Thursday, July 18, 2019

NASA Explains Why the US Never Went Back To The Moon...and other Noxious Lies

Moon Hoax  NASA's Nonsense

I was away from my computer, over on Vancouver Island for two days...visiting family and getting a first visit with my newest grandchild, a girl, only two weeks old.  As I held her for the first time and looked into her perfect little face, I saw reflected back the physicality's of my deceased parents, her great grandparents, of my husband's parents, of all the other dozens of ancestors that I've heard about....and hundreds of thousands that I don't know about...all who've contributed to her genetic code down through the centuries.  I wondered what her life will be like when she's my age...will there still be fish in the ocean?  Will there still be vast wild tracks of wilderness and forests with wildlife in them?

She opened her beady little eyes as I held her...warily looking at me and all she slowly took in this big new world of hers. I know newborns can only see a few feet around them but it seemed as though her eyes were all-knowing...she carefully focused on patterns of light and shadow. I wondered whether my granddaughter would be one of those humans who passively accepts "official stories", Or, whether she would take after her grandmother...and become one of the maligned 27% of humanity burdened with the capacity of "critical thinking"--the oppressed minority forced by nature to factor logic and common sense into all the propaganda we're being fed by the all encompassing "powers that be".

My younger son also came over to Vancouver Island to see and hold his niece for the first time. A photo of him holding her is shown below:

Two Week Old
Baby Girl With Uncle

Later in the evening after a tasty meal of Chinese take out, we settled down for family discussions... and the topic naturally turned to the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Lunar Hoax. My younger son and I, as usual, immediately locked horns around this issue...neither of us wanting to give an inch...until pressure from others in the family forced us to drop the topic and speak about less contentious matters.

I had sent him the video link posted above...which he scoffed at and refused to view...but he wanted to send me a link to read, so we agreed that I would read his link only after he had viewed my video.

The Canadian tax-payer-funded national television network, the CBC, has gone full monty on the 50th Anniversary and is devoting a 24/7 frenzy (TM) to the all-day Moon Landing lunacy lollapalooza with no....absolutely NO....contrary views allowed. The public is absolutely forbidden to hear one single word about any of the reams of dissenting opinions that have been gathering momentum on the Internet...ever since the early pioneers of Lunar Truth first started writing and publishing their works in the 1970's.

Northerntruthseeker recently posted his reflections on his personal journey from naïve Moon Landing believer to maligned Lunar cynic in the 1970's.  NTS says he had his first doubts about the Moon Landings during the 1970's, following a discussion he had with one of his university physics profs.  I can say with certainty that if NTS had "outed" his professor to the professor's employers...that professor would have undoubtedly been fired.  Back then and even today...the "Halls of Edjumication" will not tolerate such unorthodox views.  There's no longer ANY room for dissent...only for ridicule, isolation and punitive counter-measures.  In some respects its even worse than in the days of Copernicus and Galileo.

Despite all the scientific advances, society carries on regardless with this "Dark Ages"-style Lunar myth.  The main portion of citizens gawking in awe, their mouths hanging open, at the astounding accomplishment of putting a "Man on the Moon"... back in the halcion days of the rotary dial, the black-and-white TV, when huge computers spoke in primitive DOS...way before the Internet.  A time when everybody got their news by reading daily paper copies of newspapers delivered to their doorstep... and weekly magazines purchased from the corner store newsrack:  Life, Time and Newsweek.  

NASA, with its mouth still latched firmly onto the Taxpayer Public Tit, sucking for all its worth, is in its glory with this 50th anniversary month.  Its CEO's and "astronauts" are giving non-stop TV interviews...carefully explaining WHY AMERICA HASN'T BEEN BACK TO THE MOON SINCE THE '70'S.  Why, that's simple, dontcha know. The costs involved have simply put such space programs out of the financial reach of consecutive American governments.  A Permanent state of warfare against targeted non-vassal, militarily vulnerable nations,....with the destruction of six independent far over the past 50 years, OTOH, is totally affordable, dontcha know.  No problemo with that!

I have to say that at one point in my discussions with my youngest son, I did think I was making some headway...did think that I planted a tiny mustard seed of doubt in his brain...when I told him and showed him Internet links proving that Russia is still providing the United States with most of the rockets it uses to launch satellites into orbit and send extra-orbital probes into space.  I asked the obvious question:  "If the US went to the Moon in 1969, why is it today still dependent on Russian rockets? I saw a flicker of doubt cross his face.  He started furiously googling his phone for answers.

That's all we can do.  Plant tiny mustard seeds of doubts and hard questions.  That's what NTS's physics professor did and that's what early Internet writers like Dave McGowan, with his seminal "Wag the Moon Doggy" did for me when I began my journey towards truth in the late 1990's and early 2000's.

Yes, I had grave doubts about Man going to the moon in that rinky-dink, duct-taped contraption beginning in the early 2000's. But what pushed me over the edge into complete cynicism was 9/11.  Once I realized how brazen, pervasive and evil the Ziofascists are, and always have been, with their lies in their CONTROLLED MEDIA...I began to doubt EVERYTHING they had ever said.  Today, if they say it's raining outside...I will look outside to see for myself.  I accept absolutely nothing they say about anything.  And I've come to find peace with that approach.

But it still infuriates me when they continue to pack fetid, numbing, toxic and corrosive lies into the brains of my children and grandchildren...which is what this hoax upon hoax of a 50th Anniversary is really all about.

R.E.M - Man on the Moon


Northerntruthseeker said...

Hey, Crow, thanks for the link to my article where I reflected on my own passage to cynicism in regards to the fraud moon landings....

And honestly, I do hope that you will be able to eventually reach your youngest son.... What you are witnessing is the horrific and very intensive brainwashing that the Jew spew media and other media sources have had on our children to sell them the BS that the moon landings were real..... Never give up hope that he can be reached and finally enlightened to the truth..

greencrow said...


I retain hope that as my two sons [and my daughter, who has the same mindset as them] mature they will entertain the concept that a government/ruling class which has wreaked so many wars on this planet must, ipso facto, lie about anything and everything and can NEVER be trusted.

But I'm shocked at the expertise of those who have brainwashed this generation--via the school system and the mass media. It will take a miracle to unlock their minds.

Reading between the lines said...

So good to hear about your new granddaughter .They are a marvel to be sure .I have 5 grandchildren of my own growing up with good parents also .It is always a concern given the state of our world today.
It seems that I pretty well woke up due the same circumstances and time.You describe it so very well.

greencrow said...


It's bad enough that they lied to me and to my children...but I cannot tolerate them lying to my grandchild!

Jody Paulson said...

I've always loved that video, "Man on the Moon" by REM. I highly recommend the movie as well. Andy Kaufman was very hip to how unreal and manipulative television and the newz were and I think he tried to wake people up by taking his act to the level of absurdity, all the while maintaining a straight face.

Vasaire said...

Hi GC, I've endorsed and referenced the great work you do here over at my blog:

I hope you'll reach out and say hello in due course. Keep up the great work.

Kind regards,