Sunday, July 14, 2019

Tangential Titillation -- Epstein's Just like ALL the other Pseudo Scandals in USrael

Jeffrey Epstein - Jewish boogey man*

Tangential Titillation -- Just like  during all the other pseudo-scandals in USrael.  The media has gone into yet another 24/7 "frenzy" (TM).  This mornings headlines scream:

    "Jeffrey Epstein Indictment Unsealed: Are We Seeing The Power Elite Finally Come Down?"

The simple answer to the above headlined question is "No".  We'll see no "cleansing of the septic swamp" that rules USrael and the West.  Just think about all the other recent pseudo-legal distraction scandals:

Panama Papers
Wikileaks [Seth Rich Murder - imprisonment of Julian Assange]
NSA scandal [Edward Snowdon]
Blond bimbo-gate [Trump]
and now...."Epstein-gate"

They were, in the end, all “tales of sound and fury, signifying nothing”. The Jewish dual-citizens who occupy/rule the United States and who mold and direct its entire government towards their (((traditional))) ends have ensured that the (((justice))) system and the (((press))) are so entirely corrupted that they can unleash one of these sick pantomime/farces on the sheeple every six months or so...without the slightest concern that any one of them will go anywhere...that any one of the carousel of scandals will be anything other than in a never-ending circular bread and circus distraction for the masses.

Nobody will ever find out where Epstein got his money or whether "the Mossad" was behind his sex-trafficking honey-pot operations.


From Xymphora
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, funny despite Watson: "Ann Coulter Thinks Epstein Had A "State Sponsor" & Was Running A "Blackmailing" Operation" (Watson). The comments are all woke, but we're still in a situation where 'naming the Jew' is impossible, even for Coulter.

"Snyder: Epstein Case Has The Potential To Be The Biggest Scandal In American History" and "Major Red Flags Are Causing Many To Doubt Whether Justice Will Be Done In The Jeffrey Epstein Sex Scandal" (Snyder).

As is obvious, the point of this is to increase the pressure on Trump to agree to the demands of Bibi/Sheldon regarding Iran/Syria, and I very much doubt that anybody important will end up in trouble (maybe some lesser degenerate will have to take the fall, just for appearances sake, and Epstein will probably get a few years, maybe on the 'child porn' that was his blackmail stash). The machers really have nobody better than Trump to replace him, so it will be interesting to see if Trump, still wanting to be re-elected, calls their bluff, and continues to refuse (((them))) WWIII..."


Greencrow says:  Here we have all the Prime Ministers in the World over the past 10 years besmirched with suspicion of involvement in the scandal...with absolutely NO proof offered?!...That gives you a clue, doesn't it?

When you (((lack a justice system))), that's all you can ever have....much ado...about what always and inevitably turns out to be NOTHING!  Read the following's the same old hoopla...this is the final straw that broke the camel's back...this is the dam-buster....same as the last time, and the time before, and the time before that!  Below is more in the collection of links I've assembled over the past week on this topic.  Please scroll through and I will have final thoughts to follow:


"....this link is very much worth your time. I agree with Robert Steele when he says:

“I remain of the view that Jeffrey Epstein is a Mossad clandestine operations officer, assisted by Mossad clandestine operations officer Ghislaine Maxwell, and that their mission is to do precisely what they have been doing: entrap US politicians, judges, celebrities, prosecutors, and corporate leaders with rigged “no name” hotels and the mult-cavern “Lolita Island” where anything goes and the Mossad gets it all on video — grown people doing bad things to small children...."

.....Bill Binney and I, simply accessing the 99% of the NSA database that has not been processed, could nail almost every traitor, pedophile, compromised judge, and white collar criminal within 90 days using Thin Thread. We told Jefferson Sessions, then AG, how to do this. Of course our mail to him (and to Donalf Trump) could have been intercepted by the various traitors that so easily gain access to the upper ranks precisely because they have CIA, FBI, Freemason, Knights of Malta, and other forms of sponsorship.

The fact that the FBI broke down Epstein’s door is somewhat significant. It suggests that the old deal is off the table and our President may be about to begin a scorched earth campaign to drain the swamp. I pray this be so.

We do not lack for the knowledge of who all these evil people are. We lack — or have lacked up to today — the integrity to do our jobs and serve the public.

If President Donald Trump follows through on this — and then throws in 9/11 disclosure and an end to our support for Zionist Israel and its unregistered agents bribing and blackmailing everyone of consequence (AIPAC and ADL), then he will in all probability be re-elected in a landslide, at the same time that the Democrats lose the House and 27 states flusher their Governors and state legislators out for making it a felony to speak freely about the need to boycott Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal invented state Israel.

Whatever the President’s intent, American disgust over pedophilia, transgenderism, political correctness, legalizes lies, and foreign wars is now at “Peak Disgust.” Hear us, Mr. President — we want heads to roll — many heads.”

This Tweet is utterly important and our work in saving it for posterity must be viral:



Realignment and Legitimacy [gc:  "as if"]

“The Jeffrey Epstein case is why people believe in Pizzagate” [Matthew Walther, The Week]. The conclusion:

If you have spent the last few years earnestly consuming mainstream left-of-center media in this country you will be under the impression that the United States has fallen under the control of a spray-tanned Mussolini clone who is never more than five minutes away from making birth control illegal. If you watch Fox News and read conservative publications, you no doubt bemoan the fact that Ronald Reagan’s heir is being hamstrung by a bunch of avocado toast-eating feminist witches. Meanwhile, Alex Jones’s audience will tell you that America, like the rest of the world, is ruled by a depraved internationalist elite whose ultimate allegiance is not to countries or political parties or ideologies but to one another. These people believe in nothing. They will safeguard their wealth and privilege at any cost. They will never break rank. And they will commit unspeakable crimes with impunity, while anyone who dares to speculate openly is sued or hounded out of public life as a kook.

Which of these worldviews is closest to the truth? Not a bad question."


Greencrow concludes:  "Which of these worldviews is closest to the truth?"  9/11 taught us that while the truth is "out there" it doesn't really matter...when there's no platform or forum to give it meaning, influence and/or power.  Those forums in the past were the universities/schools, the courts, the printing presses...but they no longer exist.  They've been entirely substituted with dumbed down, bought and corrupted facsimiles...they're now perverted cartoons of their former selves.  The Schools, the Press and the Courts now function in diametric opposition to their former principles and values.

So these "scandal" scenarios are now merely distractions for the goyim.  I suggested in a post last week that the "Epstein pseudo-scandal" could be timed to distract from the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Lunar Hoax.  Good excuse as any, I suppose.  Whatever the rationale festering in their filthy, maggoty little another few months it will all be gone....and there'll be another "final straw" scandal.  Another glittery wooden horse circling on the Carousel. Perhaps when we stop you think that could make a difference?

Just walk away. Stop looking at
the's not going anywhere.

*Look everyone!  We're willing to sacrifice one of our own!


Greg Bacon said...

If the (((Deep State)) Epstein was fronting for wanted to take him down, they would of done so back in 2008, instead of basically letting him walk.

Don't know what the end game is, but what's happening to Jeffie is for a reason use mere mortals may never know.

Anonymous said...

Dear GC, It is disappointing that you dismiss Epstein so easily. Yes, there is a distraction component, but you missed it completely, unfortunately. At least two things it distracts from: the takeover of east Jerusalem by psychos in their bid to construct the third temple, and the cessation of the Mueller investigation as soon as Epstein's story broke. There are many more...

While recognizing as many have, that the self chosen rule pretty much everything, particularly media, it is necessary to look into how they want to implement total control.

Many are stuck on the prurient aspects of the whole thing or just looking at the superficial level. In doing so they miss the most important thing to do which is looking deeply into Epstein's life and his close connections (as in 'follow the money'). Then, you can see that there is a much bigger picture. It's not the blackmail of the Clintons or anyone else, although that is a part of it.

The bigger picture is nothing less than a nightmare of a Jewish ruled world facilitated by trans-humanism. No, I'm not kidding.

For those who have not done their own investigation, you can take a shortcut and look at the following video, well worth your time:

Epstein's Foundation and its investments into genomics and mapping the brain for AI part 1 of video,and part 2 is about Epstein's cronies and network:


Anonymous said...

They don't care about whether Epstein or anyone else "goes down" because the endgame is complete control of humanity.


greencrow said...

Hi Laskarina:

My point was that Epstein, or any or the past or future degenerates that parade in a never-ending circle before us, will ever face justice for their crimes. The answer to that is NO.

"Justice" in the USA only applies to the poor/unconnected. The elites and connected are free to do as they please.

Anonymous said...

Hi GC,
Yes, I see your point and agree with you.

The justice system is totally rigged because it is club of the self chosen, which like all their other clubs has the same goal.

Think of the creep who hired 20 y.o. Epstein to teach math and physics at the exclusive Dalton school in NYC without any college degree or even a teaching certificate. That person is actually the father of the current attorney general of the USA.

Disgraced FBI creep Comey's daughter is on the so called prosecution team against Epstein.

It's all very incestuous.


PS Thank you for letting me comment.

greencrow said...

Hi Laskarina:

I always appreciate your comments : ). I never meant to minimize the evil of Epstein by saying the justice system will never deal with it. If you look at the Veteran's Today op-ed by Gordon Duff which is linked to the word (((Traditional))) you will get some idea of what kinds of thinks I believe Epstein was up to.