Monday, July 8, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking bust just another manipulation of US so-called (((Justice))) System

Epstein and Friends

Time for some more summer fluff everyone?...You know, the kind of newz that used to be reserved for Tabloids but is now the mainstay of the MZM.  Who loves porn?  Who loves sex scandals?  Who loves blackmail? Who loves using the (((justice))) system to blackmail and manipulate???

Here's the latest from CTV newz on the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal summer fluff.

Here's what fellow blogger Penny for your thoughts had to say about it yesterday.

Here's what the greencrow thinks about the summer fluff...

Jews Use Their (((Justice))) system to Pressurize President to Bomb Iran

It's just the same old, same old Jewish [mis]use of the US (((Justice))) system which they control hook, line and sinker.  They've been threatening to use Epstein to blackmail Trump literally for a couple of decades now.  But ever since the Russiagate balloon deflated, they've been hard pressed to blackmail him into doing anything for them anymore.  Why even the recent False Flag would-be attack on Iran evaporated into the morning fog over the Strait of Hormuz.

Of course, everyone knows that Trump is a sexual sleeze.  Always has been.  But so is everyone else in Washington and environs.  Going after Trump with the Epstein honey pot is like going after a termite with an elephant gun.  Lots of spray gonna go every which way.

Here's what Xymphora had to say yesterday:
"Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking bust: Convicted pedophile arrested on the tarmac after he jets in from France as FBI agents break down the door of his NYC mansion to execute search warrant" (Spargo). There's lots of things you can do in Paris, but one is to get instructions directly from the Rothschilds on your Last Mission. I cannot believe, given the state of the (((law))), that Epstein didn't have a head's up from within the prosecutor's office, so he flew in his private jet back 'home' knowing he would be arrested when he landed. This is all a staged trick."

And finally, here's  the RT report on the "sex scandal"

Greencrow concludes...the only real victim here will be, as per usual, the US (((Justice))) system.  But the perps also know, that, just like the media...which they also control...every once in a while they need to have a "drill" --put the US (((Justice))) system through its paces--to make sure that every prosecutor and judge is (((still))) thoroughly corrupt.  So what better time to do that but during the summer, when everyone wants to go down to the beach, carrying their trusty Ipad and settle down under the sun umbrella for a good read--of political/sexual sleeze.

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Anonymous said...

I think the Epstein arrest is nothing more than a cynical re-election ploy by Resident Dump. His "base" has been hurting since his "easy to win" trade war with China. Firing your pollsters for giving out the bad news that your numbers are dropping is classic Dump. He always has a thoughtless knee jerk way of dealing with any eventuality which makes him look bad. Hence, his reaction to the UK ambassador leaked reports is just another way of him proving his critics are right about him once more.

At least one person loves him though - he sees him in every mirror.