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UPDATED: Puerto Rico in an Uproar over Corrupt and Vulgar Governor

UPDATED: July 23, 2019 - Nomadiceveryman has a very different view of what's going on in Puerto Rico.  He sees the "usual" perps as being behind the "regime change" movement in Puerto Rico...using Hurricane Maria as a "disaster capitalism" method of privatization and exploitation.  Although I have a bias towards populism [what the people want as a majority] Scott's video is well worth listening to.  I will listen to it and read some more and made further assessments in due course.

Puerto Ricans demand Governor Step Down
and not one American Flag in any photos

Late last night I read a few reports about the uproar that is going on in Puerto Rico these days.  Finally, it's got so bad that the MSNBC decided to do a comprehensive article about it with a "limited hangout".  Apparently the governor of the US territory was caught on tape making some vulgar and disrespectful remarks about his political opposition and...wait for it...about the poor suffering Puerto Ricans themselves who're still reeling from Hurricane Maria that virtually destroyed the Island in 2017.

The people of Puerto Rica have finally gotten so fed up with the corruption surrounding the money awarded by the US Federal government...and needed to restore the Island... and the arrogance of the governor... that they've uniformly taken to the streets and are demonstrating on a daily basis.  The governor has apologized for the ill-chosen words caught on tape and has promised not to run in the next election...but he refuses to step down.  There lies the rub.

MSM reported that Trump has tweeted that the US Federal government awarded 93 billion dollars to the reconstruction of Puerto Rico.  As per usual, the demented Trump got his facts wrong.  The US congress actually awarded 43 billion dollars...only 11 billion of which have actually reached the island.  Much of this amount has been siphoned off to corrupt contractor friends of the governor and his aids...the same individuals participating in the vulgar chat conversations that enraged the population.

What struck me about the photos of the demonstrators are the flags.  Thousands of flags of Puerto Rico being carried through the streets...some in black to show mourning after the hurricane. But there is not one single American flag.  This is an important detail. Here is another photo from Press TV:

View of Puerto Rican Demonstrators

The significance of there being NO American flags amongst the demonstrators speaks to the long held impression that Puerto Rico was just dying to become the 51st American State.  We were always given the impression that the majority of people living on the Island felt that their lot would become better...if only they were recognized as a state, like Hawaii.

The photo above belies that impression.  To me, it is evidence that the people of Puerto Rico want to become independent...like most of their neighbours in the Carribbean.  Perhaps they can be compared with the people of Okinawa in Japan who would dearly love to see the hind end of the US military that has occupied Japan since WWII and dominates their Island.....with its attendant pollution and exploitation.

What appears to be going on in Puerto Rico is that the US-appointed Governor is no longer acceptable to the people... who want their "Own" leader.  The US has been caught off-guard and does not have another "suitable" governor waiting in the wings.  It cannot chance allowing the Puerto Ricans to elect their own leader and so has ordered the loathed leader to remain in place until the next (s)election, thus giving the US time to find another toady for the job.

The Puerto Ricans are on to this caper... and are demanding that the governor leave "right away" so that they can pre-empt the "appointment" [via a fixed election] of an American factotem. To me this is the end of the "51st State" dream...if ever it was one.  Puerto Rico could even go the way of its neighbour, Cuba...or, Gawd forbid...Venezuela.  IMO, we'll see another "Grenada" or "Panama" military invasion before it gets that far.  The Puerto Ricans better watch for some "false flag" that will enable such an event.

The whole episode is indicative of the inexorable decline of the so-called "American empire"...that it would come to this.  The loss of American "soft" power...the appeal to the common man's "hearts and minds" has so degraded, not only in Puerto Rico but all over the world.  

NOTE:  Ironically, my partner and I have a cruise planned for 2020 of the Caribbean, where we were supposed to do a stop over in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I've never been to the Island and now, with the cruise ships avoiding the stop due to the unrest...I may never get there.  Incidentally, these cruise ship stops are worth about $300,000 each in local economic infusion. So the fact that the Islanders continue their demonstrations in spite of this corporate/capitalist-style "punishment" is a true indication of the Puerto Ricans' fury.

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