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Guest Submission: An Indian outsider's view of Canada Day - and a Cease and Desist Letter

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Good morning readers.  Today I have a submission from Dan Ennis who's a member of the Tobique, New Brunswick First Nations Community.  Dan wrote to me previously a few months ago at the height of the Federal Liberal Scandal involving the firing of First Nations Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson-Raybould.  Today he's commenting on how it feels for a First Nations person to celebrate Canada Day every year on July 1st.  He also asked me to publish a "Cease and Desist" letter regarding some land in his New Brunswick Community.  I think the two items go together and support each other.  It is a privilege to share with my readers the authentic views of First Nations--which are so often filtered and "managed" by white governments.  So please read what Mr. Ennis has to say because it's a viewpoint we don't often see in print.


Here are a couple things that I wrote that I would appreciate if you would publish on your blog, if you do so choose. One is regarding Canada Day, the other is a cease and desist letter to the province to stop building on our sacred land at Eqpahak. You have permission to use my full name. Thanks.

All My Relations,

Dan Ennis

This is an Indian outsider's view of Canada Day celebrations and Indian people being part of such celebrations.

Canada's birthday; what does that mean to me as an Indian, as a Beothuk, as a Micmac, as a Maliseet, as a Mohawk, etc.? I can say in all sincerity that it doesn't mean anything to me and it doesn't do anything for me except conjure up thoughts of the loss of our sacred homeland along with the loss of our birthright to live as our ancestors lived for thousands of generations – free, happy, healthy and peacefully.

Having lived on this portion of our Earth Mother known as Turtle Island (North America to the Euro-Canadians) for the last five hundred million years, can I now celebrate with the invaders the taking of our homeland in order for them to build their nation?

Having been considered an outsider, a stranger in my own land for the last five hundred years, can I now celebrate with white invaders who stole our land simply because these white invaders now say that we should forget what happened in the past and let bygones be bygones?

I have to say to you, how can you ask that of me? From my vantage point, the basement of this nation, I can see just how unstable and shaky your country's foundation really is. The instability is present due to what the foundation is made from, which is blood, flesh, bones and lives of some one hundred million of my people. Also inherently included in the make-up of that foundation are things like violence, genocide, racism, greed, lies, deceit, fraud and stolen lands.

So I must say to you, that you don't know what you ask of me when you ask me to celebrate your Canada Day. Maybe if it were to be renamed the Theft of Canada Day I would. Maybe then.

Maybe it would be easier for me today, to celebrate your Canada Day if back five hundred years ago your ancestors had the respect, the love, the compassion and the spirituality to sit down and talk with my people as equals, as fellow human beings and speak to them about your dreams, your aspirations, your humanity, and your spirituality. Maybe now there would be reason to celebrate. Maybe if one hundred and thirty years ago, your ancestors would have asked our ancestors to sit down and talk together as equals about building your nation upon our nation. Maybe now it would be something to celebrate.

Maybe if you had recognized our spirituality and our humanity.

Maybe if you had acknowledged our rights as nations and our rights to the land.

Maybe if you had accepted my people as equals, as a people worthy of your love, respect, compassion and understanding.

Maybe if you had reconciled with my people back one hundred and thirty years ago, maybe today we could live in mutual respect, peace, harmony and unity together in this land we know as Turtle Island.

Our respected and wise Elders feel that even after all of the violence, the genocide, the racism, and all of the destruction which has been inflicted upon our people, the possibility of our living together in unity and peace within the sacred circle of life in love and mutual respect can still be accomplished. In fact, they say it must happen if we are all to survive, provided that these four steps (recognize, acknowledge, accept and reconcile) are taken by the descendants of those Europeans invaders.

All My Relations,

Dan Ennis

July 2nd, 2019

Wolastoqey Grand Council 

Notice Regarding Eqpahak - "Cease and Desist"

The 500+ acre property located at Eqpahak has always been part of our ancestral homeland. After it was reserved to our people, through a series of grants, it was re-granted to a white settler without legal authority, causing its ownership to be in dispute to this day. Refusing to forget what was in effect stolen from us, we assert that the land is still lawfully ours, its transfer by theft being void ab initio. We therefore respectfully demand that both levels of government exercise their unilaterally assumed fiduciary duty to protect Eqpahak property on our behalf. Situated within its acres is a sacred burial site, containing remains of more than 300 of our ancestors. Just as your law is used to protect your own cemeteries, because they are important to you, we insist that it equally protect the "Indian" burial grounds which are likewise important to us.

We respectfully demand any and all construction and/or development immediately cease and desist, and a meeting be arranged with the Wolastoqey Grand Council and the 6 Maliseet elected chiefs to include the government of Canada, province of New Brunswick and Fredericton City Council.

Wolastoqey Grand Chief, Spasaqsit Possesom


greencrow said...

Dan Ennis says:

"...your ancestors had the respect, the love, the compassion and the spirituality to sit down and talk with my people as equals, as fellow human beings..."

The longer I live, Dan, the more I suspect that those who came and occupied this land were not exactly "my" ancestors, but the "usual suspects" who pillage, and ravage all lands even today. Today, many sentient Canadians also feel like strangers in their own lands...lands which have become re-occupied by psychopathic warmongers. Look at the present government in Ottawa...salivating over the planned destruction of Venezuela and Ukraine. Those are NOT my people!

Julien romanovsky said...

Bobby Fischer on the plane between Denmark and Iceland.

“The United States is an illegitimate country, just like Israel. It has no right to exist. That country belongs to the Red Man the American Indian. It is actually a shame to be a socalled American, everybody living there is a usurper, an invader, is taking part to this crime, which is to rob the land, to rob the country to kill all the American Indians. I grew up with the concept of freedom of speech, so I am too old to adjust to the new world, the new world order, (Fischer chuckles)”

Last but not least:

greencrow said...

Hi Julien Romanovsky:

Yes, Bobby Fischer was one of the greatest Americans...hounded to death...just like they're trying to do to Julian Assange.

greencrow said...

Yesterday I commented...

"...Those are NOT my people!..."

My ancestors came uniformly from Ireland...during the potato famine of the 1700's and then my grandfather and his brothers came later...during "the troubles" in Ireland. In both instances they were forced off their lands and out of their country by the English...who invented both the "potato famine" AND the "troubles" with the deliberate intention of stealing the indigenous celtic peoples lands.

Like the refugees inundating Europe and the US today...the Irish were forced to leave so they could populate and develop the new lands that the English had colonized.

So, you can see...the same thing keeps happening over and over again.