Monday, July 22, 2019

Gatekeepers Galore! The Lunar Hoax is yet another "Litmus test" for Alternative blogs and media

Litmus Test

This post will may well be the last in the series I've done lately regarding the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Hoax.  I hadn't planned to get so carried away with the topic, but it just got under my skin how the MZM was hyping, blatantly and brazenly lying about the Apollo BIG LIE...not just in my generations' face, not in our children's faces but now in our grandchildren's faces.  At what point, I asked myself, will the tawdry, deliberately "grainy" photos and rinky-dink, duct-taped space equipment become an embarrassment to them?  Not yet, obviously.

But as my mother used to say..."there's a silver lining around every cloud".  The silver lining around the Apollo Anniversary BIG LIE media frenzy was that the lunar hoax acted as a litmus test as to who in the alternate media was bogus and who was genuine.  Just like the 9/11 mass murder atrocity has over the years acted as a litmus test--as to who is a real truther and who is a bullshit artist/dysinfo agent/Gatekeeper--in public life, on the Internet and in the alternate blogosphere.

Gatekeepers Galore!

I knew that WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM is a gatekeeper/disinfo agent from way back so I checked that site frequently over the last couple of days to see whether Mike Rivero would expend some of his credibility yet again by supporting the ridiculous notion that Man was able to traverse the Van Allen radiation belts back in 1969---but somehow lost the technical know how to do it ever again.  True to history, Rivero posted one or two stories in support of the BIG LIE.

Hopefully, Rivero is getting some big bucks from NASA/CIA for his work in this regard.  In the truth blogging business, credibility is our currency and our greatest asset...and Mike's spent a whack of it on the BIG APOLLO LIE.

Surprisingly, Veterans Today posted some treacly posts regarding the faked moon landings.  I thought Gordon Duff and Jim Fetzer were above it... but again, I hope posting that garbage was worth some bucks to them.

NOTE:  I stand corrected re Jim Fetzer.  He has published many reports, videos and podcasts on his conviction that the Moon Landings were faked.

Official government liar...that "lost" the Moon Landing evidence - The Smithsonian Museum

Veterans Today even posted some material concocted by that "Official US Government Liar" the Smithsonian Institute/Museum.  This is the same Smithsonian Institution that "lost" reams of original tapes of the moon landing and Gawd knows what other forensic evidence that proved the USA either went or did not go to the moon in 1969.  Now, when an entity under suspicion either corrupts or "loses" evidence...what does that tell you?  Still, Veterans Today goes ahead and posts their garbage.

David Icke is a dysinfo agent

Another surprise gatekeeper is David Icke.  He posted about how the "shameful truth America put man on the moon helped the Nazi monsters.  OMG.  David!  Why did YOU have to lie about this?  It's not even in your bailiwick.  Maybe you're also not telling the truth about Queen Elizabeth II being a "lizard".  Hey, if you lie about the moon then your credibility about lizards is also tainted. Ahem.

The Russians have credibility to burn--apparently

And, as I said in an earlier post, the Russian media has decided to toe the line and support the lie...even though NASA itself has ADMITTED the lie in some obscure communications with the media.  I proffered an explanation for Russia kowtowing to the Lie in an earlier post.  IMO it's based on historical money/blackmail/extortion that continues to this day.

Eureka!  A couple of truthtellers from the land of the lying BBC - UK

Amazingly, two UK media outlets had the courage [or were given permission] to tell the truth.  One of them was which posted a great piece on the time "astro-not" Buzz Aldrin punched a skeptical reporter/journalist in the face after being confronted with undeniable proof that the moon landings were faked.

The second outlet was which posted several articles about the hoax, including the report, originally published in The Telegraph in 2009 that the "moon rock" given by the astro-nots to Holland years ago proved to actually be a piece of earthly "petrified wood" [Helloooow...that should have been game over for the liars right there!!! But NOOOoooooo.]


There are quite a few other bloggers who simply remained silent about the Moon Landings.  Sorry blokes.  This is one of those issues that separates the wheat from the chaff.  If you do sincerely believe that Man landed on the moon in 1969...then you need to come out and say it.  Let the chips fall where they may. If you believe it, you should be prepared to defend your beliefs.  If you DON'T believe the story...then you also need to come out and say it...because this episode is the most blatant lie that the perps have ever told...some could argue that it is even bigger than the 9/11 atrocity lie.  Reason for that being that this lie has allowed the US to swagger around for five decades now...claiming itself to be the "exceptional nation" and global hegemon even to this day.  The lie of the global hegemon--entitled to invade and steal land, resources and kill millions--is the foundational lie that 9/11 and all the other atrocities, wars and threats of wars, including nuclear annihilation are predicated on. 

So, to perpetuate the Apollo Moon Fakery, IMO, is to participate in a monstrous war crime.  And that includes the Russian supporters of the BIG LIE.


Anonymous said...

Jim Fetzer's excellent commentary on the fakery of the moon landings is available, along with other good stuff, on

There is even an excellent short version/summary that even idiots can understand:


Anonymous said...

And don't forget Jew Rivero never ending..."Only Catholics are Pedos...Never the Jew Rabbis"...Like it has been said for centuries...Never ever trust a Jew

greencrow said...

Hi Laskarina:

Thanks for correcting me on Jim Fetzer. I had a look at the link and he very emphatically presents the case for Moon Fakery. Too bad Veterans Today didn't have the gonads.


Penny said...

Hey GC:

I don't know if it's a litmus test really?

Speaking for myself- I did the whole moon landing real or hoax thing when Dave McGowan wrote his "wagging the moondoggie" series. His work put me in the questioners camp.

Rivero has always been a believer and that won't change
As for "veterans today"? In general I personally have zero use for that place and the much vaunted Gordon Duff.

IMO 9/11 is the best litmus test to decide on whose questioning and whose going along to get along.

I also seriously question those that claim the coup attempt in Turkey was faked by Erdogan. Given the history of coups by the NATO infiltrated military? When there is serious information available to the opposite including but not limited to the reactions of the US and Egypt?
Those that push that meme, to my mind, are working off a specific bias. Pro Israel. Pro US. Gulenist/CIA

Reading between the lines said...

About 10 years ago I watched a documentary , with a friend, outlining the impossibility of the flight to the moon in the 60s. My friend was floored as it was the first time he had been confronted with such information.Needless to say the documentary has disappeared from the net.

greencrow said...


I am familiar with your posting the Dave McGowan material. I was thinking of Paul Craig Roberts and James Corbett when I spoke of some truth bloggers remaining silent. Perhaps I missed some posts of theirs that spoke of the Lunar Hoax and if so, I will retract if something is brought to my attention.

Mike Rivero seemed more muted about the 50th anniversary than in times past...perhaps the lunar photos and other "evidence" are finally getting to him.

Who claims the coup in Turkey was faked? I did see something a year or more now but nothing sustained. All the drama around the Incerlik airbase, turning off the electricity and such should be proof that it wasn't staged. But the perps of the failed coup have every reason to cry "fake". Remember "success" has a hundred fathers...but failure is an "orphan".

Yes, 9/11 is the ultimate litmus test...but the lunar hoax is becoming a closer and closer second.

greencrow said...


The material that proves the moon landings were hoaxes is monumental and comprehensive. It is just very supressed in the MZM and Internet. Laskarina, as an example, provided an excellent summation of the evidence by Jim Fetzer here:

As a final comment on this topic, I often wonder whether the Lunar hoax was hatched to cover up something else...something we're still unaware of to this day. The perps took such a risk with that hoax...there must have been a huge motivation to do so.

So maintaining the lie today, even in the face of all the embarrassing evidence that becomes more embarrassing each year. There must be some very black reason for that.

Jody Paulson said...

Yeah, Mike Rivero used to work for NASA, actually.
I have to admit, I linked to him for a long time on my website, he actually taught me quite a bit, but he never would admit that the attack on the Pentagon was done without the use of a 757. That's important because that would imply that people working at the Pentagon that day might have been "in on it" because they knew they were in no particular danger, the actual place in the Pentagon that was hit was specifically targeted for a purpose, and just happened to be mostly vacant at the time. Some of these people may not even realize they are disinfo agents, they may be victims of mind control, who knows. Icke has a lot of great info as well, but it's tainted by his claims of "lizard people." It makes real conspiracy investigators look bad, just like the flat earth people do. But again, some of these people may be under mind control and not even realize it. I don't think Icke or Rivero are evil, but they are probably compromised.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comments, Jody

I still have Mike Rivero on my "favourites" and check him frequently although not as much as I used to. You make a very salient point when you say those alternative bloggers who write about "lizard people", "dysinfo re 9/11" and "flat earth" may be under mind control and planted for that purpose. This is very likely the case.

Penny said...

GC: saw this not too long ago- earlier this year (spring)

"The new evidence recently came in the form of a document written by a Turkish prosecutor on 16 July 2016, and obtained by an investigative journalist, Ahmet Donmez, who lives in exile in Sweden.

The document is a detailed record of events which took place between the start of the coup and 5AM and 7AM that morning.

It said that putschists in the Turkish air force had bombed the parliament and the garden of the presidential palace, for instance."

a document written by a "Turkish prosecutory "appeal to authority" obtained by an Journalists "appeal to authority" who lives in 'exile in Sweden" (that's interesting)
the document said...
Is it a faked document? A fraud. Wouldn't doubt it.

Coming from the EU this is not a surprise- because they are creating a specific narrative at the moment regarding Turkey as they join in alongside the US..
I'll be posting on this tomorrow, hopefully.

M. Rocknest said...

I think the mind manipulating tool of gaslighting is important and I'm glad Henry Makow has brought it to our attention lately. Truthfully I never fully understood what the term gaslighting actually meant until I watched the 1940's movie called "Gaslight" (youtube still has it). Guess I needed something visual, not just a definition to understand how this tool really works. Now it's much clearer to me what we are dealing with here because the moon landings are a perfect example of gaslighting. The strategy is to continually repeat and reinforce something that is false until rational and irrational go versa from visa.

Those who see through and question the inconsistencies and absurdities of a given event become the "conspiracy theorists" while those who do fall hook, line and sinker for the official big whopper sail away into the darkness with their misconceptions firmly barnacled onto their psyche. And then some people simply go along to get along while others lack the curiosity and/or capacity to delve deeper. This gaslighting technique works with historical events as well as created concepts such as LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ (i.e. gender is now being gaslighted into being accepted as sliding back and forth along a happy rainbow spectrum and this is supposed to be considered perfectly innocent and natural).

I have tons of curiosity but not being a great intellect I have to confess that even though I delve as deep as my abilities can manage into events and concepts I will often wobble back and forth for quite awhile while others instinctively and cleverly go directly to the truth. Thank goodness for all my internet sources like yours, Greencrow, and of course Yaya, Penny and NTS, as well as many others I go to daily to try to understand this battered and bewildered old world which seems to me to be going insane. Meanwhile The Powers That Should Not Be are doing their utmost to portray those who have reasoned and researched their way to the truth as the crazy ones. It's enough to make your head hurt and your heart ache.

greencrow said...

Hi M Rocknest:

We've all "wobbled" our way back and forth to the truth. The mind manipulation strategy of "gaslighting" is surely one that applies to the Lunar Hoax. Thank you for identifying it as being used in this context. I hadn't thought of that before.