Monday, August 26, 2019

Guest Post: Bob Plecas: We don't need Trudeau's apology, we need his resignation

Trudeau caught jogging
on Twitter at the G7

Well, it is seemingly back to normal with Justin Trudeau. He's surfed another political wave...and rode out another corruption scandal storm.  The MZM has already dropped the SNC Lavalin Trudeau II report and moved on to other le Dauphin being caught jogging through the streets of Biarritz, France while attending the G7.  How picturesque...waaaay more his style.

Luckily for the sanity of Canadians, however, a British Columbian like former Deputy Minister of the Legislature Bob Plecas still remembers.  He's written an excellent op-ed that appeared yesterday in the Vancouver Sun.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

Guest Post by BC former Deputy Minister, Bob Plecas:

Bob Plecas: We don't need Trudeau's apology, we need his resignation

It may be the smartest political move of this century. If you are a federal Liberal, you should recommend beatification for the person behind Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s refusal to apologize for his actions in SNC-Lavalin.
When the ethics commissioner’s announcement became public, Trudeau argued that he accepted the report but did not agree and would not apologize. That sparked a debate over whether he should apologize, pre-empting and setting aside the real issue.
Apologies are easy, common and routine. Resignations, though? Rare, exciting and serious affairs. Kudos to the back-room hack who decided that we should talk about an apology and not a resignation.
The debate then becomes a question of process and distracts from the damning findings of the report. Pundits are lining up in the opinion pages and on talk shows to debate the finer points of precedent and quibble over definitions. All of which is easily ignored by Canadians engaged in the delightful pursuits of summer. After all, Trudeau has apologized many times before.
Rather than talk about the gravity of findings such as: “The authority of the PM and his office was used to circumvent, undermine and ultimately attempt to discredit the decision of the director of public prosecutions as well as the authority of Ms. Wilson-Raybould as the Crown’s chief law officer,” the national conversation is about whether Trudeau should say sorry.
That’s a much friendlier conversation for him. He set the agenda by framing the question to debate. In politics, the person who controls the agenda wins. A win here is to convince Quebec and break even on the SNC-Lavalin file in the rest of Canada.
But you cannot phone a judge and interfere if you are an MP. You cannot instruct your attorney general to change her opinion on a matter that will go before the courts. You can’t meddle in the legal process for any reason.
Saying it was for a good cause is irrelevant. Arguments that you had a good reason do not absolve your guilt and responsibility in either our legal or parliamentary systems.
Trudeau is the senior official responsible for upholding our legal system. He not only is in charge, he makes the rules. He must follow them. I do not think there is one Canadian who would not recognize that except, it seems, the prime minister.
Let’s talk instead about the report and what should follow from it.
The real result of this damning report is that Trudeau should resign. In our democracy, interference with the judicial process should result in resignation.
I expect a member of his cabinet who violated this principle would resign or be fired. Does not the same hold for the prime minister?
There is precedent. In 1989, then B.C. conflict commissioner Ted Hughes found the premier guilty of a conflict of interest. Bill Vander Zalm did the honourable thing. He resigned.
If Vander Zalm could see what was honourable, why can’t Trudeau? Is all honour now absent from politics? Do politicians sworn to uphold our laws ignore them for special interests in their own constituency and get away with it?
Never mind this is the third time the prime minister has violated parliamentary ethics all MPs thrive under.
Is he going to wait until the people fire him? Is that what it will take for him to do the right and proper thing?
We don’t need Trudeau’s apology. We need him to be an honourable member of parliament and resign.
Bob Plecas was a deputy minister under five B.C. premiers that crossed the political spectrum.

Greencrow says:  Bob Plecas, like the greencrow, is old enough to remember when a scandal like the SNC Lavalin fiasco meant an automatic resignation of the politician responsible.  It was the "honourable" thing to do.  Nobody questioned it.  The guilty party immediately resigned and disappeared from view.  That was the end of the political career of him or her.

That resignation allows for the body politic to recover from the assault on its legitimacy and viability.  In a democracy, where the people are supposed to be in charge...a scandal...particularly a corruption like a physical assault on the political institution itself.  The corruption is like a knife to the chest.  If the victim [the Democracy] survives at all it's because the knife of corruption is surgically removed [the guilty party resigns]...the wound stitched...and the patient allowed to recover.

In today's government by the Deep State in the Five Eyes Terror-aucracies...the corrupt politician never resigns.  Why not?  Because s/he rightfully believes s/he owes his/her position only to the Deep State and the Deep State is thrilled by the corruption.  THEY would never demand a resignation...quite the opposite...they will even fraud the election to maintain the corrupt puppet in power for another term.

So now Canada is like a victim staggering around with a knife sticking out of its chest.  The MZM is working overtime saying and pretending that the knife isn't there and there isn't blood streaming down the political corpus.  The body politic is dazed and confused by the media distraction and doesn't even know it has a knife sticking out of its chest.  But, if the knife isn't removed by resignation and the wound allowed to heal...then the wound will fester, the infection will spread and the democracy will die.

Canada's body politic is already staggering around with so many knives of corruption sticking out of it from the Trudeau II years, that it resembles a pin cushion.  But, barring a miracle, the corrupt le Dauphin WILL be re-(s)elected next autumn.


Reading between the lines said...

Trudeau might get elected again but don't think that he will not be hurt because of his lack of proper conduct .I am of the opinion that a wounded Trudeau re-elected with a minority,with the NDP and one or two possible greens holding them up to task would make for a much better government than either the liberals or the conservatives having full power to ride roughshod over us for another four years .We will see shortly how it plays out .If I had my druthers I would like an NDP government for a change ,in Canada .If nothing else it would be refreshing in the sense that it would mean new DNA, so to speak,into an outmoded 2 party system in fed.politics.

greencrow said...


I believe the NDP is already "dead in the water". Jagmeet Singh has not resonated with Canadians and the NDP is too much about "Identity politics" under his leadership. The Green Party will take off and re-position itself where the NDP used to be.

Trudeau will almost destroy the Liberals...much as Mulroney almost destroyed the Conservatives over Meech Lake. As things stand will be a minority government from hell. The Conservatives under Andrew [banned from Russia] Scheer...and the Greens.