Tuesday, July 2, 2019

UPDATED: Weather Wars?.... Chemtrails Must be Explained.... Prior to Any Reasonable Climate Action!

UPDATED:  July 2, 2019 Seemorerocks has posted again on the topic of clouds.  Several interesting links and a video.
Town in Siberia

Twelve dead; thousands left homeless as severe flooding hits Siberia

First there was massive flooding in Eastern Canada last spring... and now there's the same sort of highly unusual massive flooding in Siberia. The entire world is being affected by extreme weather, storms, flooding and record breaking heat. Relatives of mine in Czechia report weeks of 40 degree days and nights. This is being reported all across Europe, leading to forest fires in Germany's black forests.

A few days ago a town in Mexico was inundated with five feet of frozen rain, hail and slushy snow! Is somebody up there trying to tell us something? The answer put forth by the "perps that be" explain it all away as "climate change". They used to call it "global warming" until someone looked closely at their stats and found they didn't support the thesis the climate gurus were trying to make that the planet was heating up.

So, now, more than ever they just call it "climate change"...Tornadoes in northern Canada, Tsunamis off the coast of eastern Africa, flash flooding in the desert nation, Jordan. The relentless and unpredictable nature of the events is kind of like...well kind of like how the false flags were coming thick and fast just a few years ago...now tapering off to just one or two every couple of months. So, 'extreme weather' seems to have replaced the false flags in terrorizing humanity. How does that work?

Cirrus bullshitus

Well, as usual ["usual" being the way things are ever since 9/11...aka "the new normal"] there are a few clues just lying around in plain sight.  Or, in this case, hanging around in the skies above us in plain sight.  The clouds are not what they used to be.  Check any Hollywood movie from back in the 40's, 50's and 60's and you will soon realize that clouds have dramatically changed over the past 4 decades.  Today's clouds in no way resemble those that filled the skies back then.  The PTB have even had to come up with new names for the new cloud patterns in the contemporary skies, as Robin Westenra has written about on his blog "Seemorerocks".

According to Robin's post on the topic, here are some of the new names created for man made clouds.  Please read the following snippet from Seemorerocks and I will have more comments to follow.  My emphasis in red:


"Genitus mother clouds
Cirrus cirrocumulogenitus
Cirrus altocumulogenitus
Cirrus cumulonimbogenitus
Cirrus homogenitus. Cirrus formed by spreading of aircraft contrails.

Mutatus mother cloud
Cirrus cirrostratomutatus"

[Robin notes] This was interesting. They have come up with a new category of clouds that was definitely not in Colliers or any former book on clouds - homeogenitus clouds 

"Contrails formed from the exhaust of aircraft flying in the upper level of the troposphere can persist and spread into formations resembling any of the high cloud genus-types and are now officially designated as cirrus, cirrostratus, or cirrocumulus homogenitus. If a homogenitus cloud of one genus changes to another genus type, it is then termed a homomutatus cloud. Stratus cataractagenitus (Latin for 'cataract-made') are generated by the spray from waterfalls. Silvagenitus (Latin for 'forest-made') is a stratus cloud that forms as water vapor is added to the air above a forest canopy.[83]"

Now, the interesting thing about the Wikipedia articles (there are at least two) on clouds is that they have the following examples of clouds that would certainly never have featured in previous books on clouds (because they never existed). They are precisely those clouds that people have been posting on the internet to indicate geoengineering, 'chemtrails' and so forth.

It seems to me an attempt to paint as "normal" what is not normal at all. Sceptics tend to point to articles like this and say "look, here you are. It's all normal and scientific". What we are seeing however, is nothing more or less than a classification of clouds using traditional criteria.

Just classifying something and giving it a Latin name gives it a scientific aura and says nothing about the origin of the clouds. Here are some examples of what I am talking about.With those Latin names it has to be real, right?



Greencrow says:  So, taking the comparison with 9/11 a bit further, These weird man-made clouds are like "nano thermate" in the WTC dust.  They're hard, forensic evidence of man's pissing around with the weather.  Just like the nano thermate was hard forensic evidence of man-made military grade explosives bringing the towers down. And, just like with the nano thermate, the PTB have successfully diverted human attention away from this 'smoking gun" evidence of human involvement in so-called "climate change".

We know the military is involved in chemical spraying of the skies...they even joke and laugh about it...like these navy pilots who "drew a penis in the sky", all on the taxpayer's dime. Just boyz with toyz flying around having a bit of fun. Nobody is allowed to connect the dots between the sudden emergence of "weird clouds" over the past forty or so years and "climate change"...just like nobody is supposed to connect the dots between nano thermate [or suitcase nuclear bombs] and the weird, pyroclastic clouds that exploded the WTC towers.  Don't ever let your lying eyes deceive you!!!

The only ones on earth who are asking questions about the "weird clouds" and their possible effect on our weather are the alternative news and the intrepid bloggers...like Robin Westenra, little moi, Giza Death Star, Sputnik News and The Millennium Report, amongst a few others.  We're also asking about whether the HAARP technologies are affecting extreme weather events and/or whether huge space-based lasers have anything to do with them as well.  That's why the perps are trying to run us out of town [aka the Internet] on a rail.

But, we need to continue to ask questions and try to get to the root cause of so-called "climate change".  IMO, we need to start by finally nailing them down about manmade clouds.  That's the most obvious piece of "hard" evidence.  Is it not possible, particularly during these months when politicians are roaming the country trying to dredge up our votes...that some of us go into a campaign-stop meeting and ask the following question of a "would be politician"?:

"Do you believe that this "climate change" that all the politicians are warning us about and want to impose a "carbon tax" for...has any connection with man made chemtrails that we see criss-crossing our skies every day?  Will YOU as a politician in an administration try to find out what these chemtrails are all about?"

We all have a stake in finding out the answer to the above question, and soon, before our homes literally burn down or get flooded out!!! Looking at the disparate regions on planet earth struck by "climate change" events, just within the past few months, we can ASSuME that nobody is immune. We ALL have a survival stake in finding out the answer to the question: Why the man made clouds????


Canadian Wildflower said...

The weather is definitely getting weirder and weirder, and more and more severe as time goes on!!
You make a good point here, Greencrow!

Reading between the lines said...

Been wondering the same thing for many years .I recently had the conversation with my brother about the climate changes and I brought up the possibility that chemtrails could be a cause and that we just do not know for sure,the look on his face told me he was looking at my tinfoil hat .That was the end of that conversation.The situation has been imposed on us gradually and slowly and now we are expected to believe that we now have all these new clouds in the sky that were not there and did not exist 40-50 years ago .Much information has been doctored up on the internet even to the extent that some are talking about chemtrails in the 20s and 30s .Good God , what preposterous lies and garbage when turbine jets did not exist then .

greencrow said...

Hi Canadian Wildflower:

Yes the weather seems to be getting weirder and the so-called scientists are letting humanity down by NOT explaining the whys and the wherefores of it. Perhaps the "scientists" are all just phony baloneys.

greencrow said...


I experience that "look" that your brother gave you every day. It's very isolating to "wonder out loud" about the phenomena we're witnessing today that didn't exist 40 years ago. Even amongst the alternative community there is pressure to believe this or that...when all we really should be doing is questioning everything!