one in the ass, especially if one is of the clueless persuasion.

greencrow said...

Hi anonymous

Yes, I suppose Gerry Butts is wondering whether he made the right decision to re-join the Trudeau campaign...he's going to be the "butt" of all kinds of questions and innuendos for the duration up until Election Day.

It's a real mess and I could see by looking into Trudeau's vacuous eyes that he doesn't get it and never will. He's too much of a narcissist to ever see the big picture.

Reading between the lines said...

As much as I would like Trudeau to resign ,I am horrified at the possibility of Freeland making a pitch for the job.We then might as well become the 51st state and be done with it . I don't mean that of course but it would sure feel like it.
What a mess we are in with elections in October .NDP is our only option IMHO.

greencrow said...


I agree that the field looks very narrow at the moment. But the situation is very volatile...actually it's explosive with the possibility of charges being laid against Trudeau by the RCMP for "obstruction of justice".