Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Water Quality Crisis in First Nations Community - But, but, but, Trudeau just gave million$ to Ukraine!?

Split Lake reserve in northern Manitoba, 
home of the Tataskweyak Cree, 
protest the band council, May 2012.

Well, well, well. It wasn't even a week ago now where Canada gave million$ to the Ukraine government so it could purchase armaments to continue the civil war begun in 2014 that was fomented by the US State Department. Now we have yet another one of the perennial emergencies in our First Nations communities that suffer from chronic governmental neglect. Please read the following report from the CBC and I will have further comments to follow:

Attawapiskat declares state of emergency over water quality

From the CBC

"The Attawapiskat band council in northern Ontario has declared a state of emergency after tests showed tap water had potentially harmful levels of trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids (HAAs) —  byproducts of the disinfection process created when chlorine interacts with high levels of organic materials in the community's water source.
The community has a separate system specifically for its drinking water supply that is filtered through a reverse-osmosis system which is distributed through two watering stations where community members can fill up jugs. 
While still safe, the drinking water is starting to register rising levels of THMs and HAAs. 
Attawapiskat resident Adrian Sutherland said he was irked Sunday after seeing a tweet from Environment Minister Catherine McKenna praising the purity of Ottawa's city water while his community faced an advisory warning that their own water could be harmful. 
Gull said he asked officials with Indigenous Services Canada during a teleconference call on Monday to provide free bottled water to the community of 2,000, because many can't afford to purchase supplies from the local Northern Store.  
Gull said he is frustrated with Ottawa's fragmented approach to dealing with the community's long-standing water issues.
"Attawapiskat should be drinking the same quality of water the people in Ontario and Canada take for granted," he said. "We shouldn't be going through this kind of stuff, to declare a state of emergency. If this happened in Timmins, they would deal with it the same day."
Attawapiskat residents have been warned to limit their time in the shower and not use hot water while washing because it opens the skin's pores, said Sutherland. 
He said residents have also been warned not to wash their food with the tap water and to ventilate a room whenever tap water is running because THMs and HAAs can get into the air. 
"Everybody is worried, they are very concerned and wondering what is going to happen," he said.
"We want to know how we are going to deal with this. We want answers."
Prolonged exposure to THMs and HAAs can cause skin irritation and could increase the risk of cancer, according to a consultant report prepared for the community.
THMs and HAAs cannot be cleared through boiling water.
Attawapiskat held a band meeting on the issue this past Friday and informed residents of the water situation.
 Attawapiskat's current water treatment plant was built in 2001.
The only lasting solution to the nagging water woes would be to change the community's water source to the Attawapiskat River — a conclusion reached by studies in 2008 and 2011.
A new water source is also part of a broader plan for a desperately needed expansion of the community, which is bursting at the seams and pushing its existing water and wastewater systems to a near breaking point.
"It's not just the tap water issue," said Gull.
 The cost of the expansion is estimated at about $300 million to $400 million over 20 years."
Greencrow says:  Canadians are warned by health officials not to shower with hot water because it "opens the pores" and would expose them to the harmful effects of their water supply?  This, in a country with more fresh water than anywhere else on the planet???

But just last week the neo-Nazi Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland gave million$ to her Ukrop friends over in Ukraine:

Freeland announced $45 million in new support for Ukraine, with $33 million of that sum going to support the country's governance reforms, to promote gender equality and to bring government services to Ukrainians in conflict-affected regions.
Canada also is giving $6.5 million to help Ukraine further develop its police force and will station up to 45 Canadian police advisers and trainers to serve in the country until 2021...."

Does ANYONE have their head screwed on forward in the Canadian Liberal Federal Government?!  If so, we're not hearing from them.

I say, no money for the Ukes...not a penny....take it all back immediately and NO FOREIGN AID until all the First Nations in Northern Canada have safe drinking water!


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You will get no argument from me on this issue .the news this morning is not very good.On another subject have a look at this:

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Netanyahu feels confident to say out loud what they've been saying behind closed doors for centuries..."We will take what we want".

The only question that comes to my mind is...is it confidence? Or, is it desperation...because things have NOT been going according to plan, lately.