Saturday, August 24, 2019

BC First Nations want emergency declared as Salmon Run fraction of what was expected

Sockeye Salmon

I have been writing for years about the world wide fishery crisis.  All over the world, fish are being harvested to extinction by huge commercial trawlers....their breeding grounds destroyed in the process.  I have called for a 10 year world wide moratorium on commercial fishing.

Under my proposal, fish would only be caught by locals in coastal villages for local consumption. Commercial harvesting of fish would be limited to land based fish farms.  Humanity needs to be weaned off fish.  This is sad because fish consumption is an excellent source of protein and other nutrients.  But humanity has been incredibly stupid and greedy regarding fish...never once thinking that some day...and folks it's coming will all be gone.

Don't believe me?  Read the following report from global news.  Department of Fisheries and Oceans was expecting this Fall's sockeye salmon run to be around 4,000,000.  Well, now they're hoping for 380,000 and even that is optimistic. Here is a snippet from the news report:

Federal fisheries experts are painting a devastating picture of the challenges facing Pacific salmon and point to climate change as the main culprit.

Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said that 2019 has been an especially difficult year in what has been a decades-long decline in stocks, after his department released a new report on the state of wild Pacific salmon..."
Yes, the "experts" [the same entities that got us into this mess] are saying that the decline is caused by "climate change".  Overfishing has nothing whatsoever to do with it, nor does the massive pollution of our the point where there's sludge bigger than the size of Texas swirling around in the Pacific...and no nation or global leader is doing anything about it...too busy warmongering all over the world...and fighting wars for Israel, dontcha know.

Regular readers will already know my position on "climate change".  Unless and until the global powers fess up about the weather and climate manipulation they're secretly conducting all over the world, chemtrails, bioengineering, EMP, HAARP and the like...there will never be an honest discussion about what is going on with our weather and what to do about it.

Today, they're lying and remaining silent about weather geoengineering/climate sabotage...which they call "climate change". This is the catch phrase they're all wringing their hands about--which they say is the cause of...fires in the Brazil Amazon rainforest this year [the Brazilian president accused "NGO"s of setting the fires]; fires last year in California [many of which also appeared to be deliberately set]. We'll never know who's fu*king with our weather and what the long term effect on the environment will be.  So, enough about so-called "climate change".

Back to the fish and where they're going.  We need to stop the trawler commercial fishery like they did in Newfoundland with the cod fishery in the 1970's and 1980's...cold turkey.  It was devastating for the Newfoundlanders, but they adjusted and now the small communities have fishers who can go out and haul enough cod for the locals and for the restaurants to serve the tourists.  Just a meagre reminder of the huge schools of codfish that were so great off the Atlantic Grand Banks at the time of first contact between Europeans and the First Nations that they would press against the sides of the sailing ships, threatening to capsize them.  Now all that is gone. [BTW, I will never forget the shock of learning that the US NAVY tested depleted uranium torpedoes, firing them underwater in the cod spawning grounds of the Grand Banks, where they remain to this day on the ocean floor, piled up and rusting AND then my even greater shock and anger to learn they did the same thing here in the salmon harvesting areas off the coast of Vancouver Island.  That's when I understood the true meaning of mass insanity.] 

Did the Canadians and the Newfoundlanders blame the nebulous and smoke and mirrored "climate change" for the death of the cod fishery?  No.  They weren't quite as devious back then.  They fessed up and blamed it on its actual cause...overfishing!

So now the coastal ocean in the Pacific North West is barren.  My husband and I dropped a line a couple of times during our summer sailing cruise a few weeks ago and with the exception of one tiny salmon....which we threw back...the ocean appeared completely empty.  We saw a few small fishing boats out as well but nobody was catching anything.   

So stop blaming "climate change" when the huge fishing trawlers are still out there...wending their way between the islands of floating plastic.  "Man up" and call a moratorium on the world wide commercial harvesting of fish.  Allow the oceans to recover.

Call a climate conference if you will...and force all the lying climate perverts to tell us what they're doing to our planet.  These climate perverts are just as hidden from the population as the sex perverts and pedophiles that run the planet...probably they're one and the same.  We need to act for the planet before it's too late...if it isn't already.


Anonymous said...

[Ed]itor says he is surprised that you are not allied with Derrick Jensen who has been screaming about the same issue(s) for years but has to ask both of you what about successful aquaculture. albeit still on its toddler knees, but putting product onto market shelves:

Jensen would say it's not enough, in the same way he says using less water and toilet paper will not make a difference, but it's a start, The chapter on political economy in George Will's "Conservative Sensibility" describes the many elements since 1870 that have transformed the human condition completely, these having to do with fresh water (plumbing), electrification, and knowledge as wondrous instruments of emancipation in the arenas of food, clothing and shelter.

greencrow said...

Hi Editor:

There was someone I was "allied with" last year. I published a guest post by John Hawthorne who feels the same way I do about the world wide Fishery crisis/disaster:

I don't know about Derrick Jensen...but then as you are aware, I do not read much ; )

IMO, it is too late for anything other than a 10 year [at least] moratorium world wide.

Of course, if you can't stop certain entities from bu**ering little certainly won't be able to stop them from fishing the oceans to extinction. It's the same diabolical, parasitical and predatory compulsion.

tsisageya said...

Amen, greencrow. Your post gives me life. Really. I can't agree more with what you say. If I recall, Derrick Jensen is a bit of a terrorist. At least that was my impression a few years ago when I was aware of him. I could be wrong but still I don't like him no matter how much truth he seems to tell. I remember that.

tsisageya said...

Of course, if you can't stop certain entities from bu**ering little certainly won't be able to stop them from fishing the oceans to extinction. It's the same diabolical, parasitical and predatory compulsion.

These two sentences in particular seem full of truth as well.

greencrow said...

Hi Tsisageya:

Thanks for your support on this crucial issue. The G7 is meeting as we type in France...blabbering away about nothing. Photo ops and bs. They could be talking about declaring a 10 year world wide fishing moratorium....for the sake of this planet.

tsisageya said...

Yes they could, but they won't, because they're evil. I'm not sure where they think they'll live after their plans are all said and done, or who they think will serve them, but I myself have a good guess.

Penny said...

Aquaculture has already turning into a filthy prospect, spreading disease among the wildfish and to make matters worse they have introduced genetically modified fish into the eastern canadian fish farms.

I often wonder if the depletion of cod was exaggerated.

"A five-fold expansion in open net fish farms that scientists believe could decimate Iceland’s wild salmon stocks is pitting Big Aquaculture against ecologists in the country."

Which could very well be affecting the salmon in BC
Not having thing to do with 'climate change' rather having to do with the myriad of issues with all factory farming.

By Charles Clover, Environment Editor

12:00AM BST 19 Sep 2000

FISH farms discharge more nutrient pollution than Scotland's human population, according to a report published yesterday.

The nitrogen and phosphorus discharged from Scotland's 350 marine salmon farms, whose salmon are fed on fish meal pellets, pose a risk to fish, mammals, shellfish and other wildlife in what were until recently pristine waters, says the report commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

""More GM salmon means more risk to wild Atlantic salmon. That is the science," said Mark Butler of the Ecology Action Centre in Nova Scotia.

"This decision is the first step in a dangerous expansion of GM fish production. We need a national consultation on improving regulation before new GM animals are approved."

The groups are particularly concerned that there is no requirement to label genetically-modified foods for consumers."

Fish farms aren't the solution they are touted to be. And may be, nah, most probably are the reason that wild stock is being decimated

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I agree with you completely about fish farms. They are not the solution and a serious source of pollution and disease. But I'm trying to compromise and provide options to those most severely impacted by a worldwide moratorium on commercial fishing.

My father lived in Newfoundland for the last 40 years of his life and having visited him there many times and travelled the province, I can say the impact of the death of the cod fishery was enormous. But the experience showed the people could survive and adjust. In that respect, Canada could be leaders in the effort to wean the world off commercial fishing...and in the preservation of fish stocks from absolute extinction.

Penny said...

Hey GC:

I'd just hate to see a push to end fishing with the solution being filthy farmed fish.

I've eaten the stuff and it's rank. I mean disgraceful.
We had a neighbourhood stray that wouldn't touch the farmed trout- And he was a stray.
Taste like sewage- Cause it's raised in sewage. That's no solution for man, other fish or the planet.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Apparently the Norwegians are successful and land farming of salmon. Farmed salmon are probably no more contaminated that the chicken we get at the fast food outlets that are factory farmed. Yech!