Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms alleged violation caught on video in Meng Wanzhou arrest

Circumstances of Meng Wanzhou's Arrest
are considered a violation of her
charter rights according to her lawyers

Watch the above news video before it's taken down.  According to a CTV report, Meng Wanzhou's lawyers are submitting that her Charter rights were violated when she was held for three hours and her devices searched by border security [and who knows else] at the Vancouver airport BEFORE being told she was under arrest.

The most interesting part of this story is that the lawyers for Meng Wanzhou are seeking more information about the night of her arrest, specifically, records of telephone calls and e-mails exchanged between government and security agency officials--that took place in the crucial three hour period before she was told why she was being detained.  Now the greencrow is wondering how high up those phone calls and e-mails went.  Perhaps a certain politician will consider the Ethics Commissioner's report small potatoes if/when those are released to the public : 0

Canada, ironically, is still insisting that it is abiding by the "rule of law" in holding her for extradition to the United States.  Stay tuned for more in this breaking story.


Reading between the lines said...

Thanks for this update .I recently received a request from "Friends of the CBC" for funds.Below is what I wrote to them:

I used to be a friend of CBC but just don't have the heart any more.The news is not being reported evenly ,covering all sides of issues.There is no news whatsoever of what is being done to Palestinians for instance .It is always Israel has a right to defend itself.

Before I get labelled as antisemitic I do have Jewish friends who feel the same way.

There is no news about the protests in Honduras ,a government in power due a to a coup by the US that installed it's puppet.But much news about the protests in HK and Moscow protests.

There is no news of the protests in Brazil , for the corruption that is so very active today .i.e. the completely corrupt Moro that put Lula in jail so that it eliminated any real competition in the last election.

There is no news about who actually created the white helmet organization , James le Mesurier ,ex MI5-6 agent .The white helmets being the left arm of Jihadists in Syria.

I could go on and on but I am sure you are starting to get the picture , or perhaps you choose not to , in order to keep your job.

CBC will , may , become relevant again , but needs to become a proper reporting agency ,not the mirror or echo of the US or the UK's mandates. Tell us what is going on the world ,not what you would like us to think is going on.

Until then I will not support you again.

greencrow said...

Excellent letter, RBTL. There are so many more examples of undue bias that you could have included in that letter. Right now the CBC TV newz is working overtime to "change the channel" from the corruption exposed in the SNC Lavalin scandal so that we can have four more years of le Dauphin and his neo-Nazi spokesperson, Chrystia Freeland.