Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Summer Sailing Log Entry #3 - Plus 5G Update

Cabin Support Pole with 
macramé and shell decoration

Here we are in the coastal town of Chemainus, BC.  At one point this was a thriving center of the logging industry.  Log booms with huge first growth cedars being towed up and down the Strait from the interior forests of Vancouver Island.  Now, the old growth is long gone.  The third and fourth growth is being harvested...much smaller and managed much more carefully.  In the old days, it was common for the huge log booms to burst in transit, huge logs scattered all over the Strait. A logging company could go bust as a result of the waste of an entire summer's labour.  My husband's great uncle owned a logging company that went broke in this manner.  He had a logging camp in the woods and when he lost his logs...another "bull of the woods" logging baron stole his camp.  Those were the days.  Now the port of Chemainus is known primarily as a ferry terminal.  Cars line up for blocks waiting for the ferries that run every couple of hours.  The population of Chemainus is largely First Nations.  The grocery/thrift store at the top of the hill from the ferry is a great place.  The groceries aren't so great...a bit shopworn...but the thrift shop is the best I've seen.  Lots of great junk.  Things you always wanted but didn't have the time or inclination to search for.

We motored through flat calm waters to Chemainus from Telegraph Harbour on Thetis Island yesterday morning.  Our departure from Telegraph Harbour caused a bit of a stir.  We were backing out of our moorage spot (see the photo in the previous post below) and for some stupid reason, started turning the boat too soon.  The combination of the incoming wind and tide caused our boat to jam up against the piling at the end of the dock...ripping off our barbecue...which quickly sank beneath the waves at the end of the dock.  I shouted to my husband for "forget it" and just keep going forward.  No.  He wanted to retrieve the barbecue and so proceeded to attempt to re-dock.  Luckily the wharfinger heard the commotion and quickly came to our assistance.  Perhaps this was a frequent event for him...lol...but after we re-tied the boat, the wharfinger took our hooked aluminum extension pole and fished out the barbecue.  Someone [not me] was very embarrassed at having the soggy barbecue lying on deck while we motored to Chemainus.  Soon after docking here, he set to fixing the barbecue and re-attaching it to the back guard rails of the boat.  It only required a new screw and a lot of fussing.  He lit the gas barbecue and it worked fine.  Yes, young women, if I can give one piece of advice...forget about "handsome" and focus on the "handy"!!!

One difference I've noticed between sailing this year and in years past is the ease at which I can access the Internet [so far, touch wood]. In years past, Internet access was spotty, slow and unreliable...particularly in the late evening.  Now, as soon as we're moored I can log on wherever we are. The Internet access is uniformly quick and reliable.  Is this something to do with "5G"?  Paul Craig Roberts recently posted another report on the dangers of 5G.

I am still on the fence on this issue but leaning towards 5G being harmful to Humans and other living things.  This is based on my experience travelling in China and particularly the megalopolis of Shanghai.  There's 5G there already and I noticed that there were NO BIRDS in Shanghai.  At least where I was.  Birds are literally "the canary in the 5G coalmine" so far as I'm concerned.  I don't want to live anywhere there are no birds....for SO many reasons.


NOTE:  The photo above shows the way I decorated the support post near the galley in our boat's cabin.  I did it about 5 years ago.  I was trying to re-create or at least pay homage to a fabulous macramé work of art that a sailing friend of my husband and his buddies did for the boat they co-owned over 40 years ago.  This friend, a young world traveller from Denmark, was an expert in tying knots and did a very intricate rope pattern up the cabin post of their boat.  When I first went on the boat 43 years ago now, I immediately recognized the artistry in the macramé work and pointed it out to my future husband.  Until then he'd been oblivious to the artistic nature of the work.

So, of course, I could not tie intricate knots on my work, but tried to compensate by attaching shells, starfish and blue plastic beads--sewn with needle and thread--to my simple macramé rope...once I had wound it around the post.  I also attached a large glass "God's Eye" we brought back from Greece.  These "God's Eyes" are sold by the truck load in Greece, where they're supposed to protect the owner from harm...particularly sailors from harm on the seas.

A few years ago, my husband was contacted by his artistic Danish friend and found out that the friend had moved to the south of France, where he owned/operated a vineyard/winery business.  He was able to purchase the vineyard/winery with the proceeds of his art gallery in Denmark.  I saw some photos from his gallery and it appears that his art is based on his macramé gift--poles and pieces of wood covered with rope knotted in intricate patterns.  Each of his pieces sold for thousands of dollars.

Ironically, around the same time, the old sailboat that my husband had owned with his sailing partners, now owned solely by one of them, floundered in heavy seas, and its wooden mast broke.  It had to be de-commissioned.  The boat's owner stripped it of all valuables prior to scuttling it.  After hearing that the boat had been stripped and scuttled, I asked the owner whether he had saved the macramé pole in the galley. He said "no"....not realizing its value. Sadly, I had to inform him that the pole, depending upon its condition, may have been the most valuable item on the boat.   Just shows to go ya.

Until the next log entry...over and out.


Julien romanovsky said...

Safe journey for you & your husband. Good 5 G article of Craig Roberts – surtout the globalresearch link. Digital tech companies are criminal organisations, indeed, in bed with criminal governments & dito main stream press like the NYT.

Funny, what do they have in common the telecompanies, many governments, & the msm?

More than strong ties with the sweet little country (slc) – since 1948- on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean where 5G is developped (imv with direct links to John T. the uncle of Donald T. an MIT scientist. He died in 1985. Was part of A FBI team that laid its hands on the secret Tesla Files, immediately after Nikola Tesla died in january 1943 in Hotel The New Yorker. John T. worked during WW II for the US govt. Said he did not find anything concrete in the files- Tesla was ´into wireless´. Deborah Tavares, silent weapons expert, says 5G based technology was already applied in worldwar II: ´It cooked your eyes like eggs).

Funny, Donald T. MIGA Making Israel Greatest Absolutely (he can´t help it it´s all in the family) wants to blanket the USA with 5G, knowing full well that his beloved slc does not
roll out this quickly paralyzing evt. deadly technology.


“Lie-detector” site Snopes lied stating there was no 5 G november 2018 in The Hague.


tsisageya said...

I so enjoy your sailing posts (amongst others). Thanks so much, greencrow.