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Summer Sailing Log Entry #1 plus: Puerto Rican President Resigns - Where does uprising go from here?

Map of Caribbean

The other day I began a series on the uprising in Puerto Rico.  A natural bias towards populism [people power] placed me firmly in the camp of the demonstrators who wanted to be rid of a corrupt and vulgar US-placed governor.  It appeared from a post by Nomadiceveryman published soon after, however, that I may have been too hasty in my assessment...and that the uprising could just be another one of those phony "colour-revolution" regime-change gambits that the West is always perping in its vassal states.  I looked anew at the photos and wondered whether the crowd had been "photo-shopped".  Such is the cynicism bred in sentient humanity these days by the Satanic evil-doers that control us.

I didn't give it too much further thought...being busy getting off on our annual sailing holiday in the Gulf Islands of Georgia Strait off Vancouver Island.  We're now settled for the day and tonight in Silva Bay on Gabriola Island.  We got in yesterday around 3:30 p.m. after a wonderful motor/sail across the Strait.  The Strait was as calm as a "mill pond" as my husband put it.  There being almost no wind, we motored at hull speed of 6.5 knots.  We were literally surfing through the waters with our foresail [jib] up just for fun.  There were only a few "cumulus humanicus" clouds in the sky.  LOL. This is what I call the obviously man-made chemtrail clouds now.  

Once we tied up, we discovered that the Silva Bay Marina, which we've been visiting for 40 years and which was torn down last still not rebuilt.  Things go slow on the islands.  The only available food is a food truck which comes in the morning and shuts down promptly at 5 p.m.  We managed to each order a side of French fries just before it closed.  That's all we had for supper.  Groggy from too much sun, I went to bed at 9 p.m.  It rained hard during the night but this morning its back to sun.

One of my dogs has an infected eye.  This is a chronic problem with her.  It's like a bad sty.  I put some drops in it last night before bed and cut off all the long hair around her ear that was constantly falling into her eye.  She seems better this morning.  The red is gone. 

As you can see from the previous paragraphs, I've decided to do a "ship's log" rather than a video log of our trip this year.  You can go back to the posts I did in the summer of 2017, I believe, to see a series of videos I did of our trip that year.  We're likely going to many of the same places as that time.  I just feel more comfortable writing than I do making and uploading videos. I may do one or two videos...actually I've already done two but uploading them is the tricky part.

So we're not going to do much here...just rest and pick blackberries. My partner has to do regular maintenance on the boat.  I love taking my dogs down the gravel roads and picking blackberries from the bushes that grow by the roadside.  The blackberries are great on cereal with milk or added to blackberry jam, heated up and served on pancakes.

As I was saying, I have been considering what is behind the demonstrations going on over the past month in the small Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. In an update, the demonstrators were successful in causing the President to resign.  Here's a report on that from "Sputnik"  please read the snippet below, and I will have more comments to follow:

From Sputnik

Puerto Rico 'Alive' with 'Self determination' Following Rossello's Resignation

"...Puerto Ricans are more united than ever before, following the early-morning resignation announcement by Governor Ricardo Rosselló Thursday, and the possibility of the island, a colony of different countries for over 500 years, becoming independent is suddenly on the agenda again, experts told Sputnik. …"

So...according to Sputnik, I was initially correct in thinking that the end game of the demonstrators is independence from the United States.  This is corroborated by today's assessment by Stephen Lendman:

Puerto Rico:  Colonized, controlled and Exploited by the US.

Greencrow says:  If independence is the agenda of the demonstrators then it cannot be looked upon in isolation, even given the precipitating event of Hurricane Maria.  This desire for independence must have originated long ago and be the result of a complex series of interwoven historical, economic and political factors.

If so, and it appears that way from the population's response to the stepping into the presidency of the Deputy governor "Wanda" ...where the demonstrators are warning that "she's next" the independence movement is hard-wired and ingrained.  No doubt the Puerto Ricans are inspired by their neighbours,  the Cubans, who've enjoyed independence for over fifty years.  Their other neighbours on the South American coast, the Venezuelans, must also be a source of inspiration for them.  There are other Islands in the Caribbean who yearn for independence.  Haiti is one that I can think of off the top of my head.

You know, folks, I'm so cynical that I can and have entertained the theory that the US is provoking the demonstrations so that it can do it's imperial "thang", like it did in Panama and Grenada. So nomadiceveryman might be right after all.  The US marines could easily invade Puerto Rico with a small force and put down the demonstrators in a "show of military might".  Looking at recent history...the US is long overdue for a psychological boost of confidence via a military put-down of a small, militarily feeble foe.  After Syria, after Afghanistan, and certainly after the "Random Guido" mess in Venezuelan, the United States desperately needs to reinforce it's image as the "greatest military power in the world"... "Wouldn't You Love Somebody To Bomb" as the old song goes.

Little, hurricane-destroyed Puerto Rico is just the right size for the US to successfully "prove its might."

To be continued...

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