Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Texas in Donbass...while Dumbass in Toronto meets "The Clown"

True American Patriot Russell Bentley [aka "Texas"] went on a humanitarian mission to the town of Petrovsky in the Donbass recently.  He brought with him humanitarian aid in the form of clothing and medical supplies.  In the video above, you will see him standing in front of a building recently destroyed by rocket shells fired by the Ukrops [Neo Nazis] who are still terrorizing the peoples of the Donbass by random night time shelling and sniper fire.  Texas notes that the shelling is done with ammunition supplied illegally by the West ["NATO"].  In the video you can see the nearby apartment windows that were blown out by the illegal [according to the "Minsk" Agreement] terrorist shelling.

Innocent seniors, families and the poor and unemployed are the victims of the Western-enabled Ukraine Neo-Nazi terrorists.  Can you imagine how Canadians would feel if we were wakened from our sleep in the middle of the night by a huge blast outside and having our windows blown out?  Well, this is a common occurrence for the peoples living on the front lines in the Donbass.

At the same time as the peoples of the Donbass were being terrorized by Western-supported neo-nazis, (or at approximately the same time) there was the "clown" leader of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy sitting down in Toronto with Dumbass, Le Dauphin, Trudeau.  Yes, in a Machiavellian twist, we have Canada's Prime Minister sitting down with the same entity who's ordering the illegal shelling of the innocent civilians in the Donbass.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets
 Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy
July 2, 2019

The petite Zelenskiy [who makes France's Lilliputian Macron look gynormous by comparison] came to Canada, cap in hand and, before he knew it...his Jester's cap was filled to overflowing with Canadian shekels.  Million$ to Ukraine...and even some military hardware thrown in.  If you look closely, at the above video, you can see Canada's neo Nazi Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, smirking from behind the Canadian and Ukrainian flags. 

Trudeau took the opportunity, in front of the international press, to badmouth Russia...calling it the "aggressor" in the conflict.  Le Dauphin, of course, is congenitally unable to understand that it was Ziofascist USraeli Vicky Nuland and her "Maidan cookies" [acting on behalf of the USrael Deep State] who set off the 2014 "civil war" between the neo-Nazis and the pro-Russian factions in Ukraine.  Trudeau never fails to bad mouth Russia, even though it isolates Canada, making it even more dependent on the United States of Israel.  Even last weekend's experience at the G20 [where Trump, instead of "putting in a good word" with China, did a "Huawei" deal behind Canada's back] did not enlighten Trudeau about how much [aka "little"] Canada means to its "greatest ally".

While Northern Canadian First Nations still suffer from and have not yet been compensated for  generational health problems resulting from drinking lake water with mercury in it* ...and even though the financially profligate United States of Israel cautioned the Ukraine leader about rampant corruption in Ukraine....Canada STILL threw taxpayer shekels at Ukraine....Canada has lucre to burn!

So, dear readers, just another in the never-ending, whip-lash-creating series of humiliations that sentient Canadians have to bear under the "leadership" of le Dauphin. And we see no light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

*NOTE: Blogger is not allowing me to link the mercury issue in with the Grassy Narrows First Nations' struggle to get Federal Government Funding to mitigate the decades old poisoning of their water supply.

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